Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part. r.Sect.r. Difo4es in general!. Memb.x.Subf. •• 6 gious riot.Piurts craptda, quamgladitU, is a true faying, the board confumes ---- more then the fword. Our intemperance it is, that pulls fo many feverall in. b Nquitia •ft curable difeafes upon our heads, that hafrens bold age, perverts our tempequ• re nonfinet rature, and bnngs upon us fuddendeath. And lair ofall, that which crucifies eJ!efinem. usmoft, isourownefolly, madnelfe, (quos luptterperdit,dementat; by fubfiraction ofhis_affifiing grace Go~ permits it) weaknelfe, want of govern. ment, our f.~c1hty and pronene!fe m yeeldmg to feveralllulls, m givina way to everypa!lioll and perturbation ofthe minde: by which mcanes we~neta• morphize our felves, and degenerate into beafis. All which that Prince of cHomcr.lliad. <Poetsob[ervedofAgamemnon, thatwhenhewas well pleafed, and could moderate his paffion; hew as--os ocNlof:ft lovi par: Iikelupiter in feature Mars in valour, Pa!ltU in wifedome,·another God; but when he became an~ gry,hewasa LyoA,a Tiger,a Dogge,&c.tbere appearednq !igne or likenelfe of I upiter in him; fo we,as long as we are ruled by r.eafon,corrcct our inordi-· d_lntemperan- nate appetite, and conforme our felves to Gods word, are as fo many living ~;~~~:;~; .. Saims:but ifwe giv.e r.einesto Lufi,Anger, Ambition, Bride, and follow our .fnita iujufmo- ownwayes,we degenerate mto beafis,transformc our fel ves, \)Vertl)row our diflagiru,f"" confiitutions, cl provoke God to anger, and h<;ap upon us this of Melancholy , !~~":.~.""" andall kindes of incurable difeafes, as a i ufi and defeiV_ed punilhment ofou; .cmo. finnes. . ' . · · , ,( r! • ~Definition~ · The Number ofDifoafos.'. .I11ilijiop i ~ f i > ..\, .1 ~ ... ,: , .. I I ~ ~ ) : ·;.. :\ . h~ ·~:"'i~1, ~.~~;~·. !.~~t~ Hat aDifeafeis, al\UofieVeryPhyfician defines. e F erne/~~ caiietb •!,:{.;~'::,~'.. . it anAjfet!ion ofthei;ody, contrary toNatrm, f Fu(chim aod .Crat6 <orp"i infiJes. an hinderance, hr<rt, . or alteratim ofany amon oftht body' orpart Qf iFufiblnftit. tt. g']'holofantu, adtlfolutton ofthat league whrchts betweene body ~~:,":,;~:J ·,andJoule, and apertur~atzon oftt: it' health the perftt!zon. 4ndmake; to thep_re- 'llitiaru. allio. for'Tiatton ofzt ,h Labeo m Agelltm, an tO habzt ofthe body, oppoftte to nature,hing "Dif[ofur io deringthe u[< ofit. Othersotherwife, all to this effe~. · ~%:~, (.~%;, Howmany difeafes there are,is a quefiion not yet determined; i I'liny rec- •ftconfumma· kons up 3 oo .fromthecrowne ofthe head, to the foie ofthe foo.t: elfc:where ~'--• ·hefaith, merboruminfnitamult#t!do, their number is infinite. Howfoeverit i;;.;:·~;t::.. was in thofe old times,it boots not;in our daiesl am furethe number-is much bitll4 contr~na: augmented: --* maues, & nova ftbrtum tu.am.-;,1"' uf;, . Terril incubt<it cohors, For belides many Epi- ~;.be:·.f demicalldifeafesunheardof, andaltogether unknowneto GalenanctH'ippodir"eos. ·; crates ,asS corbutum, Smallpox,Plica,sweatingficknejfe,Morbm Ga/licm,&c.. ~c~~;;,~-'' '7 ' Wehavemaoy proper and peculiaralmofito~very part- Nomapamongll: Nomoaf«e_ usfofound, offo good a conll:itution, that bath not fomeimpedimenrof ~r;:;:~~,~~r-. Body or Minde. .QJ!,ifque fuos patimur manu, we ha~e all our infirmities, kcap-1o.lib.7. firfiorlafi,moreorlelfe. There will be peradventure manage, or one of a ~r;;;.~;,!:},~ thoufand, lik~ zenophilrH the Mu!ician i_n k Pliny, that may happely live otto in<Ommorlo. 105. yearesWithout any mannerofunpedunem; A FoOto Jl.qmuiUI, thac can pre-