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Secondly, When th?u didfi take a great qeal of pains, was it it not with fubmiffion _to G~d ? Dip!l thou take pains vyith refolutions, that thou muij-·ha,ve fu~q ~a tbjpg when thou ·la!:>ouJdLfor it! Then know that thou labour'\_(\ not as a Chriftian, bui iftpOLJt didfi: Iabour'and takepiins, was .it nonvith refignation to God r . Lord, I am taking pai·ns in the way of my callmg, but with Cubmiffi)f.l, I depend wholly upon thee for fuccefs and a bJeffing ; And what was i~ · that thou didH .ai.m at~O .thy labour,? _Was 1t not tbat thotl mightell walk wirq ~od i!.l ~he place· tha_tGod had fet thee .? A Chrilli~n lhQuld qo f0 ig hi~ outward callil1g, I am diligent in my outwa-rd_calling, but -it is, that I might obey God in It; it's true, l do it that I mighr provide for my Family, but the chief thing that I aim at is, That I might yield o~e-d,­ ence to GQd in tQe way ~hat God bath fet :me : Now if God calls th~e to anoth~r - conqition too~ey him in, thoug~ it be by fuff.!ring, thon wilt do it if thy heart be right. Thirdly, There will be the more: Teflimony of thy love to_ God, if.fo be thou :tha!t now yield tip thy felf to God in . that that cofi: thee clear: Shall I offer that to ·Go9'( fai~h David.), that colt me nothing? Thy outward co'mforts bath cofi: thee ' much, and thou halt taken much pains to obtain them, and notv if thou canlt fubmit to God in the want of ~hem . : ·( I fay) in this thy love isl:he more lhown, that thou can(l offer that eo God rba.t' cofl thee dear. Now thefe are the principal reafonings of a 9ifcontcnted heart. . . The Thirteenth PLEA. There's one Plea more that may be named, and that is this;· fay fame, Though I confe/[e my affliElion i1 fammhat hllrd,, ant£~ 1 ful (ome trouble within""' )tt I thank_ God I break, not, ont i.n • ' di{contenttil·r~Nzie-s t9 the difhonoPJr of GQd,.'llzee; in 1 althpugh I h1.ve mHch ado 11ith my 011n he11rt. . Oh! do not fatis6e your felves with that_, f-or the dirtempers . of your hearts, and ·tbei.r finful workings are as words before God,MJfoul be. ftlt~~t t.o ·Goa';That we fpake of in the beg\nf!illg Cc of