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The rl'e Jerrd of chrif.fitJn Contcmmenr. 67. man hath ConteMtment after another kind of way than any Carnal heart in the world hatb; it's a Myllnious w~y, u thug • . He h11th C ~ntmtmou by rtlllh;,ing thr fJorigll~ things of He a•_ vefl to him, be bath the Kmgdom ot Heaven as prefem, and the glory that is to ccme, by faith he makes it as prefent, So the Martyrs they had contentment in their futferings, for faid fome of them, Though Ne have but a hard breakfall,yet we iliall have a good dinner, we £hall prefently be in Heave11,do but lhut your eys(faitb one) and yolf !ball be in Heaven prefently. z Cor. 4· I6.r-nfaiKJt not ( faicb the Apoflle) Wby? Becaufe the[1 fjght ajfli£/ionuhd Are bHt fer 11 wo,unt, work._e for HJ Ajt~r more exceeding and eternal ~eight of glory. They fee Heaven before tb~m and that contents them. You Mariners,when yoll can fee die Haven before you, th4lugh you were mightily troubled before you could fe.e any Land,yet when you come nigh the lhore and can fee aland·mark,that contents you exceedingly; a godly man in the tnidfl of the waves and fiorms that he meets "ithal, he can fee the Glory ofHeaven before him and fo con· tents hitn[elf; one drop of the fweetnefs of Heaven is enough .to take avvay all the four and bitter of all the affii6lions in the . world : Indeed here vve knovv that one drop of four, or one drop of gall wiJJ make bitter a great deal of honey, put a fpoon .. full of Sugar into a cup of gall or wormwood, taaf will not fweeten it, but if you put a fpoonfull of gall in~o a cup of Sugar it will imbittcr that; now it's othenvife in~ Heaven, one drop ofCweet will fweeten agreat deal of four affliction, but a great deal of four and_gallwill n_ot imbi,ttcr a foul that fees the ~lory of Heaven·that tg to come, noN a carnal heart hath no Content... ment but from what he fees before him in this world~ but agodly heut bath Contentment from that that be fees laid up for him in.. the higbeG: heaven«. ,. 1 _ The JaG thing ~bat I woul~ name is t~is~ A g•Jly wo h•tb C onteJ~tmtnt by opmtng ~nd lmmg or~t of hu ht~~rt tg Got : other men or women they are difcontented, brlt how doe they help tbemfelves;by railing, by iU Iaogaage,fuch an one crotfes them , and they have no way to help themfelves but by railing, ar.~d by bitter words a and fo they eafe themfelvesJhac way when they L~ · are .- '- i ·.r·