Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.1.SeC1:.2. CauftsofMeU,nehBly. SUB SECT. f. > -vf Digrefion ofthe natareofSpirits, had Angels, or Devils, and how they car{e uuelancholy. _ . make a briefe digreffion ofthe natureofSpirirs. And 39 '\, ~;;:!:;;E:i1)3i~~'f(. Ow farre the power ofSpirits and Devils doth extend, C' ~" and whether they can caufe this, or any other Dif- - eafe, is a ferious quell ion, and worthy to be confi<j~­ red: For the better underllanding ofwhich, I will -- although the qudl:ion be very obfcure, accordmg w G • PojleOm, fuU ofcontroverjie andamhtgruty : beyond n Ltb, c 1 .at the reach ofhumane capacity, f•te~r excedere VtrCJ ~rbu ""'."'""· --- intenmnu me.e,fairh * Aujlm,I confdfe I am not able }~,":;l';,;;~" to underlla_nd it, jinit11m de injimto non pot eft Jlatucre, wee can fooner deter- m~o"bf<'c;;..,, mine with TuUy de »Al. deorum, quid 11on jint, q~am quid jint,. our fubtile =~~:,;;:~q'Zi: Schoolmen, Cardans, Scalrgers, profound Thomijles, Fracajlortana & Fer. acd~m;milnu" neliana acies, are weak, dry, obfcure, defective m thefe mylle~ies, and a.ll fobjl<ntiisfep•- our quickdl_ wits, as an owles eyes at the _Sunnes light, ":'he drll, ~nd ;'~~-;.dHi>J-, are not fuffic1ent to apprehend them, yet as m the reft, I wlll advetltilre,to "''·"'P-i<> .· ( fay fomething to this point. In former times, as we reade A Os 2 31• ''t'he Saddumdcnyed thattherewereany fuch Spirits, Devils, or Angels . So did Galm the Phyfitian, the Peripatelicks, even vfrijlotl' himfllfe, as Pom. ponatim fioutly maintaines , and S&Aiiger in fome fort grants. Though . Dandin~~< the }duit, com. in t.b. 2 . tk ~nim4, ftilly a enyes it; fi•bflanti" fiparat.e and intelligences, are the fame which Chriftians call Angels, and · Plaronifts, Devils, for they name all Spirits,• d.em011es, be rh ay good or bad Angels, as Iuliw Po/lux Onomajlicon, lib. r. cap .I. obferves. Epicl(rrs · and Atheifls areofthef~me mind in generall, becaufe they never faw them. Plato, Plotintu, Porphyrim, lamhticm, Proclm, infifiing in thelleps ofTrif-. megijlm, Pythagor.u and Socraw, make no doubt ofit: Nor Stoicks, but that there are fuch fpirits, though much erring from the truth . Concer. 0 Pereru.;, ning the firfi beginning of them , the 'Tha!mudifts fay that .1dam hqd ~ Ge,Ji, .lib. 4 . wtfe called Lzlu, before h~ matryed .Eve, and of her he begat nothing bii! "'"P ;.v.,;. Devils, TheTurkese Alcaron is altogether as abftttd and ridiculous in this ~;;':,m'-~"' point: but the Scripture in(ortnes us Chriflians, how Lr~ciftrche chiefe· of fui!.M:;:v. them with his affociaces, ~fell from heave!!< for •hls prh'!l:\ ·llnd ' ambi1ion) ; · ';'!-lo~-1•-· created of <;iod, placed in he~~en, and fometit)JCS an ApgeJI of light, no~ b"::'!£!'! 11!- caft downe lOto thelower aenall fublunary part-s, or. mto Hell~ and ildi: ~A::f""' '"- vered tnto chatnes of darknejfe ( 2 Pet.2-4-) to he kept rmto damnamH. Tht're fip "";(epa . is a foolilhopinion which'fome held ; that they are the finil~s of!f!eh de. ;:z;:;,?,.,,'~:'' parted, good and more neble were deified 1 the bafer oroveled-on 'tfie fi"1'· A•flin.. ~ ground ;j;,turc ot De-