Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parr.t.Sect.2. C:aufes ofMelanch9?Y. Memb.z.Subf. 2. 74 aHor. b Dili hrtvit111J eqviviU,rmflis /DJJ~iljdofl~tprzscMteftlmttNi'. o:t(J«opfu• er~piilllt, zTritammJaext~t,itan.'IR. d FPTtl oortuzt~n· ut ad cfJIIvi- •m rlp!Jl'(fiUUT) rtpltri liltxiJtlM· riant,,tt t.r.batlririHt bib4ltJ. Ambro{. • e Inf.mtia -vA[a 'Vt/ut ad ofkntatitmtm,&c. fP{{mU#. g Lib. J .Aifthol. upzo. h Gr~tiam Ciph lililllttpo14ndfl. iNtnUtzdCtt- [<rt~. k~;b.Jzrailcciuiis irinci~ p;;,.Ubtris. ry milke-fop, a clowne, of no bringipg up, that will ROt drinke, fit for no company ;ne is your onely gallant, th.1tplayes it olffineR, no difparagemeoc now to ftaggcr in thefireets, reele, rave,&c. but much to his fame and re. nowne ;as in like cafe Epidicm told Thej]>ri• his fellow fervant,in the t Poet. oAJdipol fac intu improbt~m,one urged, the other replyed; <.At jam alii feceru idem, erit iUiitla res honnri, ' tisnow no fault, there be fo many brave exam. pies to beare one out; 'tis a credlt to have a ftrong brain,and carry his liquor well: the foie contention who can drinke mo!l and fox his fellow foonell:, ' Tis the (11mmumb~num ofour Trade[mfn, their felicity, life an"d foule,Tanta duletdineajfe/Jant, faith Pliny,lib.t4.cap.1z. Ytmagna p.rs non aliud vit~ pr.emittm intel(igat, thei,r chiefecomforc, to be merry tog~rbtr in an Ale. houlc or Taverne,as aur moderne c.J11ufcovitcs do.e in their Mede. Innes,and Tterkes in their CoffJ-boufes,wbich much refemble ourTavernes: they will labour bard all day long to bee drunke at night, and fpend totiru anni /a. bores, as S• <..Ambrofe addes, in a tippling feaft; convert day inta night, as Seneca taxe th fame in his tltnes,pervertunt ojficiatJo!Ju & !MciJ;when w< rile, they commonly goe to bed,likeour Antipodes, Nofi, uhi primu; tquisoriens afjlavit anhelu)· . IIJis fora ,ubins-a.ccendit lumina vefier. So did PetroniJU in Tacitfl<. Htli•gab•ltts iuLampridius , -....-.-• Noflrs.vigilabat,ad ipfom c.)!tane,ditm101~mjltrteb~t.-·-- . Tli i< , ~~~ , \ SnymdiruthCS:fbarittn~r.faw tbeSunn~ ri[eldt let, (oq\uch as once iri twenty yea res.. Ynrei, ~inft wlial\l. Tully fo much enveighs, in Winter h~e oever was txtJ'a u/Jum, vix tidr4 le/Jum, never almofi out of bed, "frill weoching, and drinking ; fo aid bee fp,nd his time, and fo doe "::y.riads in our dayes. They have gymnafla hi6onum, fcbooles .and rendevous, tbe'fe Centaurts andLapith.e,toffe pots, and boles, as fo many bals, invfllt new tricks,as Sawfages, Ancboves, Tobacco, Caveare, pickled Oyfiers, Herrings, Fumados, &c. innumerable fait.meats to increafe their appetite, and ftudy howxo hurt tbemfelves by taking Antidotes, ' to carry tbtirdrinke the hetttr: ~and ,.,hen naught elfe flrves, they rvill gse forth, ~rrt com•eyed out to tmpty their gerge, that thry may returm to drinke a frep,. They rpake !awes, Jn{AntU leges, cmtra bibtndi f•UacitU, and' bragge of it when t!ley have dqne, crowning that man rh at is fooneft gone, as their drunken p.tfP<ceffors have done,<Y---1 quid <go video r PC: Cum corona Pfi•- d~tr<m ehrir~m,tllum-- And when they are dead, will have a Can of Winewith c f'.Marom old w~man to bo engraven on their rombes. So they t~i.umph in viJlany,and juftifie theirw.ick,dneffe, With Rablau that French Ln{ian, ;l rpnkenneffe iro\ltter for the body than Phyfick, becnufe there bee mll re old drunkards than old PbyfitiaQs.Many fuch frothy arguments they . h.Ave, hiovitiogand inqooraging oth~rs-ro doe as they doe, and love them d~ady for it .(qo glew·lik~to that ofgped-fdlowlhip.) Sa did Aloibiades in Cfreece,Ner~,Bon•fm, H<li"lgabAIIM in -Rome, or Altgak•lm rather, as he~ was fiil~d ofold, (as i Ign.isilu ,prove~ out offome old coynes .") So do ma,ny g~eat mellfiill, askHembafhi~Mobferves. When a Prince drinkestill his eyes