Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.1.SeCl. 1. MatterofMel4ncbo'ly.... · " Memb-j.Sub(+ ------~~--~~~~~~~~~ oftcntimes and fuppofe many abfurd & ridiculous things.Why doth notRta- 33 [on detect the Fallacy,fwle &pcrfwade,iflhe be free~ PAvicennJ therefore P Lib.;. F"'·'· holds both corrupt,co whom moft Arahi11n1 fubfcribe. The fame is maimai. ~r~g:;";~-~·­ ncd byq Aretttu,G~rgoniru,Guianeriru,&c. T~ endthecontrovcrfic,no man rL•L Med.cap. doubts of Imagination, but that ttis hurt and m1faffeaed here_; for :he orb er ;~ ::;',~- '"'"'· I determine with r Albtrtinm B.ottontl! aD' of Padrl4; thatlt IS firll: m lmagt- fHildcjheimJli· tion,and 4fierwArds in rea[on; if the difl4fe he inveterate, Dr .:u it is more or i1Jc ceb.de Melit.nc. of continuance:but by accidenr,as * tferc.de Saxonia adds; faith, opinion, dif ~~;~:$_!~~~ courfo,raiiocinatiM, are all accidentally depraved hJ the defa4lt of!magina!:ion. '""" Rmi'""'~ To the part affeaed;I may here adde the parues,wh1ch lhall be moreop- f.;~ffr":invereportunely (poken ofeifewhere,now only fignified. Such as have the Moone, • Lib. f0/1/mma Saturne,Mercttry mifaffdled in their genitures,fuchas live in overcold, or o- deMelanc.edit. ver·hot Climes: fuch as a(e born of melancholy parents:as offend in thofe fix ;:,'}j,~:~;if(.:;. non. naturall things,are black,or of an high fanguine complexion,' that have r.. ,.pimo,&c. little heads, that have a hot heart, mcift Brain; hot Liver and cold ftomack, ;~;;'!:::~;­ have boen •Ion~ fick: fuch as are folitary by nature, great Students, given to Aceidaui. much cooremplation,idlc,lead a life out ofAttion,are mofl: fuhjttl to me/an- Paniesafi«'h·d choly.Of fexes both, but men more cften;yer" women mifaffcacd, arc tarre ;,;.7 t.,";,~':),. moreviolem,andgrievoullytroublcd. Offeafonsofthe yeare, the Autrmme ft11 f"' P'"Uh is moft mdancholy. Ofpeculiar times,old age, from whichnaturall Mdan- fo•t.Anfi.in choly is almoft an infeporable accident; but this arrificiall Malady is more ~t;;~,~f,:~~2:';: · frequent in fuch as areofax middle age. Someaffigne 40 years, GariopomttS '"M· 1~;:;;~:s~~~v~~:~t:lt~:~lf~r~~:;urn~f~~!~~~e~~~~~~~~:;~~:~ih~;;;;~ ~~f%~~,£~ ni11o CorporihuJ cujtt{cumj, conjlit11timiJ dominatur.tA!tiuJ and .4retius,afcribc iil<tibu• Z'ifo. into the number notonely< diftontenud,p4{Jionate, andmiferabte perfons, {war- ~~;;~;::':Methy,black;hut foch tU aremojl merrJandpfea[ant, fcoffm,andhigh co(ormd. Ge- '""hatiam IW1I nerally,[aith Rhafls, •the fineft wiiJ,_andmoft generotu ffirits, are !Jefore other 1 tamm~(l~~<, fed ohnoxious to it ; I cannot except any complexion,any condition,fexe, or age :,;t;::::n~::t~ bur b fools and Stoicks,which accordingto:<syn•fl•s,are never troubled with rif~·es,etquip!eany manntr of paffion, but as Anacreom cicada,finefanguine & dolore,flmilu ;,;11 Pr•rubri ftrediis(unt. Era{mru vindicates fooles from this Melancholy Catalogue • Lib '·P•rt '· becaufe they have mofl: part moift braines, a~d light hearts, • they arefre; "P. ' '· .from umbttu;~, envy, fbame _and feare,they_ ttr~ 1Utther tr011hled in con(citnct, nor :i~::n~:~ maCirated wrth cares,to whtchour whole life" fo much {itbjtll. m~•perfPic•- , incid"nt in Mtla11cboliam.li(;. J .com.Tratl.9. b Nunqmvn[anitatemtntis txcidit aut dultJTtttlpitJtr Enlfi 1 11 d mat~ d!fociti ctm[awi~ cami{icifl4., nee pudefimu, uuve;·mJIIi·)ntc diLlc~ant/4' mi~ib~ CUi'IITM:U, q_NibHd Iota vit~abn:~~~-n flU .cal:r;zt. d Vactnt. 5 UB SECT. 4• ofthe matter of e.Mtlapch~ly. ~.;:;;~;;~:~:!' ¥~~«:-IWF the Matter of Melancholy ,there is much'quefl:ion: betwixt Avi- f Lib. i ·'""'·"· ..,,,_'""'"" cen and Galen,asyou may read in • Car.i'ans'Contradittions!ra/e. f, ~;~:;~,:;:;6· flus controverfies,MontantiS',ProfPer CAltnM,Capivacci1u g Bright dt(anit.tM11114. • . . hFicintiS ,tba~ have wr_ittcn ~ither who!~ TraCts, or copioully of ~"!;!}/;::;:., lt,m thetr feverall Treaufesof th1s fubJeef. 'What thiJ humour iJ, iJr whence it , if/. P ' d h t d d t' h d · h G 1 "'d,~'.!l"",-·L,',",' ' r cee. s, ew . ~ urngan re"'."' o r,ntt~ tr . a en,_n~ranyold Writerhath '11"~- fo./ftet~ntll di(cr1Jtd,_A4 ]acchmusthtnks" the Ncorencks cannotagree.Mon. 1:~·:;;~ntanus 10 h1sconfultat1ons, holds 0U tlanch1ly to be material/ or immaterial/.- ferurandu,., Me ':.'t(trii fAbqytlvtrffll!,ruc[«ilt accitertt:c Gt~ftr.l{ellttntiiiob loqurndiwnE'ttatt, Lt~.]t~~lh.c:,m,in 9 .Rhttjlscap.t 5 • trtp~i~~~~~;~:ft;: and