Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

•Nihil a6~ttl [NlllDetmmes qTMmnutf~t tJni. tfM qllil! corpore dtpo[tttJpriorem ~t~i(mtti vitam, eognatii fumnrJmtcommoti miforKordia,&c. Caufes ·of-Melancholy. Memp.J.SubU. ground, or in the lower parts,and were devil s, the which with Tmu/lian Porphyriw the Philofopher,<.M.Tyritu fer. 27. mainraiocs. Thefc f)irits, h~ *faith, which we call c..Angels,and Devils ; are nought but {oulcs of"""' depar. ted, wbich either through love and pilty of their (riends yet living,hetp and afifi thcm,or elfi ptr[ecr~te their enemies, >vhom they hated,as Dido threarned to perfecute v£ne,u > . · .. Omnibw umbralocu adero: dab is improbe pam,u. They are (as others fuppofo) appointed by thofe higher Powers to keep men from the~rnatJvlty, and to proteCl,or pumlh them as they fee caufe: and are calkd boni and m•li Genii by the Romans. Heroes, Lares, ifgood Lemures or Larv£ if bad, by the Stoicks, governours ofCountries, Men: • DtDeoSDCra- Cities, faith • c..Apul<iw, Deos •ppdlant qui ex hominum numero jujfe ac tis. prttdtntfr vittt currict1lo gubernAto, pre numine, pojlea ab hommibm prtediti fanis & ceremoniis •rmlg• admittunwr, HI in .IEgypto Ofyris, &c. . Pr,eflites, Capdla calls them, which prott.1td partic11lar men M well M Princes. So<rates had his D.emonium Saturninum & ignium, which · of all fpirits is belt, ad (ublimes cogitationes •nimum erigentcm, as the Pl<~toni11s fuppofed; Plotinru his; and wee-Chrifiians our atli'tting Angds, :IS vfndre,. rifloreRm, a copious writer of this fubje<ft, LDdovicm de La .Cerd. the Jefuitinhis roluminoltf Tralt de Angelo Crifiode, Zanchiru, aod fomeDivines think. But thisabfurd TenentofTJ'"it",PrDclru.confmesat large in his book rHe lived seo. yearcsfince. f"'pu!titl4:fP:iritll4 .mimalitt [unt•~mrJjNJfftbiliA,mtnter•- ti•nalia, corport Mria,temport ftm'piln11A. tNNtriuuttn')tt txcmmnta 1;4. blt, quod pu!fata J1kant [otiJ.o perclljfo corpqrt. +lih·4·Tbtil. 11At{ol.fH· de Anim!i & d.tmone. · , !O . ' P(e!lus a Chrifiian, and fometim~s , Tutbn .(faid11Cu{ftini~n~ to (J!Uj. chaet Parapinatius, Emperour of Greece, a great· obferver of the nature of Devils, holds ~hey are r corp.oreall, and have • eria/l bodies, that they are morta/1, live and dye, _(which <.Martian11s Cape/la likewife mainraines, but our Chrifiian Ph1lofophers .explode) that' they are nourijhed and have excrements, that theyfeele paine ifthey be him (which Cardan confirmes, and Scalzger jufily laughs him to fcorne for; Si pafcantur am, curnon pttgnant ob pnriorem aera.f &c.) orjfroken : and if their bodyes be cm, with admirable celerity they come together againe. c..Arejlin ;, Gen.lib. 3./tb. ar.6it. approves as much , mutata c•Jt• corpora i" detcriorem qttalitatem aeri< JPifioris, fo doth Hierome, Commem.inepijl . adEphe( cap. 3· Origen, Tertul/ian, Laflantius, and many ancient Fathers ofthe Church: That in their fall their bodyes were changed into a more aerial! and groffe fobfiance. Bodine lib: 4· The.tri N atur£, and David Cmji11s Htrmetic,e Phifo. fophi£ lib. r .cap.4, by feverall arg4mems proves Angds and Spirits to be Corporeal!: quicquid continetur in loco Corporettm eft: At JPiritus continetur in l~eo,ergo. Si Spiritus fnnt quantierunt Corporei, at (imt qt~anti, ergo. {imt finiti, ergo. qnanti,&c. Botline goes farther yet, and will have thefe, Anim£Jeparat.e genii, Spirits, Angels, Devils, and fo likewife foules of men departed, if Corporeall, which he mofi· eagerly contends) to be of fome lhape, and thatabfolutely round, like Sun arid Moonc,becaufe that is the moll perfecHorme, qu.e nihit'habct a/}eritatis , nihil angttlis inci[t11n, nihilanfraCiibus in<;llutum, nihil eminens, {td inter corpora perfec1a efl ptr. fec1ifimr~m,