Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

CaufeJ &{ M'elallchuly. Mernb.z..SubC j. SuBHC T. 3· · Cuftsme ofdiet,Delight,Appetite,Ntcefitie,how they caufl or hinder• ...... ~= ·; I o ruk ;, fegrn=ll whkh •dmi" oo< fo~ ""~ · ' · •: t10n; to thi,S-therefore: wh1ch bath beene hithertO' . : .faid, (lbr I thall orherwife put mofi men out of N ~ : commons) and thofe inconveniences which pro. . " ' ceed from the fubfian~e of meats, an intemperate - . : orunfeafonableufeofrhem,cultome fomewhatde. · . • i traas,andqualifics,~ccordingrothat ofHippocr.. •l.@!l•lmgotl- ~: • : tesz.Aph~rt(.5o.dSreohthingsaswehaveheemlong P""'"("'" . · ·· · ··· ·.. ·- · · · · · · ·-- · ·wflomedu; though thiy he evifl in theirowne nittt~re· [OJJI, """" Ji de- . yet they are ief!C offenfi!Ve.Otherwi[e,it mighr wdl be objeGled, that it were~ :;;:_;.;,~~:;,. meere' ryranrlie ro hv~ aft.er rhofe 'ftri<fr rules ofPhyfick; for' cullome dotl! fl"efolmt. alser nature lr fdfe, and ro fuch as are ufed eo them ir makes bad meats ~iS:."::r:/:' wholfome and unfeafonable rimes to caufe no diforder. Cid~r and Perry are ,;.;1 • • wmdy drinkes, fo are all fruits windy in rhemfelves, cold moft parr, yet in , ~~~·;,;;:::;~ •I· · fome thiresof s.Eng!.md,No{mandfin Fwtct,Gttipt{coa in Spaine, 'tis their g H.,,rmd· common drinke, and they are no whiE offended Wlth1r. rnspaine, Italy,and fhi 1c,G!o"" Ajfrick, thoylive moft'on roots,raw hearbs-, h Camdsm!lk~, and it agrees fioclh•~•·_Wor- • w~IJ with them; which to a firangd!will caufe much grio;vance. I'n WaltJ, l.'J;;'~{;~i,. ' la/Jiciniuvefcuntur, as Humfry Llreyd confelfcth, aCamhro-Brittaine ·him· f•wf4mei"um felfe, in his.degam Iipil\lc io .!JJ,ht".thtWP OrtdilnJ, rbey livt moft on;~ilite ':f}~fe;/.,"'/.''!k.:. me~ts: in Ho/lA»d oQ Fifh,Roots!iBt\bttr;:IMfo-a!'thilld:tyln Gtttt:e,{IS ~Bd. /ititic'"'"""'~ , (untl#' obf~EI!es,they lfao:tmoch ratlfer4fet'd on .fial than flefh.W1th ll9N axi. ~":>"'a'•'"' , ma pars vil1SM i"'carnttc~nf>jlit, wofetd on fleth m0fi part,fairh k Po!idor P'ir. G~ti,pif•i~His . g:tt,as all Northerne cou!ltreyes dot~ and.it wou1a ·b~ v~ryoffer:five w ~ t& m•li• q114m • hve afrer theirdier, orthty to li~afurours: Wedrink Beere,rhey Wine; ~~:i:i~i•um t?ey:ufe Oyle,we Butt«r; w_e in tM North are tgre~t eaters, they moll fpa. buti"dt/Jtmm nog l_n thofe hotter Coll!ltP!es; and-lt>t r~y aad'\\le followmg our O\'lll'e cub~"'")<::["' fioms,are,wdl pleafed. An lEthiqpi~~~>'of old fedng aq European eate bread, ~·:;::;:,,nt'ii wondred, quomodo fter<oribti>ve{ctnrf• vvuerimlh, how we€ could eate fuch , .,,;afircui• kind,e-of m~ars;fo mcl:lfdiffe-reoh.is. ~oM<my;men ftom o~rs in di•t, th~t as :t;:::~:;": miFJe "'Aut~r inferr~s,'fl-'l'*.M-illiJTtli.wifl't~m afud-~s £mula7-i velftl; if any pr.[.,.a•·•d ma<l{houldfo feed wul'i ug, 11 wtmldibe alt!lne 10 notlnlh a~ €:ttut4, 4(6'111k Lib,,.h;g, . tum, o~ H.eflthor it felft<. ' ' Anfiis da}' in china the common.people Ji.ve i\ra (flj;.;,~ de- : liil,1tme~a-ltoge!he~ml't~t!!'a~ ~rbls-; andto.t'M\woahhre~; H'll'l'fe, Atre, [a;,.sritD-. ,Mule,Dogs,Cat-fleth is as ddightfome as the refl, fo m Mat. Ricc:tU t~ Je. :~~~:::u ' fuire ~dates.,."''\l~li'ole<li.llWl¥ )l~all~~a:m,ot>gfl . ~br:m-. .. 'fbe. ,XM'~M<~ ~a&c.Jaw· "'Y ., dinn« JiDi:'ate,arrd·moll: eOfl'l'ltl<!!'!ly• 'hinil'~c 'lit<fu; flrinke\!\lli1~t' ~n'tt'·&l'il~d',asfht."'il'' in lfomd, Mu{- mades of old. I I r \~ ,ml' ~~r~;-h~~n;hore · Et lac csncretum cumfonguine potat tquino, parts. They fcoffe at our Europ.eiis for eating bread,which they call tops of weed~, :J:.J"':';//! and horfe meat,not fit for men; and ycr Scaligtr accounts them a found and tit m tl rntlius qrwn Ji qllis Ciclltamli&O!Mtum,&c. m F.xpedit.in SitJIU tib,I.Ctfp. i .JmrtnjiNm /;crba;llmtl olfi"Nm, ttJfNdSi#(tJ q~Ml!J tlplld nos lrnzgt pequtNJ..ior u(~U,comlfN;u quippt.dt VN/g~ ~·t~itU nNII« ftiiA rt 1J.!l tent~ztttt~, vtl ~di1,ionls cafljiz vt[cr~ur.EqiiiU,Mil{MJ, A{tUw, &c.tfqfli fn·ft:t[~ntllf acpcb~.Aom~~U,Mat.Kicctlls,(. 5·'"P· I: .. ,i'n 'li.tiJ·ran m~J/u,tq«u vtfcrmtur et cr11dis ctmi61A•,ufr•1ll Ultltmmmt, dimztts;, hltjumtn~urum p;zbNINm tt bQI#fJ,lWIIINmi~m. · witty