Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.J.Secr.r. Diftafes in generall. Memb.r.Subf.i: Topunilh therefore this blindndfe a~d o?llinacy of ours,_ asa concomi- 3 tantcaufe,and P'incipall agent, ts Gods JUil JUdgement, mbnngmg thefecaJamitiesuponus, to chafiife us, I fayforour finnes, and to fansfie Gods wrath. Forthelawrequiresobcdicnce orpunifi1menr, as youmayreadcat Jarge,Deut.28.r5. Ifthey willnot obey the Lord, and kupebi; commandments 4ndordinances,then~tUtheftcurftsjhallcomeuponthem. YCur(edm thetowne Y •6. ~ndinthefteld, &c. •Curftdinthe fruit of the body,&.-.. a The Lordfhall(end : ::_- thee trouble and(bame,becauftofthy wtckedne[{e.Andalmleafter, bTheLord b Verfc , 7 . jhall(mite thee with the botch ofEgypt, andwtth emrods, andfcab, anditth,and thottcanfl not be healed. 'With madnejfi, blindne[{e, and ajfonijhing ofheart. e18. · . •• r d "' 'b 1 · d jl h ~· 1 ,p VeU<quor dtli- ThisPau!,econ s,Rcm.z.9-<rt _u attonan angut 1ont e1ou eo1 everyma~ git,caf/igQt. that dothevil. Or elfe thefe challtfements aremfhcred upon us for our humiliation to exercife and try our patience here in this life to bring us home, to make ;s know God and our felves, to informe and reach us wifedome. f. Therefore is my people gone into_ captivity _, becaufe they had no knowledge, t~~i,5;~~ ­ therefore i< the wrath ofthe Lordkmdled ~tgamjf hupeople, andhehathftretch- e Noflu faluedout hu hand ttpon them. He is defirous ofour fa!vat-ion,' N ojfr£ (alutis ~tvi- tu avid.<,condm ,faith Lemnim ,and for that caufe pulls us by the eare many times, to put ~;;;;;~ ;;;•: us in minde ofour duties: That they which erred might have tmderjianding, lamitat; Jilb~ .(as J.(ay fp.eakes 2 9· n.) and[o b_e reformed. I amafflitf(d, andat the point of~"/:L";..~i~",:,'" -deAtb;fo Dltvtd conferfeth of hmrtelfel Pfal. 88, r 5 ;:V; 9· Mtneeyes are (or- Lemn.b.c., 9 : rowfo!t thYJJugh mineaffli8ion : And that made him tiu'ne uri\O God. Great deoccurt ..at. ,;tle;;ander in the midft of all his prdfperity; by a company of parafites dei- ~·;,xaro JQ/ ,fi~dj and now'made a God, when Ire 'faw one of-bis·Viround.s bleed, temem- intellell~m. bred that he w~s but aman, _and remitte~ ofhis p:rids: ·In morbo reco!ligit .fo n~,~~c~;:; 'an.~trw,as r l?·lm.y well percetved, In ficknefft the mlmkreflells ttpon ttftlfo, judi<lo,mmt with judgementfurvajei itftlfo, and abhorm it former cout(es; i!lfomuch that & falla ""l" he concludes to his friend Martul, g th4t it wtmheperiodofall Philofophy, if;:f','.~?/,{~'"­ "'e could[o continue (ound; or performe _butiJpart 1( that which we promifed to jero lan~uorem, .doe,beingjicke. Whofo u wife tften, wtH>confidett/Jefe'thmgs; as Daviddidf"' rer.g.,... (Pf41. I44·verft !aft) And whatfoeverfortune befall him, riiakeilfeofit. If;;,~~;;;, he be in forrow, need, ficknerfe, oranycirbet advetfity, ferioufiyto recount ~·~fom memo> ~ith hirnfelfe, w~yth!s orrbat malady,~ifery,this .orrhatincurabl~ difeafe ~·~~:::,:; ~ ts mfhcred upon htm; It may be for hts good, hjicexpedtt, as Peter fa1d cfhis roti"' Philof'f! d~ughters ague.· Bodily ~cknefi'e is for)'1is ,foulcs peJ!th, periiffet nift pe- ~h~~. ut~~" m get, had he not beene Vtfited, he had u~erly t>enfh·ed; for •th.e Lord cor- :£..~~,:':.; rdfetb htmwhom he foveth;, C'fJtn.U afather doth hli chifdt in whomhede/igh- futuro< ejfe in: teth. Ifhe be fafeandfound on the eth~tfide, and free fromallmanneroffrmtproftte: infirmity; k & tui . -J , '· . . · ~~;rrarch; Grati•,forma, 'lldlefudo cantingai dbunde 1 i.Pwv: ;. '. >: . EtmundUJviaus;nondefitientechimin4. · ,· : 'i~~~~pifl: . And that hehavegtace,beaut:y;fav'our,hcalthi I Dout.li.u: Acleanlydiet andaboundin•wealth• · · , ~iflarvide~ Y din the inidft ofhis prof pcrity,let him remc!nber ti1at caveat of Ji! ofti, ": i':::::;..; I ilew•re that he doe not forgetthe Lord hiiGod, that he be not puffed up, but i~ib~ benefac~owledgethe'tn td be his~ood giftsand b-enefits,and ~the_ morehehath,td ~~~!~J~';d bt more tha,.kfull,(as Agapettanus advtfeth) and ufe.thetii atlg'ht.' . _ . 'PligQ/iorerd Now the Jrutrumciltallcaufesoftliefe:our infiririities~are a$ div'erfe,aii tlil'fi ~bitoriril A :i irifitf""t,