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.8"1, .The Rare J~wel of Chriftian.Coritetitnient. ·of God that y-<>u can turn this way or th~t vvay ~- as-GGd-caHs yo_u to it ; thus now you having learned rtUs, . That the.good of the CreHure confil.b in the ~ojoyment of God m it, and 1he honouringof God by ic , you can be content, pecaufe you have the fame good that yoll h~d bef?re. And that's the E-1fth Lef... fun. . · The Sixth Leff<Jn that Chrifl: doth teach· the Soul that he brings into thts School , is this; 'lb doth inffr~E:t fuch a m'm or woTJnzn i~ t'he ~now!edg of their own heArts : yon muH learn this or you wtll .never learn Contentment ; you muH learn to kr1ow your own hearts well ' to be g.oop fl:udents of your· own hearts ; you cannot all be Scboiars in the Arts and Sciences in the world:, bm you may all be fl:udems in your own heans ; - you cannot read in the B.ook (many of you) but God cxpetts evr;ry day you !houtd turn ovet a-leaf in your own hearts ; you will ne~ ver com.e to get any skill in this Myfl:ery ·, except you Hudy _the Book of y0ur ovvn hearts : Mariners , they have their Bool\s that chey dudy, thofe (hat will be good Navigators ; ,..and Scholar.s they have their books ; thofe that fl:udy Logick, they have their Books accruding co that ; and thofe that would lludy Rethorick and Philofophy have their Books accordi.r.g to that ; and thofe chat flndy Divinity , they have their Books I'Vhereby they come to be helped in the Study of Divinity : but a .Chri!han (.next to the BJok of God 'j is to look into the Book of his O'IVn heart, and to read ovet that , and this will help you to Contentment thefe three ways: - I. ,By the fl:udying of thy heart, thou wilt come prefemly to di[ctJver wherein thy difcontent lies ; when tho~l art difcont.e.pted thou wilt find out the ro_ot of any difconteotment if thou doeA: fl:udy thy heart well : many men and women they are difconrented, and the truth is, they know not ~vherefore, they think that and rhe other thing is the caufe, but a man or woma·n that knows their own heart, they w-ill ·find out- prefently where the _ root of their difcontent lies -, that it lies in fuch a corruption, and diHemper of my heart, ·chat now through God's ·mercy I ·have found out ; It is in this cafe as it is J;Vith a.little Child that is very froward in the houfe .' if . a flranger comes in h~ cloth not kno>rrwhlt the matter js, p~rbaps the !hanger will · give the - - - Child