Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.I.SeCl:.z. JX.cture e{Spirits. Memb. 1 .SubC 2. 50 that had atl efpeciall grace to lee Devils, Gratiam divinitm col/atam, and ralke with them, Et impavid111 cum jjiritibm fermonem mifcere, without offence, and ifa man curfcorfpurre his horfe for .fiumbliog, ~hey doe heartily rejoyce at it; with many fi1ch pretty feats. . s ·ubt;rranean Devils are as common as the refi, and doe as much harme. >r~coj'mog,. Olam cYvtagnm, lib .6. cap. 19. makes fixe kindes ofthem,fome bigger,fome • T t/f;;"'"" leffe. Thefe (faith • Munjfer) are commonly feene about Mines of metals fi.,',~;;;·~~ ~nd are feme of them noxious,fome againedoeno barme. ThemetaH me~ r•mimit'"'"'· m many places account it good lucke, a fig ne oftreafure, and rich ore when ~:.'::t:~;, they fee them. Geargius Agricola, in his booke de {rtbmr.meu animantibus, vcnt•hmibi- cap. 37· reckons two more notable kindes ofthem, whtch bee cals • Get11/i ~Jfr;',::,, mot'f:., and Cehali, both are clwhed after the mannerof 0'vf eta//.mew, and ••i(l many j'f""" ~.m114 tzmes tmtta:e therr workes. Their office, as Ptc7ortru and Paractlfm thmke, is modo."· '""~'' to keep treafure in the eanh,that it bee not all at once revealed; and befides, {::,;~~7:/:~'"- b Cicogna averres,that they are the frequent caufes of thofe horrible Earth. h"'•~•foll!. quakes,which often frvallow ttp, not omly horefes, hut whole J/,tlitls and Cities; Th'"· offices, in his 3 booke cap.rr. he gives many inftaoces. . · fi;,:;;~wns, Th~ lafi are converfant about the Cenrer of the earth to torture the fouls •Hiovm. in;. ofdamned men to the day ofJudgement, their egreffc and regrelfc fome ~;~.{'!'.;-+ fuppofe to bee about .Altna, Hypara, cYvtons Hecl_a in Ij!and, Verfwim, dejpintib<u. Terra del Furego,r};·;. becaufe many fhreekes and tear full cries are conriJdem l'hym~ nually heard thereabouts, ·and familiar apparitions ofdead men,Ghofis and ~ei~C::;~~~&·,.. Goblins. , tk originurro- Thus the Devil! raignes, and in a thoufand feverall fhapes, ..As Hoaring '" ~·P·.'l: h> Lyonjft!lfeekes whom he may dcvotlre, r. Peq. by Earth, Sea,Land, Ayre, as ';f::,ft,~·~:- yet unconfined, though • fome will have his proper pbce the ayre,a!l that ram"'!·'"""' fpace betwiirt us and the Moone,for them that trangreffed leafi,and hell for ~:;::;;. ~ th.e wickede(l of them, Hie velut itJ care m ad finem mundi, 1Hnc in lomm fi•- drndisoomini- nejhorumtruder;dt,as Atiflm holds de Ctvtt. Dez cap.n.lth .r4.<ap. 3.& z•. ~"'"":'""· but be where he will, he rageth while he may to comfort himfelfe,as 'L~ta!:;:.,•s;:,;· c7antim thinkes,with other mens fals,he labours all he can to bring them in- [""' m<im·nm to the fame pit ofperdition with him. For d. mens mifories, cal.tmities a11d {,;,.~o'"'m,sy"" mims,arc the Devils hanqH~ting dijbes. By many temptation~ and feverall eDomint~ . Engitles,hec feekes to capnvate our foules.The lord of Iyes,Gmh • duflin,as ;"/":" • r;zheewM dectivedhim(ilfe, heefeekcs t• dmiveothm, the Ring-leader to all ;,,,;;;::~it," naughtineffe, a~ he did by Eve and Cain,Sodomr,and· Gomorah,fo would he adver(~i~ hn- doe by all the world.Sometimes he tempts by coveroufneffe,drunkenneffe,. :=;,r;:~~~; ~leafure, pride,.&c. errcs, dejetts, faves, kils, proteC!s,and rides fome men, f•pct1•i• mflitu. as they doe thm horfcs. He fiud1es our overthrow., and generally . feckes '"'(.'f'""'<- ourdeftruClion; and although he pretend many times humane good, and ~;;,;~~:;;;;:;:·vindicatehimfelfe for a god,bycuring of !everall difeafes, .egru faniwem, PIP.*~ v1t_iDr1tt1!, & c~tcU luminis tt{um rejliiuendo, as Auflin declares, lib. I o. de civit. Dei cap. ~~=~:;,~;~ 6. as Apollo, .!Efculapim, Ijis, of old have done; divert plagues, aflifi them in minnmpmiei-- watres, pretend their happioeffe,, yet nihil his impurim.fcelejfiw, nihil hutM: tbb(lfum ctmJUihUJ ttopuaJirmibwlege Epipbttlli«m. 1.,Tom.lib.1.. Dio"JftHm ca.t'·4· Ambrof.Epijlol.lib. ro. t p. 8.u 84. ,Auglljl. tit civ. Uti bb.~ .capg.fib.S.c.n. lib.9.r 8.ltb.J0.2.1 TJltopW. in n. · Mat.l!afi/.cp.qi. LrtntmStr. 6o. ThttA:Itrtl.in 11. C67. tp. u, cJiryf. bom. 53•;, u.GtJJ. Grtg. itJ r.cap. John. PttrliJol.d~ pr1p /.1.. cap.2.o. Zanch.t. 4· dtmt:lit angdis. Ptt?T.in Gm. lib. 8, il cap.6. ~. fhigtn.fotpeJn·ttliis illlc;f~ntt, itintr4 ee ntgrJiiil. 'RIJjlra qH~tcliniz dirigmu. ~ltrn~tj!inisfo~fttliis rJfiRlrJs f~pt p;.cbtm ["'tej]'ud, Pet. .MflT.in. S4m.&.c.RIIfcamde Jnfom. m ANO