Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.Secr.z. ca,.fes ofMelancboly. Memb.r.Subf.t. __s_8__ we may beleeve our Ponrificiall Writers, they will relate unro us many flrange and prodtgwus pumfhmenrs mtlus hnde, mfltcred by thetr Sainrs. b Gatuid.;. How b ClodovctM fometime King of France,the [on of Dogehert,lofl: his wits ~~j;,1;,~~;;?~ij:. for uncovering the body of S. IJenis_: and how a' facrilegious Frenchman, '"P'"'"at,in that would havelrolne away a filvenmage ofS. John, at Brrgb11rgr, became '"1";.; incidit. franricke on a fuddaine, raging, and tyrannizing over his owne fleflt: Of a [:/,~;;t.X"ra- d Lord of Rbadnor, that comming from hunting latearnight, put his dogges '"'" cont•mp- mto S. Avans Church, (LlanAvan they called 1t) and nfing beumes next ~=·':};~~[,:''- morning, as hunters ufe to doe, found ·all his Dogges mad, himfel~e being du"' V .I ohM- fttddenly fl:rucken bhnae. OfTjr:dates an' vlrmeman Kmg, for vw!ating fi~':t~:;;~~m fome holy Nunnes,that was punifl1ed in like fort, with lolfe ofhis w_its. B~t ••pmconren- PoetsandPaptfismaygoe together for fabulous tales; let them freethetr. dir, fimutac.brii owne credits: Howfoev'cr they faine oftheir N emejis, and oftheir Saints, or ~~[J:. [.·~~- by the devils meanes may be deluded;wefinde it rrue,that ultor a tergoDe m, fot,necmora, fHeuGodtbeavenger, asDavrdfitles htm; and that ttts ourcryingfinnes jilcrilcgw men- that pull this and many other maladies on our owne heads. That he can by ~;:;.;;:,·,~J._ his Angels,which are his Minifters? firike and heale(faith g D ionyji~~<)whom nienr in pro- he wtll; that he can plague us by ht8 Crearures,Sunne, Moone, and Starres, ~~f/""' <k- which he ufe~h as his infir~menr, as aHusbandman(faith Zrmchi~~<) dothan oGiralJra Hatchet:Hatle,Snow, Wtndes,&c. Cambre~fit lib. h Etconjurati veniunt inc!Afsica vent-i: ~:~!:[~"""'· as inlo(uAhs time,as in Pharaohs reigne in Egypt; they are but as fo many cxe~ c.vetriotom. 3 curioners ofhis jufiice. He can make the proudefi fpirits fioope, ans{ cry out J•h!JUI·l· witqJulian the Apofl:ate, Vicifti Gaiil.<e: or with Apollo's Prielr in i Cbryf•· r~~i_'!~ .•: fto"'.e, o c,elum! oterra! undeboftis hie? What an enemy is thiH And pray 'f<~:~~:·cap. de withDavid,acknowlcdginghis power, I Amweakned ,,d for~ brokm, I roarc h craudia•. forthegr~e(eofmmeheart, mmc heartpantetb,&c. P{itl.38. 8. OLordrdmke iZ!eBabiiJ menotinthine4nger, mithercbaftifeme intby.wrath,Pfai. 38. r. Make met~ Marryre. heare joy 4nd$ladne{fi, that the bones which thou haft broken, may rejoyce, P(al. 5r.8. & verje u. Reftm to me the J•Y o(thy falvattm, andftahlijh mt with kLib.t.eap. 1. thyfreefpirit. Forrhefecaufes belikekHippocrateJ would have a Phyfician prog. rake fpeciall notice whetherrhe difeafe come not from adivincfupernaturall caufe,or whether it follow the courfe of Nature. But this is farther difcuf.. ll.ib ..J,Ab- fee\ by }'ran: Valejim defacr.pbilofcap. 8.1 Fernelim, andmJ, C,efarClAudiJirimrutn ""''to _whom I referrc you, how this place of Hippocrates is to beundcr- :tjpon( flood, Paracelfm is ofopinion, that fuch fpirituall difeafes (for [o he calls mol. u.refi. them)arefpiritually to be cured,and not otherwife. Ordinary means in fuch cafes will· not availc: Non eft relu{fandum cum Deo. When thatmonfl:ertarping Hercules overcameall in the olympicks, Jupiter atlafi in an unknown Jhapeiwrefiled with him1 the victory was uncertaine,till at!ength Jupiter de. fcryed himfelfe,and Hercutes yeelded. No firiving with fupreme powers. Nil j uvAt immenfos Cr•teropromittere montcs, : , ""· 1 .6. Pbyficians and Phyficke can doe no good, *we muftfohmit our[elves undtr the mighty bandofGod, acknowledge our offences, caJI to him for mercy. If he fl:rike us, rma eadetnque manU< vulnm·optmqueftret, as it is with them that arewounded with the fpeareof Achilles, he alone mufi helpe; otherwifeour difeafes are incurable, and we not to be relieved.