Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.Seet.I. Definition of Melancholy. M£""· 3· SuasEc.r. Definition ofMe!Ancholy,Name,Dijference. Aving thus briefly anatomized the body and foule of man, as a preparative to the refi; I may now freely proceed to treat ofmy intended fubjeC!, to mofi mens capacity;and after many ambages, perfpicuouflydefine wlm rhisM elancholy is, !11ew his Name, and __3_I__ Differences. The Name is impoled from thematter, and Difeafe denominated from thematerial! caufe:as Bruel obfervcs, M""''X.'"r~, quaji M'"'"''~x.&M, fromblackeCholer. And whether it beacaufeor an effeCt, aDifeafe, or fymptome, letDonat~~< AltomdYra, and Sa/viam« decide, I will not conrend about it. It hath feverall Defcriptions, Notations, and Definitions. y Fracaftori~~< in his fecond booke of intellect, cals rho[eMelancholy, whom yMelancholicor abundance ofthat (ame depraved humour ofblacke Choler hath fo mifojfttled, ~;;;:,:~,;:" thattbey become mad thence, and dote tn moft thmgs, or tn all, belongtng to velpeavit<U tletlion,wtll,orother manifeft operations ofthe tmderftandmg. •MelaneliH< Metancholi~ out of Galen, Rufft«, .1Etifl4, defcribe it to be a badandfeevifb dij<a(e, which ~·,;;;•;::.:~~ makes men degenerate tnto heajls : Gal en, apnv-dtton or tnfei!ton ojthemtdd!e antv.Z inomcellofth! 1f ead,&c. defining it from. the part affeCted, which' Hercules de ;;:~:~:;:~;(,g Saxoma approves, ltb.r.cap. I6. calhng tta depravattonof thefrtnctpaUfun- manifeflufive -lfion: FufthiHJ lib.r.cap.z3•./Jrnuldt« Breviar.lih. I.cap.r8 .Gttianerzm,and ad>eflamraothers: By reafonofblacke Choler, P.~ulra addes. Halyahh.u limply calls it a~;,~:;;~:~~:;, commotton ofthe mmde• .4ret"H<, ba perpetuaUanguijh ofthe foule, faftned on vclelem,nem, one thing, without an agtte; which definition ofhis, Mercurialii de ajfeif. cap. :;;,~::~:~·· ltb. I. cap.ro. taxerh: but .1£/tanm Montaltus defends, lth. de morb. cap. r. z Peffimum & de M elan. for fuflicient and good. The common fort define it to be akinde peltinaciffi~ii ofdotage rvithont afever, having_for his ordi1MYY companio11s, ft11rt, andfod- Z:,~~f:~·;;;runeffi, witholltany apparent occafton. SodothLallrmtira cap.4. Pifo, lzh. I. tadegenerare cat·43· Do,,.tm <..Altomarra,cap. 7· art. medic. Iacclnm« incom.inlih. 9- ~·~;;,h.Mtd RhajiHdAlmanforcap.I5: Valeftmexerc.l7· Fu(chun mftttut. 3·fec.I.C.I I . bAngorani.;; &c. whteh common definmon, howfoever approved by mofi, 'Hercules de in una """nSaxoni"willnot allow of,nor DavidCruftm,Theat .morb.Herm.lih.z.cap.6. ~;;;j.t,;."'' 1 he holdstt unfuflietcnt: a< drather jhewmg what tt 11 not, then what it it : as c cap. •6.t. r; omitting the fpecificall difference,the Phantalieand Braine: bur I defcend to dEorum deftniparticulars. The (ummumgentl4 is Dot•ge,or Anguijh oftheminde? [ai~hAre- ~;.fi~:::.z:'d t,eus,ofafrtnctpall part; Hercules deSaxoma addes to dtfimgmlh tt from quamfuidjir, Cramp and PaHie,and fuch dife~fes as belong to the 'outward fenCe and mo- ~x!/~~;::; ••- ttons [depraved]* to dtfhngmflut fromFolly and Madneffe(which Monta!. mones ,Jmltus makes angor animi, to feparare) inwhich thofe functions are not depra- nuiitur ;,, fatuved,but Iatherabolifhed; [witho~t anague] is added by all, to fever it from ;~·;::.:~'J;'."' Phrenfte, and that Melanch•ly whtchis in a pefiilenr Fever. (Feare andSor- pravantur forow)?lakeirditferfromMadneffi: [withoflta caufe]islafily inferred, tofpe- ~':f:.z;~:4; ctfie tt from all other ordmary p~llions of[!' tare and S arrow. ]We properly sax.cap.•. call that Dotage, a~ ' La.urentttls mterprets tt, whenfume one;rincipaUftcul- ;::~ d•M•- Iteofthemmde,Mtmagmatron, orreafonu forrupted, a< all melancholy per- ,,.p: 4 .d,mel, fons