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174 1he Rare Jewel of Chriftian Contentment. t0getber in a heap, and yot1 had but an equallhue of them. ~our portion would be raLher more than it is now for the pre1ent : and therefore do not ccmplain , that it is more .. than others, fo as to murmur becat1fe of that. · The Eighth P LE A. Another Reafoning that murmuring hearts have is-this, 'IJlhy· thty think that ~f the !cjfliaion -srere any other th11n it is, thm t hey would be mou contented· Fnll, Y•.mmuft know that we are ~ot to chufe our own rod that God lhall beat us with. Secor.dly, le may be if · it were any other than it is, it were not fo fit for the,e-as this is, it may be therefore God chufes it, becaL1le it is moft crofs to thee , as feeing it is moft futabfe for .the pur,ging out of thlt bumor that is in thee. If a patien~ comes to. take Phyfick;1nd finds himfelf~ fick · by it, (hall he fay, Oh l if 1t were any other potion I cou·ld bear it , it may be if 1r were any other than it is, it would not fit thy difeafe ; -yea, if it d1d not 1vork as it dotb , it would not fit thy Difeale: fo when thou fayelt of an afflichon, if-l'r vvere any other than it is, thou couldelt bear it, do but anfiVer thy felf with this, il may be if it were any other' than it is;it would not be fit for me,it would not be right to that firrful ·humor that 'there is in my Soul, and therefore God fees this to be .the fitteR and the m oH futable:for me. Thirdly, Know that this is the exce!Ien.cie of Grace in a Chriflia~, TfJ /;e jitte~ f?r .tny conditim ~ not only_ to _fay, It it were thts or that, but tf 1t be any. As now, a Manner tf he bath skit he 1vould not fay , if it were any other ~ind bpt this , if the wind blow -in any point but this, I coula tell ·how to manage my Ship, I could fhew skill in other points,but not in chi~ ; would net Mariners laugh at (uch an one t it would be a ~a me for him to fay that he bath skill in any. other polqt opt · this: So it fhould be a fhame for a Chriflian ' to (ay tbat ne bath skill in any other afflitbon but this : .a Chriflian. fhould be able to manage his, Ship if the wind blow any way .' to guide his Soul any VYay. The fourth and la!l anrvver is this , Know that the Lord bath . - . reYYa~d s