Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.J.SeCl:.z. J{ Ature 8{'D.e"Vils. Memb. 1 .Sub!: 2. 41 King of Suedw(tor his name, the time, and fuchcircumfiances I referre you ac•p.s._r,.,f- to Boijfardm mine •Author) after he had done his bufindfe, he failed to .Li. ~:~~;: ~,:;~;. vonia, on fer J?Urpofe to fee thofe ~amiliar fpirits, which are there fa id to be wtvididi, &c. converfant Wlth meA, and doe their drudgery workes. Amongfi other mat. ters,one ofthem told him where his wife was, in what reome, in what cloathes,what doing,and brought him aRing from her,which at his returne non fine omnium admir•tione,he found to be true; and fo beleeved that ever after,which before he doubted of.Cardanl. I9.de fobtil. rdatesofhis father · 1 F.cius Caulan, that after the accufiomed folemnities,An. I 49 r. I 3. LA uguft, he conjured up 7· Devils in Greeh apparel!, about 4o.yeares of•ge, lome ruddy of complexion,and fome pale,as he thought; bee asked them many quefiions,and they made ready anfwer, that they were aerial! Devils, that they lived and died as men did,fave thatthey werelarre longerliv'd,(7.0r ~mft"""'· 8oob yeares) they did as much excel! men in dignity, as wee doe juments, vm::;;::·:;'"' and were as far re excelled againof thofe that were aboTe tbem;our * gover- "''"fbinicum Pours and keepers they are moreover, which • Plato in Criti,u delivered of ~'19>7.{0b old,and fubordinat·e to one another,VI enimhomo homini, fie d,emon d£moni .. ~:e~ %;.. dominatur, they ruk rhemftlves as well as us, and the fpirits of the meaner vintia,um, &e. fort had commonly fuch offices, as we make horfe-keepers, neat-heards,aod ~"'::;:,~:;:" -the bafefi of us, overf~ers ofour cattle;and that we can no more apprehend q'~'"' hibmtis tbeirnltures and funchons ,thanan horfeamans.They knew all things, but :n::;;;:::;j.,. might not reveale them to n:'en;and ruled and domineerrd over us,as w_c do flom, Gub•~•- over our horfes; rhe bell: Kmgs amongfi us, and the mofi generous fp1rirs, "'" !wmilfl•m,tt were not c6parable to the bafefi of them. Sometimes they did infirur:t men ~~::!.,~1= and communicateth<ir skill,reward & cherith, and fometimesagain terrifi~ liamMl ""' ' & punifu,to keep them in awe,as they thought fit,Nihilmagis cupientes(lairh inmi'7;""• m,J. Lyjius,Phi(.Stoicorum:)quam ad~rati~ne hominu. The fame Author Cardan in ~::;,:::."" his HJftrchm,out of the doClrine of Stoicks, will have fome ofthefe Genii b Alhomi"' " (for fo hecals them)to be• defirousofmens company,very affdb!e, and faf,'::,j~~a:;~'/:. miliar with them as Dogs are;othersagain n> abhor as ferpents,and care not tif!im••"!"•" for rhem. The fame belike Tritemitu cals lgnils & fohlunAres, qui n9mqtw" ~:Zzq:f'Z:U.. demergunt 11d inferio~a,Aut vix NUum bahe11t in terris commerciutN : b GeneraOy ,;;busfi•pmm- they f•rre exce!Jmen tTJ worth, ,uam•n the meanefl w~rme ; though fome of tun•bomilotsa them areinferiourto tho(eoftheirownerankeinworth, M the blacke guard in a ~7ib~;;potH Princes CDurt, Andtomen Agttine, &M fometfegentratt:Jha(e, rati~tJA!i crtatures, .,;, """""'' areexcelledifbrute bea.fts . .:•\' ::7.~:~·::.~; That they a~e.mortall,bdides thefetefiimonies of Cardan,MartiAnm,&c. cil•'t'"'·'·P"''· many other D1vmesand Phllofophers <hold,pojl proltxum tempt« mmunwr lib.•·'·l· omnts; The' PlatDIIi;1s and fome Rab6ines, Porpl.yrim and Plutarch, asap- 'J,J,~<;;;:/.:;;. peares by that relation ofTha~m : d !he gre~t God Pan u dead '. Apollo Pythi- < Lib,dezilphis m ceafed;and fo tberefi.S.Hmome m the life of Paul the Ermite tels a fio. f ~t';:;/;;.. <i ry bow one ofthem appeared to S. Ant1ny in tqe ~il~erndfe, and told him c.nJ;,.,i""P''" as much. • P•racelfos ofourlateWnters !hfly mamtames rhat tpeyare morJiigatifw, &c. tall,live and die,as other creatures doe.z~zimm lib.• .fartheraddeS',that re- ·~~:.:':::::;/,;.~; ligion and policy dies and alters with them. The 'Gentiles gods, bee faith, JNiffi. R,,.,..,,;; were expelled by Conjlantine,and together with them, Imperii Romani maje- :;·;~7,;. .ftM,& for: una, interiit, & prujligata tjl; The Fortune ~nd Majefiyofthe Ro- .HIR~ man Emptre, decayed and vamlhed, as that Heathen m• <.Mtnultm formerly ~ ••