Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part. 1.Sect.l. N._ature of 'De-vils. Memb~ 1.Subf 3· 54 r<re vidi, this Ifawwith horror. They could doe no good on her by Phy. ficke,but left her to the Clergy. t.MMceUtu Dorwmlib. z. cap. I. dt med, mirab. hath fuch another llory of a couotrey fellow,rhat had toure knives in his belly, In.fiar (err.e dentatos, indented like aSaw, every one a I panne long, and a wreath ofhaire !tke a globe, with much baggage of like fort, wonder. fi1ll to behold : how idhould come into his Guts, he ·concludes, Cme nM alioquam d£moni5 ajluti; & dolo. La~>gim Epijl. med.lib. r. Epi(l. 38. hath many relations to this effett,and fo bath Chrijlophoru< a Vega: Wierm, Sken- · kitu, Scriboniw, all agree that they are <lone by the fubtilty and illulion of the Devil!. If you !hall aske a reafon of this,'tis to >xercife our patience; for • P<nHit.dt opi. as~ Tertte!lian holds,Virlm non cJ1 viri<U ,niji comparem habtt alique,in quo (u. fie. ve~. perando vimfoam ojlendat,'tis to trie us and our faith,'tis for our offcnces,and - for the puni!hment ofour finnes,by Gods permillion they doe ir, Carnijices u Lib.>S.cap. vindic?.t jrijli Dei, as u Tllofanm lliles them,Execurioners of his will; or r<- ~.Tom.z.. thcr as David, P[al.78. verft 49.He cajlr1pon them the fierunef[e of hi! anger indignation, wrath, •nd vexation,by (e11ding out ofevilt t.Angd,: So did be~ affitct Iob,Sattl, the Lunaticks and dremoniacall perfons whom Chrificured, t.Mat.4.8. Lt1ke 4· II· Luke l3.t.Marke 9· Tobit. 8 ·3 · &c.This, Hay happt· neth for a puni!hment of finne,fortheir want of taith,incredulity,weaknelfe, diftrufl,&c. Su!lSECT. 3· ofWitches and tMagicians, how theycaufe <..Melancholy. ~§~~~~jl Ou have heard what the Devil! can doe of hjmfdfe, now you !hall heare what he can performe by his inflruments,who are many timesworfe(ifit be pollible) then he himfelfe, and to fatisfi t their revenge and lu£!, caufe more mifchiefe, t.Multa enim mala non' egijfet d.£mon, nift provocAttU a SagU, as X Erajltu thinkes; much harme had never beene done, hJd he not beene provoked by Witches to it. Hee had not appeared in Sam"cts lhape, it the Witch of Endor had let him alone; or reprefenred thofe Serpents in Pharo's prefence, had not the Magicians urged him unto it : Nee mcrbos vel h~mini6m, vel brutiJ infligmt (Erajlm maintaines)ji Sa· g" qteiefcerent l Men and cattle might goe free;if the Witches would let him alone. Many deny Witches atall,or if there be any, they can doe no h~rme; of this opinion is Wierm, lib.3. cap.5 3· de pr«Jiig. d4m. v1ujli11 Lmhemtr aDutch Writer,Biarmanm, Ewichim, Euwaldm, our Countrey~man Sc~t; withhiminHorMe, Somnia,terrorts Magicos, rniracula, {dg.u, Nofl11rnos Lemurn, portenta#; Thef!ala rifi• Excipinnt-- They laugh at all fuch Stories; but on the contrary,are moll Lawyers, Divines, Phyficians, Philofophers, v1uftitJ, Herningim, Dan.tm, chytreus, ZatJchim,