Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Patt.1.Se6t.2. Digrefsiou of Spirits,' Memb. r.Subf.2. 48 red with much fu perfi inon,with !weeping their houfes,and letting bf a paile ofcleane waer, good viCloals,and the like,and then they ihould not be pin. ched, but finde money in their !hooes,aod be fortunate.in their enterprizes. '"P"'·'·'-'9· Thefe are rheyrhat dance on Hearhes and Greens,as m Lavattrthinkes, with ~~;;,.J~'~;;..;: Tritcmiru, and as • Olatu tM agnru ad des, leave that greene circle,which ~e a.<ot.a•iib.;. commonly finde in plainc fields,which others hold to proceed from .a Me- """' fa/mm tear falling, or fome accidental! rankndfe ofthe ground ,fa Nature fports ;,~~,t;!/';~1; . her fdfe; they are fomerimes feene by old women and children. Hierom. ~uau1 utiocu< Pcwli. in hisdefcription rorhe CityofBcrcinoin Spainc, relates how they mfg.-dcmcep• have beene familiarly fcen neare thatrowne,abour fountainesand hils; Non- ;;;j,~ ~~~~; nunqttam(faith Tritemim)in (aa latibul& montitt'm fimpliciores homines d~tcant, nonpmat. . jhtpend,t mirantibm ojlendcntes miracu./a, nolarum {omttts,fjt8aculaJ&c. Girtr!.. ;, ~t,'!,~'P" · dtts Cambrenfls gives infiance in~ Monke of Wales that was {o deluded. o Pa. .olaMi>b.J. rue!["' reckons up many places mGermany,whererhey doeufually walke in little coats,fome two footlong .A bigger kinde there is of them,called with . trs Hobg~blim,rrnd Robin Goodfdi6Jvcs,that would intho{e fuperfiitious times ~,f~L'j,~;: grinde corne for a mdfe ofMrlke, cut wood, or doe any manner of drudge: t11io ,;,,; <~f•· ry worke. They would mend old Irons mthole u£oltan Iles of Lypara, in ;;."'/t,~1.'{,;~: former ages,and have beene often,Cee':'eand heard. P Tholo(anm c~ls them P"'P.""·P"i""' TmUos and Getulos,and faith, that m hts dayes they were common m many "'"'"""''•ligna places of France. Dithmarm Bleskrnim in his defcription of Ijland, reports ~;.;:~":'!,t'" for a certainty, that a!mofi in every family they have yet fame fuch familiar q Ad,minijlcria fpirits; & Fa?lix Malleo!tu in his book decrudel.d&mon.aflirmes as much,rhat ;~~1~~-~ tr~:!- thefe'Tro!li,or Telchincs, are~cry c?mm?n in Norwey, anrJqfecne todoedrudi iorc is hid c" gery rvorke; to draw water, f.11th Wttrru ltb. x.cap.n.drefie meat,or any fuch Come •hmkeJ thing. Another fort ofthefe there ·;rre; which frequent for!orne •· houfes, ~~;:~~};';i;t" which the I talians call Foliots, mofi parr innoxious,.* Cardim holds; They Lkc ,;Jbny. wt!l make Jlrange noyfis tn the mght, howle fommmes ptttiflt!ly, and then laugh co;mmedd againe, cau(e great flame and {i4dden lights ,jlingjlones, rattle chaines, PJa'lJ·eJ ~~ ~:;'itt.tt:re· men,liptn doores,and fhttt them, fling downe plaucrs,jfooies, chejls,fometime Afrvd jpi'auu . peare in the !tknc[[e of Hares, Crowes, blacke Dogges,&,·. ofwhich read I Pet. ~U:,,,/;;~;(:,C::1 Thyr.eru the }efuite in his Tract.de ~ocu infcjlu,part. r. cap. r. & cAp. 4· who cpur.(a<orio,ut wtll have them to bee Devils, or the foules of damned men thatfeeke re. !Pf.t;:;;;;:;;:-• venge,or elfe foules out of Pur.gatory that feek eafe;for fuch exa~ples per- '""".domefli- ufe 'S!gifmundm Scherctztru ltb,de fJ!efl~u,part. I .c. r.whtch he fatth he took e~ii~1;·,,..,;, Ollt of Lt1ther mofi parr; there be many tnftances. u Plm11u fwmdtu remem. ;:~~~:.d:;~: · bers fuch a houfe at ..Athens, which .._4thwodorru the Philofopher hired, ca;,~b"""•" which no mandurft inhabit for feare ofDevils. At1/in deCivi. Dei.lib.zz. ~;.~~~~~:J:;; tap.8.Telaresas much Of HefPcrisu the Tribunes houfc at Z11bedageare their '"'""'";'""'• City of Hippos ,vexed with evill fpirits, to his great hinderance, Ctem afjlimejttf.plt, ri{:1m ox;e aJJimalirsm & flrvorum {itorum. Many fuch infrances are to be read inN i. ~;~~~;t;~~~ ' der~us Formicar. i.5 .c:r2.3.&c. Whether I may call thefe Zim and ophif!1, ftiu, , ,.;;,for- whtch Jfay cap. r 3.2 I. fpeakesof, I make a doubt. See more ofthcfe m the. mi•, &o. faid Scberet'{lib. I .de f}efl.cap-4- he is full of examples. Thefe kinde of De- ~~:fJit~;;,, viis many rimes appeare to men, and affright them out oftheir wits, fameD''""" cicoe· rimes walking at x noone day,fometimes at nighrs,counterfeiting dead mens ~:~~tl;~~;~l Ghofis,~sthatofc~/igula.' which (faith Suuonitu) was feeneto walke in up.9 • LaviniA ~garden, wnere !us body was buned, fptrlts hauoted,and the houfe where