Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parc.t.Setl:. 2, Caufes of MelAncholy. Memb.2.Sub[ '· 66 · terandfuflenanceefthem: for neither ayre, norpcrturbatiom,nor any •f th•fi otherrvidmt eau(is take place, or workthiitjfr8, except the conjlitution of b,. dy, and preparation of humor.rs do concurre. That a man may (ay, thiJ Diet·iJ the mother of difeafts, let the father be whAt he will, andfrom thiJ aloneMtlan. •choly, andfrequentoth.ermaladies arift. Many Phyfitians, I confdfe, have written copious volumes ofthis one fubjdr,ofthe nature and qualities ofall manne!of meats;as namtly,Galen,Jfadc the Iew,Halyabba<; Avicenna,Mefue alfo foure Arabians: GordMi~u, ViUanovATIIU, Wccker,Johannes Bruerinm ji.' to!ogiade E[culentiJ & Pom!entis, <.Michatl Savanarola,TraiJ.z.c.8. Anthony Fumanell~« ,lib. de rrgimine fonum,Curio in his Comment on Schola Salerna, GodrfridtU Steki~t< arte med. Mar(tliru cognati«, Ficin~«, RanzovitU, Fon(e. ea, Lejim, 011 agninm ,rtgim.fanitatis ,F rietagi~«, Hugo Frideva!litu,&c.bed cogan,Eliot, fides many other in •Engliih, and almoft every peculiar Phyfitian, difcourv .. b.m. Vtner. feth atlarge of all peculiar meats in his Chapter ofMelancholy:yct becaufe thefe books are not at hand to every man, I w11l briefly touch what kind of meats ingenderthis humour,through their feverall fpecies,and which are to be avoided. How they alter and change the mmer,fpirits firft,and after hu. mours, by which we are preferved,and the conftitution ofour body, Ferne. lim and others will !hew you. I haften to the thing it fdfe :And firil offuch Diet as oifcnds in fubftance. , B:cfc. Beefc,a ftrong ~nd hearty meat (cold in the firft degree, dry in the fecond, faith Galen,lib. 3.cap. r .de alim.fac. )is condemned by him, and all fucceeding Authors,to breed grolfe mdancholy blood:Good for fuch as are found,and ofa ftrong'conftitution,for labouring men,ifordered aright, corned,young, <Frittar}tN. ofan Oxe (for all gelded metsinevery fpecies are held bell:) or ifold, • fuch as have been tired out with labour, are preferred. e:Auhamu and Sa~eUicm commend Portinga/1 Beefe to be themoft favory, bell:, andeafieft of dige. ftion ; we cotllmtnd ours: but all is reje&ed,and unfitfor fi1ch asleada_reily Iife,any wayes Inclined ro Melancholy ,or dry ofcomplexion: Tales (Galen thinks) de facile melancholiciJ .tgritudinib~t< capirmtur. Po•kc. Pcrke,of all meats is moll: nutritive in his owneoature,butaltogether unlit 1 f"''· for fuch as live at eafe,are any wayesunfound of Body or mind: Too moift, full ofhumours, and therefore noxiadelicatiJ, faith Savanarola, ex eammufo vtdtebitctt~r,an febriJ quarlanageneretur: naught for queafie ftomacks, in fo ?~::·t.,kkWT much,thatfrequentufe ofit may breed a quartan ague, · q•iA "'"'"' ' ' '" Savanarola difcomn1endsGoats fleih,and fo doth f Bmerinsu, lib. r3· cap. ~;;;:!~~bet aJi- I 9.calling it a filthy be.afi,and rammiih, &therefore fuppofeth it will bretd Hm. rank and filthy fubftance:yer Kid,fuch as are young,& tender, Ifaac a~cepts, gM<It •.tit ·. Brutrin~« and Ga!mlib. r.cap. t. de •limentorum facu!tatibus. ~';,';~~~~;:j. Hart ,andRed Dtm g hatli ail evi/lname,it yulds gr•Jfe 1111triment; a ftro~g fiJ!im•mtt atri· and greatgra10ed meat,next unto a Horfe. Wh1Ch although fome counmes hjl":,~;!::,t;.. eat,as Tartars, and the~ of C~in•: yet h G•len condemnes. Yo~ng Fo~les b rib.d•J•bti· are as commonly eaten m Sp•rne as red Deere, and to furmih the1r Nav1es, tiff.ditta.Er'""' ahour Malaga efpecially, often ufed ; but fuch meats aske long. baking, or ~:t-;;:::;:;: feethi ng,to qualifie them, and yet all will not ferve. tJ1 ~•mimbt<Ht All Vtnifon is melancholy ,and bc~ets badblood;a pleaf.1nt meat:ingreat ~"'"1~· 1 efteeme with us, (for we have more Parkes in England, than there are in all lo~'o·~:~~- Europe befides))n.our folemne fcafts. 'Tis fomewhat better hunted, than o. therwife,