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The rare Jewel o/Chriffi•m Contentment; t7 Thirdly, 7 his freed6m itisin oppofition to {htpidnefl.J for a man and \Voman may be contented meerly out of want offence,. this is not free, as a man in adead pal fie that cloth not tee\- you nip his flefh, be is not freely p~tient; but if one fhonld have hi~ fldh · nip~, ~nd f~el it, and Y,e~ tor all that can be able• .to. bridle himfelf, ana do 1t freely, that 1s another matter.- So 1t 41 here, many are contented meerly out of flupidnefs, they have a dead pal fie upon them ; but now a gracious heart hath fe01e enough, and yet is contented,and therefore is free~ . ' Sixthl y, Freely [fubmitting J to, 11nd ta~ing cornplacmcy in Gods difpofe. Submittir:g eo Gods difpofe, What is' that'? The word Sllbmit, it fignifies nothing elfe, but to fend under • as thus, One that is difcontented, . the hearnvill be unruly/ and I'Vould even get above God fo far 'as difcontentment ptevails; but nmv comes the gr.ace of Contentment and fends-it ·under· to fubmit, .it iS: to fend under a thing ; noiV when the t:bul come~ to fee the unruJ.inefs that there is in it, here's ·the band of God that brings an affliction, and . my heart is troubled and difcontent<:!d ; what faith the foul? wilt thou be above God~ Is it not Gods hand,and muA: thy will be regarded mor!! then GodS'? 0 under, under, 0 fhou foul get under, keep under;keep low, k~ep under Gods feet.; ·thol.} art under Gods f11et, and keep under his feet, keep und'erthe Authority ofGoa, :the M~ jelly of God, the Soveraigoty of God, the Power tlut God .bath over thee: Keep under, that is to fubmit; then.the foul Ca.!'l fubmit to Gbd when it cam:femd it (elf un~er .tbe power and:. autF!'drity, and So'Yeraignty, and.{)ominion th.atiGoC!-hatfi,l)wer it •' that is the Sixth Particular:·: Yea bu.t tnat is:t1ot enOLtg1i,-~~t y-ou n"ave not got to this grace of Coritentment,,except in the11ext p>lace you take. . -•·' . ~ · , Seventhly, Taking ~tJcompEacenc~l i-n ·Gods difpofe. ·Tint is thus, l -am. well plea:red in whn,God doth;fo far·as l:can fee-God in it, rh:ough as (l faid )-I'ma:y.be·fenfib.Ie of; the .affii61ion; and may de.fire that God-inf his due time '(\'auld take it off ; a'l'!d ufe means to take it off.~ ye.t·Lmay be well pleafe9 fo. far~s G.adis hane is ·in :ir. ,, Tet be well"'pleafed · whb .·Gods hand,-that is a pi~her degree then ~he ctheT : and this come's fromhence,oo.t only becaufe l fee that!.thonld be co~t~nt-in· this. affiietioo,b~t E beau~