Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parr ..I .Sect. r. Melancholy in Dijfojition, Memb.r.Subf. 5 . 12 that flung his ring into the fea, becaufe he would participate of difcomenr ---- with others,and had it miraculoufly rell:ored to him again fl1ortly after,by a fifl1 taken as he angled,was not free from Melancholy difpofitions. N 0 m a~ can fecure himfelfe; the very gods had bitter pangs, and frequent pallioas as I< Homer. Iliad. their ownk Poets put upon them. In generall, 1.-; the heaven,fo il o11r life ,fo/nc_ I LipfluHent.3 times foire,fomettmes overcttft, tempejlttotu, andferene; IU in a rofi,jlDwers :~~~fie':::~~ And prtekles; in the yett~e it fetft_, a temperate fu~mer~m~times~~ hard winter, !'Jinet fil'!l!H : A drowth, and then agatne ptea~nt Jborv~rs : Jo_ u ottr life tntermtxt JVith joyes i ::::/:U~;;:· hores ,ft'aresJorrowes, calumn~es: lnvrcem Hdtmt do/or & '1./0iteptas> there is obdumu• & ·a·1uccellionofpleafure and pame. obfiutt~tur.In -mmediotlefonteleptnttn~- · jpf::~·;:::;~x- Surgit amart Aliqrnd quod_rnipjis Jlorihtu niigat. ti. p,,.ji,.ilu-Eveninth.,mdftoflaughing there u {Qrrorv, (as" Solomon holds:) even in ae>i, udum mo- thcmidll: ofall our feafting and jollity, as 0 v1 ujfin infers in his c om. on the ~{,r:;j.;:;;~· 41: Pfolme, there isg(iefe and difcontent. Inter dditit# .fomper aliq,.id{.evi ,., 'it• v ·<et nosftrangulat, for a pmte ofhony thou lhalt here hkdy find agallon ofgaul, ;~:,:.(;:~- for adramme of pleafure a pound of paine, for an inch of mirth an e,ll of .uu.& ft!••- mone; as Iviedothan Oke,thefemtfenes encompaUe our life. And 'tis moft m tu>K.. ab(urd and ridiculous, for any monall man to looke for a perpetuall tenor of ~~~::w .. t. . happineflein this life.Nothing fo profperous and pleafant,but it hathP fame nProv.t4.J . bitterneffe in it, fome complaining, {bme grud.ging;'ris all a ,..~vxV~t~~;rov, a :::~:;-;:~.. mixt r.allion. We are not hereas thofe ,Angel~, celeftiall powers and Booccupat. dies, !>unneandMoone, to fimlhourcourfe Wlthoutall offence, withfuch o.f,·;~~;;:;: confrancy, to continue for fo many ages: bl!t,(4!:>j~Cl to infirm.ities, miferies, ~ ••• nupri• hi' mterrupt,to.ffed and tumbled up and downe, earned about wtth every fmall fout,ar ibi qu•d blall:,often mold!ed and dtfqmeted upon each flel)deroccafion, q uncertain, ·=~~;:~~!~dd britde,and fo is all ~hat we trull: unto. '_Afidhe tkat knorves not thu, a,dioaot nont>anfit' armed toendttr< tl, IS not fit to lwezn thrs world ,(as one condoles our time) ht ~::~~ul~':;,i1' knowf:s not the condition of it,wlur~ rvit~ a rccif.~ofalty} plea(i1re a~d paineart ~u;'q;ti d btJmi- jhdunrted,andJucceed "!e anothe~ 111 artng.Ext e m_un_do, get thee gone hence nitump"if'~ ifthoucanll:not brook1t; ~ here tsnoway .to avmdJt, buttoarmethy felfe :;:,m <hvm•,'•'. with patience,with magnanimity, to roppofe thy felfe unto it, to futfer af- .4;'!';,.';:.{./' fliction as agood fouldterofChrifl; (as' Pa"l advifeth) conll:ant!y to be~re ~li~uiUJf<•l- it. But forafmuch as fo few can embrace this good counfe! of his, or ufe it :t:,;tff;!:.:;_ aright~ but rather as fo m~ny bruit beaUs, give a way t<>:their pallions, vo. "qua.l<tillo, Iuntanly fubject and prectpttate themfclves mto a Labynmh ofcares, woes, 1./::f'.~~t;:: miferies~and fufferrheir foules to be overcomeby them, cannot armet~emrimf.ia"~i•· [elves wtth that pattence as rhey ought to ~oe, lt falleth out oftennmes gari~"!"'"'m that thefe Dijfojitions become Habits, and nuny Ajfetfs contemned (as"Sc- ~'!J~~!~!~: neea notes~ make adifla(e. Even_ a~ on( Dtfli!lation, notyetgrowne to cujlome, nw & f•ar)- makes acongh;but contmua.q•rtdrnveterate cau.foth acon.Ji•mption ofthe lungs: r··"' puuili: fo doe the!e our melancho\y provocat.ions: and according as the humour it :;;;:'1::::;.~ fdfe is intended, or remitted inmen, as their temperature ofBody, or Ratio. ·ijl.:~qu£vhes & opts bumau 11oca~rur, a/ffutltrt (ubitd, rrp.rnre ~dabuntur , nu~o in loc~, null.- in ptrf n4, ~abili~ut nix~ ra~iciifa cor.j.jiJmt. ftd incertilfimo f!i>tU Jtrtun~.tfUOf mfubltme rxtukrunt tmprovr(orecu'[u depr.tUtot rnprojundo mifttMtUT11 ..,a/le miftrabilJter imm.ergunt Puleri~ lib.b .cap.' I . r Huic ftculo p~rum _apt~ er,aut piJtius omnium noflrorum ~onditionem ig,_~MilJ , quibus rec·pro,·oquodam ncxu,(.7c. Urt:b:Jn~ Ga/il)belftc.'" lzb.~. ad annum t f98. fHorfum omnrafludi4 dirigi i/&b rn• .ur human.s [m lter fcramus, t 1 T1m,2. ~. u~pijl.96.llb. ~~. ajfea~ freqtuf!ter eomempti!imorbunif4• cimzt. 'Difbllatio~ma xecllahuc hJ morerntUkwtla, tuffimjMJt. Affulua (1' ·rnolemaprhifiUJ. 11all