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I. - THE RARE J JE ~1 EL 0 F I CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT. ' ' Wherein is fuewed: ' ~~What C ontentment is. 2.. ~he Holy Art or 8Vyftery of it~ I 3~ Se'Yeral L effons that Chrijl teacheth, _to '1>Vork the Heart to ContentJne.tnt. 4~ The Excellencies of it. )· 'The e--vils of ctJ\durmuring; 6. 7lJe) A3gravation of the ~in o J Murmuring. JJy J E RE M 1A H BU RR 0 U G H S. L 0 N D 0 N: Printed by. 1uhn Strettter, and are to be fold by ~ith4rd Ct:i{wt! at the two Ang~"ls and CroiVn in Littlt• Britain~ I6]o. \