Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.1.Setl.2. Nature ofSpirits. Memb. I,SubC2. 44 ciis c•vcr.duff/, ton bey are enemies ofman-kinde, and this Pl•to learned in ~;':!,~~/:9. JEgypt, th4r they qu~relled with Iupiter,and were* driven by him d,own to HoM"' difcri· hell, That which 1• Apr•leius ,Xer.ophon, and Plato contend of Socrates D.tmllmina~imomn" mum,•s mo!l abfurd :That which Plotinus ofhis, that he had likewife Dcum Jlmr:•: d•mones pro D,emMio : :md that which Porphiry concludes, ofrhem all in generall, if b~~;oeo sura· they bt oegldtt:d in their facrifice they are angry ;nay rnore,as C ardan in his rnod"1 mi;i Hipperchen will, they feed on mens foules, Elementa (unt plamis ehrntntum, ~:':oft;~ . anim4!ibus plant.c, hominibus anim4li4, erunt & htnnines aliis, non ttrttem diis fJfiCddam.~pri~ minis (llimremota rfl eorum n4tura a no.flrJ. qtMpropter d.emonibtJS: :tod {Q be~ ;;,;,::!:,:[,;; lik~; tlm we ~ave fo many battels fought in all ages,countries,is to rak~ the1n di!/Uadrr,imfY.I- a feil!l, and mm foie delight : butto returne to that! fa1d bdore, 1fd•fplea• "'"''"q""'" i• fed they fret and chafe,( for they feed belikeon the foules ofbea!ls, as wee flamcu,PIPJo, doe on their bodies) and fend many plaguesamong!lus; but ifpleafed, then , A ''"'>Id 1•. they doe much good ;is as vaine as the re!l,and confQted by At~flin lih.9.c.8. f""'c prdfi, &c. de Civ. Dei. Eu(eb .lib.4·1"£far.Evang.c.6.and others. Yet thus much I find~, ~"!.''Pt•'~·l· 'that our School -men and other' Divines make nine kindesof bad Spirits, as .~~~~~~,.'~;_ Dionyjirts bath done of Angels. In the fidl ranke are thofe falfe gods of the 6/orius,Pemiu<. Gentiles,which were adored hereroforein feverall Idols, and gave Oracl~s ""goa.t.;.c.>. at Delphos,and elfe-where;whofe Prince is Beelzebub. The fecond ranke is of ' · Lyars,and ..£quivocators,as ApoUo,Pythiru,and the like.The third ;~re thofe velfels ofanger,invemers of all mifchiefq as that Theutru in Plato; Ejay cals kVafa ir-.c. , 3 them k velfdsoffury ; their Prince is Btlia/1, The fourth are malicious revenging Dcvils;and their Prince is Afmod.irts. The lift kindc are cozeners,fuch as belong to Magicians and Witches;their Prince is Satan. The lixt are thofe I f&tibwdatr~m aerial! devils that! corn1pt the aire and caufe plagues,thunders,fiers,&c.fpo- 'fhwme 1"'"~ ken of in the Apocalyps ,and Pa11lto the Ephejians names them the Princes of ' 1 ma,,&,. the ayre; Mmjin is their Prince. The feventh is a ddhoyer,Captaine oft he Furies, caufing warres,tumu!ts, v.ombuftions, .uproarcs, mentioned in the ...Apoc•lyps; aod called Abaddon.The eight is that accufingor calumniating Devill,whom the Greekes call "''"'••®-, that drives men to defpairc. The ninth are thofe tempters in feverall kindes,and their Prince is Mammon.Pfellus makes 6.kindes,yet none above the Moon: Witrus in his Pfeudomonar. chi4 D,zmonis, out ofan old booke,makes many more divifions and fubordinations,with their feverall names, numbers,of!ices,&c. but Gaz£tu cited by m Phifot.sroi- "' Lipjim will have all places full ofAngds, Spirits, and Devils, above and '?'"m i srmc. benea~h the Moooe,xtheriall and aerial!,which Auflin cites out of rarrolib. ~b;);;'J:/}i,_ 7.de Civ. Dei cap.6. The Ctllleflia!l Devils above,and aiiriaU btneath,or_ as fome "'manim.u w11l,guds above,Semtdu,or halfe gods beneath,Lares,Hcroes, Genu, whJCh 1!::~:;';~~,::· clime higher,ifthe~ lived wdl,as the Stoicks held;bur grovel! on the ground 1~-,!,gcnios. as·rhey were bafer 10 theu hves,nearer to the earth: and are Mancs,Lcmures, oMart.capc/la. Larni&,&c. o They will have no place void but all ful-l of Spirits, Dev•ls, or p NiiJjf vac NI' m ab hisr~bivel capiUrtm in atre tri(Jqf!a. jacr~ts. fome other inhabitants; Plenum Cttlttm, Ai!r, aqua, terra, & omnia (ub terr!i, faithP aaz£tu; though Anthony Ru(cain his Booke de Znfcrno, lik. 5 .cap. 7· would confine them to the middle Region,yet they will have them evtry where, Not fo much as an haire breadth empty in heaven, earth, or waters, above or under the earth.Thtaire is not fo full offlies in fllmmer,asit is at q Lii.dc zirp. all times ofinvilible Devils : this q]'Aracd(tu !liffely maimaines, and that they have every one their feverall Chaos, others wjll have infinite worlds, and