Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Me thinkes 1 cou:·r,me thinkes J kilfe, Me thinkes I now embrace my inillris. '0 blefi'ed dayes, 0 fweet content, 1n Paradifemy time is fpenr. , Such thoughtsmay filll· my fancy moue, So may 1 c.ve'r bc:in loue. . All my joyc·s to this a~~ folly, . .. .. Naught fo fweet as melancholy. .When I recount loves many frightes, .My lighes and teares, my ·waking nighres; My"iealous firs·;& mine hard fate .I now repent, but'tis too l:ite, No torment is fo bad as"loue, ·so bitter to my .foule can prone. All my griefesro this are jolly, . Naught foh:trfi1 asMelancholy• . :friends and Companions get you gone, 'Tis my delitc tG ):>e alone, Ne' re wdl butwhen my rhoughts·and I, Doe domineir in privacle. No Gemme no treafure like to this :ns my delight;, my Crowne my blilfe. All my joyes to this arefolly, , Naught fo fweet as melanc~oly. 'Tis myfolc'Plague to be alone. I am a beall,-a mon!lergrowne, I will no light nor company, I finde it nowmymifery. 'The fceane istuni'd,my joyes 2rc gone; 'Feare, difcontenr,and forrowes come. All my gricfc• to this are jolly, Naug1lt fo fierce as melancholy. I le'nOt change1ife with any King, '·I ravi!ht'am: can rhe world bring More joy, then !lill toiaugh and fmile, In pleafant toye~pme to beguile~ ·Doe nor,& doe not troui1le mee, .So liveet contentI feele and fee. All my /oyes to this are folly," Nonefodevineasmelancholy; . ·Jie'changemy'llare wi~h any wretch, .Thou canfl: fro'm ga\Jieor dunghill fetch;: .My paiile, pall: cure; another Hell, · I may not in this torment dwell, Now defpcrate I.hate my life, 'Lend me a halter or a knif~. All my griefes to this are'-jolly; 'Naught fo damo'd <!Sillelaocholy.