Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

P.aru.Sett 2. Caufis of Mehtnc&1y. . , . l Memb.2.Sub( ~<. melancholy difcommends Beere. Sodoth •cr~to in that excdlenrcounfell of his, /1b. 2.conjil. z I. as too windic bc.caufe of t~e Hop. But hee meanes betike that thicke blacke Bohemtan Beere ufed m fome other parts of on Germany, -nilfjicieu iUa D11m bibitttr, .nil clarieu ejfdummingitur, unde Conjiant, qtiod mt~lt4f f.eces in corpore ttnquaf. Nothmgcomesin fo thicke · Nothing· goes out fo thinne, Ir muCt needs follow then The dregs are kft within. As that old • Poet fcoffed, calling it Stygi.< mopjirumconformepa!tuli, a monfirous drinke; like the river Styx. Btitletthem fay as they lift, to fuch as!ue accufiomed unro it, 'tu a moji wholfome ( fo• Poltdor Virgtl calleth it) and a pleafantdrinke, it is more fubtilland better for the Hop that rarities it, hath ancfpeciall venue againfi mdancholy , as our Herbahfis confdfe, Fuchfim approves, lib. 2 .(iCI. z. Tnjiit. cap. I r.and many others. m Ah-1urDIVl- '-ickin s;rkce, HamhkTgl Lyf.- ftct. nHmritmA~ brincmfo. 0 PO!ItJ /Hm fo~ lMhrisrumiucHndm,li(1. Waters. Standing Waters,thick and Ill coloured, fuch as come forth ofPooles, and Motes,were hempe hath been fieeped, or flimy filhes live, are mofi unwholfome,putrified, and full of mi.t~,creepers,llimy ,muddy, uncl eane,cor_ }. G~ ' · •• rupt1 impure, by reafon of the Suns heat, and fiill fianding; they caule foule ;:;,~~fo::; •• difiemperarures in the body and>min~e of ma~, '!re unfit to make drinke of, '":~x P•g•• to drelfe meat with,orto be Pufed about men mwardly or outwardly. They :::.:::~7;:;, arc good for many domefiicall ufes, to walh horfes, water Cattle,&c.odn maieot"''"·&c, time of necdlity,but not otherwife.Some are ofopinion, th<(t fuch fit flan. :J.'rmo.<inmre<lding \yaters make the bell Bcere,and that feething doth defecate it, as q Car- ,;~~~ 1"'' •tmdan holds,l, bo~3. (uhtil.It mends thcfubflance andfavo~r of#,butit is a para- r cmztffldit 1,., doxe.Such Beere may be fironger,but not fo wholfome as the other, as' Io- ;;~:,::,'!;;:~;. herfu. truly jufiifieth our_ofGalen,Paradoxdec. I. Paradox ;.that the feetli- rt.ib.<le L•nita· ing of fuch impure waters doth not purge or purifiethem.Piiny lib. 3 I .c. 3 .is ': •q'"• hyd,,.. f h r T • d C .r; · · l t·b &t·h l''"'tet, jibm o t e tame enen., an P, re1cenllm agrtw t . t • I. t . 4· cap. I I, &r.. P•trid"' fPL • 45. Pamphilius Htrilachm,l.4.denat.aquarum,fuch waters arc naughr,not to t~ffis, ,;""7,~ be ufed,and by thetefiimony of [Galen, breed yfgues, Dnpfirs, P/rurefies, ;:;,;;:•;J::;iSplenet ick and melancholy pa(fions, hurt the eyes, ~au(e a badtemperattm, and colom/ tU d1(}ojitzon ofthe whole boJy ,wtthbad colour. Thts I•bertm fi;fl y maintaines 'MagmUJ : ni· ., Paradox lib.r. part.;. that i tcaufe~hbleer_e eyes,badcolour,andmany loath~ ~;;;:~~~'::;;:_ fomc dtfeafesw fuchas ufe It: 1 hts wht~h they fay, fiands w1rh good rea- h<riNt. fon; for as Geographers relate, the water of v1 JiracAn b~e~ds wormes in ~;!,Z":O:~::­ fuch as drinke it. 'v1 xieu ,or as now called Ve'-duri,the fair~fi ·river in Ma- flrumofosfociiit. cedonia, makes all Cmle blackethat tafie of it. Aleacman now Peleca an·o- x <•fm•g.M. 1 • therfireame inTheff'aly,turnesCartlemofi parr white, jipltuiduc.u.I. Au- "P·l 6· , .u· ·-• <~anss Bohemeu reter~es that" Strum~,or Poke of the Bavarians and Styriam "M· b<ibmito the narure of thc;Ir Waters, as x Munfler doth that of the Valefians in the u;;:;;!t:',;:_ .A/pes, and • Bodinefuppofeth the fiutteiingoffomefamiliesi!l Aqt~ttania a- q"""•"''hhi bout Labden,to proceed from the famecaufe,and that theftlth u derivedfrom '!''rbtab oquis the water t~ their b1dies. So that they that ufe filthy, ftandjng, ill-coloured, ~/n~z~·rz lkri-: thick,