Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Memb.2.SubC 1. Patt.1.Secl2. Cttuftsef Melawcholy. l\ " :...::.::,~-:--;-:-:-:-;;---:-~~~~~---=;-:;::::::--::=- -- - f 111nd to be with child,jhe with her broodwereburud alive: and this was done 65 for the common good,lell: the wholeNation ihould be injured or c~rrupttd, A fevere doome you will fa~, and not to be ufed amongfr Chr~ll:tan_s, yet more to be looked into than It IS. For now by our too much fac1l1ty m th1s kinde, in giving way for all to mar~y that will, too much liberty and indul- • gence id tolerating all fons, there IS a vall: confulion of h~red1t~ry d1feafes, no family fecure,no man almoll: freefrom fome gnevous mfirmity ormher; when no choice is had but l1:1llthe eldell: mufl marry, ~sfo many ll:alhons of the race or if rich be they fooles or dizzards, lame or maimed, unable, intemper;tc,diffolu~e,cxbaUll tJuough riot, as he fa id, • jure hueditario faptre • Euphormio jubentur; they mufl be w1fe and able by mh~ntance; 1t comes.ro paffe tbar Satyr. ·ourgeneratio·n is corrupt, w~ have many weak perfons both )n body an~ mind,many ferall difeafes ragmg amongll:us, crafed fam1hes, fArtntts, per- ~mptDres;our fathers bad,and we arelike to be worfe. • MEMB. z. SuBSliCT. i:. Bad diet a catl{e. Subjlance; .fi!!!.ality of mws. --- Ccordingro my propofed method, having opened hi- . therto thefe fecun-.lary caufes, which are inbred with bFerito11n1ia us; I mull: now proceed to the outward and adventi .. :~~~~ ~7:Ca~;; _tious, which happen unto usafterweareborne. And Jm;on .,..turathofe are either Evident, Remote ;orinward,Antece- ~;:;.'~t;f~f,~~. dont, 'and the nearell: : Continent caufts fome call txquilm F•fi'" L---..:...:..::.......-~ them. Thefe outward, remote, precedent c~ufes are ~;:£:~' obprufubdivided againe, intoneceffary and not neceffary. Ne- <Path.tib.r. cef[ary(becaufe we cannot.avoid them,but they will alter us,as they are ufrd, "'·'· or abufed) are thofe fix non-naturall things, fo much fpoken of amongll: ;;:;::;;•:,/;bi< Phylitians,which are principal caufes of this difeafe. For a!moll: in every vimobti~Ut, paconfultation,wheras they{hall come to fpeak ofthe caufes,the fault is found, but.m, !n41eriand this moflpartobjdled rorhe patient;pcccavitcirca re, {ex mn natr~rales: ;:;'!;,,7~!,(;;;­ he bath flill offended in one ofthofe fix.Nont.anm conjil. u.confulted about ab "re, nee <1 a Md~lahncholy Jew, ~ives th at ftmence,fo diJ 1 F;ifomelica in the fame place: 1:::~;;;7:;_ an 10 is 244. ceunrtl,cenfuring amelancho y •ouldier, affigns that reafon vidwtibus """ ofhis malady, "he offendedin all thofo fix non .naturaUthings, which were the fis n:orbifant, lutward caufts,from which camqhofe inward objlrum9ns: and fo in the refl. 7/:p;;:f;:~. Thefe fix aon.naturall things; are Diet,Retention and Evacuation which ratw,tthmwr•m are more material than the other,becaufe they make new matter or ~lfe are ..,,~;,.,;,.nflconverfant in keeping or' eXpelling ofit.The other foure are, Air~ Exercife ';k~J;';~~~:m Sleeping,Waking,and perturbations ofthe mind,which only altef the mat: morbommmater. The firll:of thefeis Diet, which cqnlill:s in me~! and drink, and raufeth "'· ""'~fiaiiiiJ M I h I ffi d . b A tjlgtnitor. e anc . oy,as ito en s 10 Su fiance, or ccidents, that is,quantity,quafi. Ahhac morbi· ty,or the hke.And well1t maybe called a materiall caufe, fincethat as' Fer- JPonuf•pi ,,.•• ntli"' holds, It hatb (uch a power in begetting of difoa(es, awd 7ee!ds the mat- ':::.:;;~.~~ I · . ter