Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.1.Secl:. 2~ DigrefsioiJ of Spirits. M em b. 1.Subf. 2. where he dyed, 'Nulla nox fine &errore tranfat?a, donu incendi~ con{ttmpta; every night this h3ppened, .therc was no qmetne!fe, till the houfe was burned. About Hula in Jjland Ghofis cpmmonly walke, amm.u mortttomm /imulantes, faith !oh. Anan. lib. 3· de nat. d"'"'· ola.u lib. z. cap. z. Natal. Tallopid. lib. de apparit. (fir. KiJrnmannm de mir.c. mort. part: r . cap;· 44· fuch lights ar, fr~qt:eotly fee_ne circa Septtlchra & Monafleria~ faith Lavat. lib. r. cap.19. m Monafrenes, and about Church. yards,loca p~ludino(4, amp/a <tdijicia, folitariit, & . c,ede homtnum 110tata, . &c. Thyreru 49 y S~t~~,az.69 . ili Cltligu/11. addes, 11hi gravi.u peccatum efl conimijfum, zmp11, pauperum oppre/Jcrts, & ~>rquiter inftgnes habitant. Thefc fpiritsqftcn foretell ,mens deaths,by feve- . .• t:all fignes,ai knocking,groaoings, &c. * t~o.ugh Rtch. Argentmec. r 8•. du ;,s'J:g,'Mrpr.t:{figiu d£mOnflm, Will afcnbe thefe praediCltons to good Angels~outofthe m~g. ca/i; authority of Ficinus and others; prodtgra 11! obtttt prmctpttm {tpt.u contm- , om1f 6-c. as in the Laterane Church in * ROtNe, the PGpes cjeaths are •Ideme•• s. fore~old by Sylvejlcrs tom be. Neare Rupes nova in Finland, in the .Kingdome of Sweden, there is a Lake, in whicb,before the Governour of theCafiledies,a(fe.?mm,in·the habit of Arion with his Harp appeares, and makes excellent muficke, like thofeblocks in Chefhire,_ which (they fay) prc;fage :,~1~f;I~;~~rdeath to the Mafler of thefamt!y;or that' Oake m Lanthadran Park in Corn- wall,tib.,.fofi• wall, which forelhewes as much . Many families in Europe are fo put in minde '<0 • . of their Jail, byfuch prediaions, and manymen ~e forewarned (if we may fot~·:r~ Genia/i beleeveParacdjiu) by f.1wiliar fpirits,indivers lhapes,as Cockes, Crowes, b Parae. , 9 ; Owles, which often hover aboUt fic~mens chambers, vel quia morientium :,';:.'~"!::"•::. f.editatcm (entumt, as a BaraceUm conJeCtures, & tdeo ji1pcr teflum mjrmortem •miterfacimricrocitant, becaufcthey fmell a Coarfe; or forthat (as b Bernardinm de Bu- b>-.inurclliJlu thinketh) God permits the Devill tO appeare in the forme ofCrows,and ~"f:fb .•. cap. 4 fuch like creatures, to fcarrefuchas live wickedly bere on earth. A little be- D•mrmum . eer~ fore Tu/lies death (faith Pltetarch) the Crowes made a mighty noyfe about ""'""'.,'1 l"dihim, t"multuofiperflrepentes, they pulled the pillow from under his head. ;:,:;:::u,if;;_ Roh. Gaguinu; hijl. Franc . lib. S. tdleth fuch another wonderfull flory at ;:"•"'tdev>u,c the death of Johannes de Monttforti a French Lord,Anno '345 .tanta Corvo- ':j.'J:ff'!'"d""' rum mtJltit~t~o ttdi6us moricntis tnfe.dit,qr~~tntttm ~![e in Ga/li,, nemo judicajfet. g~t:fi;cr;1:.~ Such prodigle~ are very frequenun Authors. Se.e more of t~efe in the /aid :;:fi.v:; ';__ Lavatcr, Thy rem de locuznfejlu,part.3· cap.5S.Ptt7orrus ,Delrto,Cteogna, li6. cior-.,,~.,.~,- 3· cap.9.Negromancers t ~ ke upon them, toraife and lay them at their plea. a,;,;.,r,.bfures: And fo likewife thofe which Mizald.u cals Amhttlones, that walke :•q-.r, fi': .. about midnight on great Heaths and defart places, which (faith ~ Lavater) ,r:J::;"'~~~ draw men OM o[theway,a11d leadthem aflnight aby.way or q11ite barre them of lnttmpcflan.- theirway; tbelC: have feveral! names in feverall places~ w~e commonly call ~~;::;~--~­ them PucksJn the Dtfitrts of Lop_m Ajia,fu~h illulionsofwalking fpirits are • L_ib.e.p., often perceivtd,~s you may read m M .Paultu.rheYenetian hi~ travels; Ifone ~?,~~:,:!,Jt;;_ l.ofe h1s c~mpany by ch_ance, tbefe dev1ls w1ll call h1m by his name, aod tib"' ;.w." counterfeit voyces ofhis compamons to"feducc him. Hitronym. Pauli in his P7Hiantcr>ident book of the hlls of Spame,relates of a great d moom in Camahria,whcre fuch :,::;: ;~;:,;_ lfe.c~mms are to ?e feene; f-avater. and Ctcogna _have vanety of examples of tumtju.ped, , I pints and walkmg devil! m tl11s kmde. Sometimes they lit by the hioh wai <~temt f."'-· fid_e, to give men fals,and m~ke their horfes fiumble and flart as th~y ride, ~~';J;%f:;t (1fyou w1ll bdeeve the relatiOn of that holy man Keteflm in * N116rigenjis, t<learib"'["' . G that "''1 •