Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.I.Secl:.z. 'D igrefiion of Spirits. M em b. I.Subf. z. plein 'j•vianur PMtan~U: And nothirrg lo familiar (if wee may bdeeve 47, thofe relations of Saxl Gramrnaticru, olam tMAgnm, Darnia1AU& ._A. Getr) c De bello NCO• as for Witches and Sorcerers, in Lap/and, LituatJia, and all over Scandia, politano,tlb.!. to fell windes to Marriners, and caufe tempdls,which t.Marctt~ Pauliu ' the Venetian relates likewife of the Tartars. Thefe kinde of Devils are much o1 delighted .in Sacrifice, (faith Perphiry) held all the world in ds•ffiribiMga;.. awe, a~d had fever~ll names, Idols, Sacrifices, in Rome, Greece, '&~.Egypt, ~;,:;·~-';~· and atthts day tyranmze_over, and decetve thofe Eth~ICks, and Indtans, c&riftiaf£,_ P being adored and wodl11p~ed for' g?ds. For the Gennles gods were De- u. oeiimitavils (as"' Tri(megiflus c?nfdfeth m h1s t.A(clepttu) and bee .himfclfe could ~:;;;!,."'h make them come wthetr Images by Mag1cke fpds: and are now as much •oiigmti""' rejfefledby cur .Papijlr (faith f Pifliriru) under tht name cf Saints. Thefe are P~":'nia,&c .. they which C.rdanthinks, d~lire fo much carnall copulation 'Yith Witches, :-;,:.;n,:;;;';fi•· (Incubi and Succubi) transforme bodies, and are fo very cold, tf they be tou- f 1.r mmef•b d~ ched; & that lerve Magicians. His father h~d one of them (as ~e is no~ a!ha- ':,;,;;::,,r;;";.,_ med to relate s)an aenalldevtll bound to htm fonwemy and e1ght years.As tificiis.. Agrippir dogge had a devill tyed to his caller; fome thinke that Paracdjti. g Lib_.u.a'm- (orelfe Erajlw belies him) had one confined to his fword pummdl; others rumver. weare them in Rings,&c.Iamm and Iamhrer did many things of old by their helpe; SimmMagm,Cinops,ApoUoniru 'fiamm, l•mblicus, and Trittmiur of late, that ihewedMaximilian theEmperour his wife,afcer fhe was dead; Et verrucarn in colluju. (faith hGidelrnan) fomuch as the Wart in her neck e. hLib.;. '"P·l; De/riD lih.2.hath diversexampl~softheir feats: Cicegnalih. 3. cap.3.and Wi- de magis" ••· erus in his Booke de pre£jfig.d£rnDnum,Boijfardm de magu & vtnejicu. •;f;;:&c. NeWater-devils are thole Naiades or water Nymphs, which have beene ' heretoforeconverfantabout Waters and Rivers. The water (as Paracelfm thinks) is their Chaos,wherein they live;fomecall them Fairiu,and fay that H ahundiais thdt Q'!_eene; thefe caufe Inundations, many times lhipwracks, and deceive men divers wayes, as SuccubJr, or otherwife, appearing moll: part (faith Tritemius)in womens lhapes. 'Paract![ m bath feverall ftories of i Lih.clezifphir, them that havelived and beene married to mortall meo, and fo cominu{d for certaine yeares with them, and after, upon fomed iflike, haveforfaken them. Such a one was /Eteria, with whom Nurna was fo familiar,Diana,Ceres,&c. k olaur t.M•gnus bath along narration of one Hothemr a King k . . ofSwtden, that having loft his compa,~y, as he was hunting one day, met Lrb.;. with thefe water Nymphs or Fairies, and was feafted by th< m; and Heflor JJoethitu,of<.Mackbeth,andBanco, two Scottifh Lords that as they were wand ring in the Woods,had thetr Fortunes told them by three ftrange wo- ~en._Tothefe heretofore they did ufe to facrifice, by that ""''"'"'"''",Or divmatwn by waters. Terreftriall_ devils~ are thofe 1 Lares, Genjj, Fau1w, Satyrs,* Wood- 1 p, fll•te b.. nymphes, Fohots, Fames ,Rchm goodftUDnm, Tru/li,&t. which as they are "''"""' excubamoft converfant with men, fo they dee them_ moft harme. So'me thinke it ;-:tt:,"':.;,; was they alone that kept the Heathen peopl~ m awe of old,and hadfe many ""''"'omnia Id~ls and Temples ereCted to them._ Ofthts range was Dagcn amongft the ~~~~:,-A;~: Phthftmes,Bt/1amongft t~e Babylomans, Aflarter amongft the Sydonians, odes, H./..aYJBaAI amongft the Samamans, Ijis and ojjru amongft the JEeyptians &c. •der. S * F . . . b' k h' , ' • Elv., O!AtN ome put our amesmto t 1s ran e,w 1ch have been in formertimes ado- v.,./ 1;;,3 , red