Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.J.Seel.2. Caufts ofMelanc/Jo{y. M em b. 2.Subf. 1. 70 Spicts, ~ Brigl;t cap,G. excepts Hony. hHrJr.apud . scoll'{jmiJcon· ft/.t86. Brc:~d. i Nc comcdaJ crllj/dl.n, cboieram,quia gignit ttditjlam. $cl;o(. SaJ. _ ~in1. i Pilli4w. tkibidRm. kEx Yilli pa. trntis bibllione, dltiJAitmani iN. tmom~ll{e mc14nchotici[f+fli [NIIt. Cidc:r,Peny. lken~ . l.Hildijheim Jiicd.JDI. "LJ3 . 0 o-a(Tum genevazfa"nguiMm. Spices caufe hot and head melancholy, and are for that caufe forbid. den by our Phylitians,to fuch men as'are inclined to this melady,•s Pepper, Ginger,Cinnamon,Cloves,Mace,Dates,&c.Honey •~d Sugar. g Some ex. cept Hony,tothofe that are cold it may be tolerable,but h Du/cia ji in bilem vmrmt, they areoblhuClive. Crato therefore forbids all Spice,in aconlulta. rion ofhis,fora Melancholy Schoolemqller, Omni&aromatica, (.r quicquid fangttinem adurit : fo doth Fernelim con{i/.45 .Guianerim traCI. I 5 .c. 2. Mermrialiuonf.r8g.Tothe[e I may addealllharpeand fowrethings, lufcious ~ndov< r fweet; orFat,asOyle,Vineger, Verjuice,Muflard, Salt; as fweet things are obllruClive,fo thefe are corrolive. Gome{im in his bookes de {ale lib. 1. cap.z r. highly commends Salt; fo doth Codronchm in his TraCl de {ale Abfymhii. Umn.l .3.cap.g.de ocml1.1Mt. mir. yet common experience findes Salt,and fait meates to be great procurers of thisdifeafe. And forrhat caufe belike thofe .A:gJfilianPriellsabflained from Salt,even fo much as in their bread,ut fine pertterbati~m animatjfee, faith mine Author, that their foules might be free from perturbations. • · Bread that is made ofbafergraine;as Peafe, Beans,Oates,Rye, or hover had baked, crullie and black, is often fpoken againll, as couliog melancholy juyce and winde.Ioh.uHaior in the firft book of his hillory of Scotiand,contends muc9 fort he wholfomeneffe of Oaten Bread; It was objdled to him thenlivingat Paris in France, that his Countrey-meri fe.d on Oates and bafe graine,asa difgrace;but he doth ingenuoully confdfe, Scotlmd, Walu,and a thirq ~:art of England, did moft part uie that kin de ofBread, that it was as wholfomeas any graine,and yeelded as good nourilhment. And yet Wtcker out of Galen,cals it horfe meat, and fitter for jumenrs, than men to feed on. But read Galen himfeifelil>. I. decil>is honi & mali furci, more"Iargeiy dif. courfingof Corne and Bread. All black Wines, over hor,compound,llrongthick drinkes,asMufcadine, Malmlie, Alleganr, Rumny, Browneballard, Metheg!en,and the like, of which they havqo feverall kindesin <.M ufcovJ, all fuch made drinkes are hurtlull in rh is cafe, to fuch as are hot,or ofa languine cholerick cotriplexi· on, young, or inclined to head melancholy .For many times the drinking of wine alone caufeth it. .Arctdana< CAp. r6. in g.Rhajis, puts in iWine for a great caufe,efpecially if it be immoderately ufed. Gl'ianerim TraCI. r 5 .Caf·'· tels a llory oftwo Dutchmen,to whom be gave entertainment in his houfe, that kin one monther (pace were both melawch•ly by drinking •f wine, one did naught but ling, the other ligh. Galen.tib. decattjis morh.c.p. 3· c.Matthiolt# on Dio(corides,andaboveallother Andre,u Bachitu lth.3.c. r8,r9,20. have reckoned up thofe inconveniences that come by Wine.Yet notwithftandiog all this,to fuch as are cold, or lluggilh melancholy, a cup of Wine is, good Phylick, and fo doth MerCflri•liJ grant,conjil.z5 .in that cafe, if the tempe· rature becold,asto moft melancholymen it is, Wine is much commeoded, ifit be moderately ufed. Cider arid Perry are both cold and windy drinkes, and for that caufe to bec.negleCled, and fo are all thofc hot fpiced llrong drinkes. Bcere, if it be over-new or over-!lale, over-llrong, or not fod,fmell of the caske,fharpe or lowre,is mollunwholfomc, frets and gaules, &c. Henricru .Ayrertu in a 1 confultation of his, for one that laboured of Hypocendriac.ll mdancholy