Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.Sett.z. 1X ature of V e-vils. Memb. t.Subf. 2. Jy bragged when the !ewes were overcome by the Romans,tbe Itwts god was 43 Jikewife captivated by that of Rome, and Rabfakchw the Ifraelttes, no g_od fhould delivenhem out of the hands oftbe .A lfyrram. But thefe paradoxes of their power, corporeity, mortality, taking of fhapes, tranfpofing bodies; and carnall copularions, are futhcienrly co~futed by ,Zanch.cap. I o.ltb.4. n. reritu in his Comment, and Totajftu quefhons on the 6.of Gen. Th,_v1 qmn_. ! 1. ,/I b ,!J gOmniaJPirilJ.... S.v1fljlin,Wiertu,Th.Erafltu, Delrio,Tom.~. io.>. qu«.l'" 29. Se_a.J•"" t.Mi- vmple~uz,ettx . cbaelM cap.1.. de (piritibm,D.Rcinolds LeC1.47· They may deceiVe the eyes "'""' concv.di• of mc~,yetnot take true bodies, or make a real! metan:orphofis: but~s Ci- ~,::;:;;:;:" ugna ·proves at large, they ar~g IUu(ort«& pr«jltgtatrt~es transformattonu, m~l•iffia .. omnifmag.lih+c•p+ mme Illufions and cozemngs, like that talc o!Pafe- ~:::.=::;·~~ tis obu!JU in Sttid,u, or that of vfutoltcm,t.Mtrt·rertes fonne that dwelt m Per- gunmrparadox na/fu<,who got fo muchtreaf~re by cozenag~and ilealth. His father <.Mer- M<-umtl•q•~ cury becaufe he could leave bun no wealth, tanght him ~any fine tncks_ to ;;:,:('!;~·.:~:"{: get meants, * for he could drive away mens cattell, and 1fany purfu~d him, , ove> qua~abturne them into what fhapes be would, and fo did mighnly m rich himfelfe, afl•n"'!'"" hoc af/nmaximam pr,.damljladfequulus. This no doubt is as true as the reil; ~":f::,'J,{:,· yet thus much in generall, Thoma;,Dttrand,and others grant that they have Paufanias; underfl:anding far re beyond men,can probabl~ conjeil~re,and h foretell ma- ~IJ~~i,;.inl. '· ny things; they can caufe and cure moftdifeafes, deceiVe our fenfes, they de Gtn.ad tiuhaveexcellenr skill in all Arts and Sciences: and tbat the mofl: illiterate Di- ramcap.•7: veil is f!!!_ovis hominefcientior, as• Cicogna mai~1taines out of others. They J.f,f~:Z"'[..r ... know thevertuesof Hearbs,Piants, fl:ones,Mmerals,&c . Of all Creatures, .cumim,p~rtim Birds,Beafl:s, the foure Elements,St~rres,Planm,can aptly apply and make J;,;:,:;~,'':;~~-, ufe ofthem as they fee good, perceiving the caufes ofa!) Meteors, and the ri!mia,p"p~ir li~e: Damfe coloribus (as~ Aujlin bath it) accommodant fl figt~ris,ddh<trent fo- ";'~rumlongi~";. nrs,fuh]tctunt fe ~dmbm, tnfimdunt fe fapmbtu, omnesJmfus ettam tp(am m- ~::;,;b·~~g~id ttUigentiam d,emones faUcmt, they deceive all our fenfes, even ourunderilan- dif"m,t<c• . ding it felfe at once. k They can produce miraculous alterations in the ayre, 'Lib. l·•m•if. and mofl:wonderfulldfeils, conquer armies, give viCtories, hdpe, further, ':~g;~~;;~ft. hurt,croifc and alter humane attempts and projeeis(Dei permi/fu)as they fee k ~•m1ami good tbemfdves. *When Charles the great intended to make a chaonell fJ. "ffimpro{Hn· betwixt_ the Rhcne and D~rmbim '· looke what his workmen did in the day, r;;,.,i;:•;,r::,,. thefe fpmtsflung downe m the mght,Vt conatu Rex dejijleret, pervicert.Such """!~ """'- fears can they doe. But that which Bodine/cb-4- Theat.nat. thinks, (follow- '"{11. '~;~f;b ing Tyriu; bdike and the Platoniils)they can tel the fecrets of a mJns heart, ipft,;~traii, '' aut cogitationes hominum, is moft falfe; bisreafons are weake,and fufficient- quidemreium ly 0 It db Z h/b H' {'b · d """"lmmopt c llll t y anc . t ·4·c•P·9· trrom, t .z. com.tnMat.A cap.15. LA- ~u<unN~tom<- thanajiu; qn£jl. 27. aJ l.Anttochum Prtnctpem,and others. ilwint;/bt"'"' , As forthofe orders ofgood and bad Devil~, which the Platonifl:s hold,is J,::.."::Zu~7:;~~ altogether erroneous, and tbofe Etbmcks bom and mah,GentJ, are to be ex- p<>ribm appticaploded: thefe heathen writers agree not in this point amongfl: tbemfelves,as reumnu,q''"" . Dantlinus notes,An.fint * m~li non convmiunt, fome will have all fpirirs good ~7~"~"''""' or bad to us by am_Ifiake,asifan Oxeor Horfe~ould difcourle,be would fay 'Ave'!'i""', the Butcher was his enemy becaufe be killed bun, t~e Grafier hi~ friend be. '!/f~';;/:'.,:..:6:: caufe he led h1m; an Hunter preferves and yet k1ls his !!ame, and Is bared ne- ,,., nofllmpltvenbdelfe of his game; nee pifcatorem pifcrs •mare potljl,&c. But Iamb!icm, bPiur. Indep.-. PjeH11s, P!utarch,and mofl: Platonifis acknewledge bad, & ab eomm maleji- ~f'f,; ",.,..,_ F l ciis ' '