Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.Seet.I. 0fthe parts ajftl1etl, &c. 3• fons have. It is without a fever, becaufethe humoris moll part cold and dry, ---- contrary to putrefachon. F eare andS arrow are the true CharaCters, and infeparablecompanions of mollMeJaneholy,aot all, asH er. tie Saxonia,Trafl. pojlhumo tie Melancholia,cap.z. well excepts; forto fome it is moH pleafant, as to fuch as laugh moll part; fome are bold agame,and free from all manner of feare and griefe, as hereafter lhall be declared. Su• s • c. z. ofthepart ajftl1etl. Ajftflibn. P artirs ajftc1ctl. Ome difference! finde amongll Writers, about the principal! part affected in this difeafe, whether it be the Braint, or Heart,or fome other Member. Moll are ofopinion that it is theBraine: for being a kindeof Dotage, it cannot otherwife be, but that the Bratwe • p" conftn- muH beatfeeted, as a!imilar part, be it by" con(<nt or e/fonce, not in his venfim•fiveper tricles,oranyobllrutlions inthem, for then it would bean Apoplexie, or ;{:;:;.~;met. Epilep!ie, as' Laurentius well obferves; but in a cold dry dillcmpcrature of g sec.1 .Je mor. it in his fubllance, which is corrupt and become too cold, ortoo dry,or elfe ~~ff":.i.~;~,- too hot, as in mad-men, anp fuch as are inclined to it : ~nd this g Hippocrates lan<h,tia. confirmes. Galen, Arab tans, and moll ofour new W mers.Marc11s de Oddi& i cap. ;.dem<l. (in aconfultation ofhis,quoted byhHildejheim)&fiveothers there cited are !:;;;!,j;~~ce- ofthe contr:uy part\becaufe. feare and forrow, which are pallions, be feared per conftnfum, in the Hearr. But th1s objeCtiOn 1s fuffic1ently anfwcred by 'Montalttts, who t•• P" cere- doth not deny that the heart is affected (ask Melanelius proves our of G~len) ,,'';.~:-::,;;:.;,: by reafon ofhis vicinity; and fo is the midriff< and many other pam. They ~;~.~'p':::.u- doecompat!, and have a fellow feeling by the Law of Nature: but for as '"'· much as th1s malady 1s caufed by precedentlmagmat:on, w1th the Appetite, k Lib.deMet. to whom fpirits obey,and are fubject to tbofe principal pans: the Bram mull ~~,':~',~! ... needs primarily be mifaffe.cted,. as the feat of Rea[on; and then the H earl, as •eunaaffi«- the feat of A!fell:on. 'CaptvacetiH, andMercun•lu havecop10ully difcufled ~~;;if::f(u::: this que~ion, and both conclude the fubject is the inner Braine, and from 4 , fl•ma•h"' thence u 1s commumcated tothe Heart,and otheonfenorpans,wh1ch fym- '"." d<nfoli path1ze and are much troubled, efpecully when 1t comes by confent, and is ·f~~:~;p.>o. caufedby reafonoftheStomack,ormrrache,as the Arabianstermeir, whole .-.,bjeEtum eft body, Liver, or m Spleen, which are {eldome free,Pylorm, Meferaick veines, cereb,um inte- &c. For our body is like a Clocke, ifone wheele be amilfe, all therellare ~,"'Jiaroquif- difordered, the whole fabricke fuffers: with fuch .admirable an and harmo9"""' rummm ny is a man compofed, fuch excellent propornon, as Lotlovic:<s rives in 1-~f;:~:,~; his Fableofmanhath elegantlr declared. . . . •ffi•itu,,Pifo. As many doubts almoHanfe about then Ajfetf:on: whethent be Imagt. ~u•ff•ll"'· nation or Rea.fon alone, orboth. Her&ules tie Saxunia proves it out of Galen, :b ~~~~:~· /Etim, andAltomarNs, thatthe foie fault is in .oJmagination. Brttel is of ?F•~ul'"'. thefameminde:Mont•lttes in his fecond chaprer of Melancholy, confutes ::;~;;;.~.i;, this tenenr oftheirs,andillullrates the contrary bymany examples:as ofhim "" mem<nandi that thought himfelfe alhell-filh; ofaNunne,and ofadefperateMonk,that 1•fi' ""· would not be perfwaded but that he was damned.Rca{on was in fault as well -.slmaginatiun, whi'h didnot correct this error;they make away themfelve> often-