Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DEMOGRITUS JUNIOR TO THE RE AD ER~ Entle Reader, I prefume thou wilt be very inquili. tiveto know what anrick or perfonate aCl:orthis is, that fo infolently intrudes upon this commonrhea. tre, to the worlds view, arrogating another mans · name, whencehe is, why he dot~ it, ~nd what he, St11tea in 1..: hath to fay; Although, as 'hef:ud, Prtmum fi no- doi•"w.'""'""' l"ero, non re!Jondebo,qut. coallurm tj!? I am a free c~audu c~fl . . manborne, and may chufewhether I will tell,who •_· can compell me~ If I he urged I will as readily reply as that Egyptian b w. tk .. ,;,~ in b :.>lutarch, when a curious fellow would needs know what he had in fitare. his basket, .f<r!.umvides velatam,quid inquirisinremabftondit.ttv? It was therefore covered, becaufe he ihould not know what was in it. Seek c NoiJI>ttti*i not after that which is hid,ifthe contents pleafe thee,' and be .for thy uft, ufui fi~, fi•ppo(e the Man in theMoone,or whom thou wilt t~ be the Author; I would ;;::;:~ ii":l<u. not willingly be known. Yet infome fort togive thee fatisfadion,which W«~"· is mom than I need, I will /hew a reafon, both ofthis ufurped name, ti. tie, and fubjed. And firil: of the name of Democritr<J; le~ anyman by reafon of it, thould be deceived, expectinga pafquill,a fatyre,fome ridiculous treatife (as I my [elf thould havedone) fome prodigious tenent, ' or paradoxof the earthsmotion, of infinite Worlds in infinito vacuo, e:)' fortteita 4tomorum coflijione, in aninfinttewail:e, focaufed by an ac"i- ' dental! colhlionof Mot~n the Sun, all which Democritt# held, Epi-- , er:nu and thCJr Mail:er Lucippm ofoldmaintained,anti ardately revived v by Copermcus, Brunus,and fomeothers. Befidesit hath been alwaiesan dLiluo.p , ; ordinarie cuil:ome, as d Ge/lim obferves, for lator Writers And impojloYs, ~utra<i_ mal</ to br04rh many abf"rd :'"d infolent jillions,underthe nameoffo noGle a:O~~%:~'!;~. phrlo(opher -u Democmu.s, toget themfelves credit, and 6y that means the comm<rv• . .- , more to he re(pefled, a<.amlicers ufual!y doe Novo qui nMrmoriilforilnmt ta,nol11''"'-"• •• Praxattlem(r•o.Tisnotfowithme. ' · :J~~"(:tJ!• cNon hrc Centateros ,non_Gorgonas ,Harpyttfq~~>e orenribil<.. : Invenm, hummempagmanojlra r;,pit. · <Mawalut.r;. A r . No •o·'f'li'·'t·