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I. t. ( --~------------ ------------------------------- To the Reader. rea, do llttllin; Tuching tht SoN/tO dtn) it [t/f illtO lUAkNt[s, tmptinefs, in lfnd to its }elf, 11nd all thmgs tl/t; llnd thNs dif- {olvtd t& flnitt it (tlf to Htm · -who en/y h~th b!e/JedM[s ~<nd Al· {•Jficiency,wilh -whom njfuciattd,& made intimutt, it melts it [elf into Ill} bi 1 inur ,fts,makjng thnn its own,f!h herb; corm to h.ave 11 il tbatAI-[11fficitncy of the higb God. t ~ be us Stif-f t~fficuncy:& then, WhtJt stAtt can that Sors( bt i n,whann it 1119 n t t-·e ' ontou ? J uing it h11tb G~ J to be t ht chief' ft comf ort in its i.qf timu 4%nd only ~omfort in Its w,,rff. T his, t buttgb j; bt tbt inherit,:;nce of every S aint, i~J tht rit,ht and mie to zt, yet the pr:Jfelfion. and tnjoyment 1[ il, dtpMds upon an impr~vemem of this inherit11nce, and that upon ll s~i lf lihjch is t o {,, ltarneti by exper1ence· and muLh exercifc (as Pan/ fpeaks )l b.1vc learned in whatfoever fhte I am, thtrc:wlth to be Co•Hent. This piece of Learning this f erioHs fpmred M .m irHtr.cd him(~ !/ ir;to, and dtggiPg f o_r it,as Rubies, (as Solomons Schol11r f (J r W1fdom) h•·h fu ~nd it, and hilth hum fonh this JEWEL (a-Tit le g1ven ntlcher b) H imfelf, nvr by Ui the Publi jhtn,to the SuLj eClit {t!f, yet the MateriAls tbem(thm deferving it) out of tht Ro e~ , and ha1 h amjicia!ly •~t it) that thl trmRte R:q; oft his/o glorious a Gr~~ee mi ~ht jhine forth to others. And hert i't cotiJeJ t o be prt[wted, though fu fo rth 111 the richcft Jewel<> an, often f or a while, in ruder Me tals , ;mti/ bargliirud, {,M theu are plactd in Tllbltt s wortNy of them. T he 1n.ly fuu tbis is ordAined for, is1 the precious Tablu s of M tns Rearts, in ~tnd fr om wbicb alone the native /uftre of it )Vi/L be rnadr eln/picmJUs; Reader, buy it, [et and PPear _it there, and it Lhall (as So!ormn [ptaks, Prov. 3. 22, ~c. Be ltfe unto thy Soul, :and Grace unto thy N"eck : Thou {halt not be afraid when thou Jiefl down ; Y ~~,thy fleep {hall be fweet unto thee : for th_e Lord wJll be ~hy confidence. Thomas Goodwin. Sydr~Lh Simpron. William Gr,eenhil. Philip Nye. Wtlliam Bridge. JohnYates. William Adderley..