Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.r .Secr.r. Difeafes in genera/f. Memb.r.Subf.I. 4 infirmities tbemfelves; Stars,heavens,elements,&c. And all thofecreatures InUrumemall which God bath made, are armed againft /inners. They were indeed once "ufcs of our good in themfelves,and that they are now many ofthem pernicious UntO US, infirmities. is llOt in thelr nature,but our corruption,which bath caufed it. For from the fall ofour firft parent A dam, they have beene changed, the earth accurfed, the influence of Stars altered, the foure Elements, Beails', Birds, Plants, are now ready to offend us. The principaft things for the ufeofman, AreWater, Fire, Iron,Saft,Meale, Wheat, Hony,Milke,Otle,WiiZe, Clot!.ing,goodtoth~ gedly,to thejinners turnedto evil,Ecclus. 3 g.z6.Fin,andHaile,andFamine, and Dearth, all thefe arecreatedfor vengeance, Ecdus. 39.29. The Heavens threaten us with their Comets, Starrcs, Planets, with their great conjuoClions,Eclipfes,Oppolitions,O!!artiles,and fuch unfriendly Afpecrs , The ·Air with his Meteors,Thunder and Lighrnicg,inremperaterheat and cold,migh~ ty windes,teropefts,unfeafonable weather; from which pr0ceed dearth, faroine,plague, andallforrs ofEpidemicalldifeafes, confuming infinitemy- "' llorm• de. riads ofmen.At Cayr• in Egypt,ev~ry third yeare, (as it is relatedby rn 1J •tel!tfl.urbium. rm, and others) 3ooooo.dye offhe plague;and zooooo. in Conjlantlnople, every fifth or fevevth.at the utronfi•. ·How doth theEart-h terrllie arid op- ~ Lege TJift. ,.: preffe us with terrible Earthquakes, which are -moll: frequent inn China, Ia- ~;~';':f: ;:;,;. p•n, and ;)lofe .Eallerne,Climes, f ~allo~ing up .fome:imes P'!: Cit~es at laponicu a4an- once~ Howdoth.the -waterrage·.w1th h1s mundauons, 1nupnons;1lmg.mg ' '"'" ~ 596- downeTownes, Citi~s, ViHages, Bridges, &c. befides fhipwracks; wb,ole ~ ~"'"";;~;; Ilands are fomerime,sJyqdelily pwtr·whelm~d wich all their' inhabitams; in .::;·~:. :. • o zee!MJd, H oUand, aod many parts of the Continent drowned, aSJther. ~ake P Girald'" Erno in Ireland -~- 9flib!lquepr.ete~flr<ium cada'T,Itrll rP•tenti r:ernimUJ freta; ~7::~·tup; In theFennes of fr,eefl•n4 u ;o\>by reafoli of tern pelts¥ •the'Seadro\"ncd ep.lih-'-'"'·'" multa hommum m11114., & JUmen{A'{iNenumero,allthecountryal.moft,men ~:j:'::f.~61t ~n~ cattle in it. Howdoc)l the Firerage, that mercildfeElement, confuming P 1Q an mftant whole Cmes ~ Whilrro.wne ofany .anttqUlty:or.hore,' bath not beene once,.againe andag~ine,by. tbe fury ofthis mercilelfd:lemehr;dcfaced, ruinated,andlefi;defol4t~dn<~wo_td, ;· : ,, . · '·,\ · · · •' f Buebanan. f I gnu pepero/ t,undtt·merg/I:;a(r.iJ·. ' '' -~ ' • •'· Baptifl. vupejtilmPu .eq/lori ereptttfl''/iecitt ,, Be/ioji•perftes,Np.i.dmn?orkP_pei#. i · .,.•' WhomFire (pares, Seaduib drowne ;whom Sea;·. P.efiilent A ~redoth fendrtb clay>i ,h,;~i< ..d cc•· • WhomWar[capes,fickilelfetakesawa'y. · '· · ' ' To defcend tomoreparri~ulars,;ho.w many'crearures are at deadly .feud with men~ Lions,Wolves,Beares, &c. Somewith hoofes,hornes, tuskes, teeth,nailes: Howmany n,oxious Serpents :ind v'enemous creatures, ready to offend us with ftings,breath,fight,ur,quite killps ~ Howmany pernicious fifhes,plants,gummes,fmits, feeqs;Jl.owcrs, .Sfc' could I reckon uponafudden, which by their very fmell manl"of theinptouch;tafie,caufe fome grieyous m~ady, ifnotdeath. i~ felfo.~ ·Some make mention 0f a thoufand feve· · r~ll poyfons: but thefe are but trifles in refpecr., Thegreatefi enemy to man, is man,who by the Devils infiigiltion,is frill ready to do.mi[chiefe,his owne ffimo homini · executioner, a Wolfe, aDevil to himfelfe, and others. We are all brethren lup~«,bomobl>- ' Ch 'fi . 1 ftj] ldb -L f b d fi f L d •~tni r~<emon. m n , ,o,rat ea 1ou e, me•·•werso one o y, ervantso one or d' an