Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Memh; 11.Subf. ~· 7'7 ,,, witty nation, living an hul)d.red y~ares ; even in rh~ civildl: country Of them they doethus,as 'ii·enedit1the Jefutt o~ferved mhts travds from the great U!'fogm Cour,cby land eo Paqt~~n~ wlin~h .ktcctm contends to ~e the fame wuh Cambttlt< m Catata. Io Sganih thetr.bread IS ufually dryed fi{h, and fo Iilie\vife in che Shetland Iles: And their other fare, as in Ijla~d,faith • Dith, [/1!:/;:/:'/J~l~ marm Bleskmim, Butter,Cheefe,and fifh·; thetr drtnk,water,;hetr lodgtng dn the eirumpklil•/•• ground. In Ampica in many places thetrbread ts roots, tbetr meat Pal'?!tos, fl[:"'fim•fll , Pi~as,Potatos,&c. 2nd fuch frmts. There be of them too that fam.t!tarly ; .. ;;~~;:~ .. tlrink* fait Sea-vvater,all their lives,eate • raw meat,graife,and tllat wtth de. tluaq,., tultfi'- .Ilgh,i. With fome, Fith, Serpents, Spiders ; and in divers place~ they P eate J,':/;!J;::,~•"f , tnans flefh raw.,.and rolled,- even the Emperour q r..Metazumalumfelft·. Ih mtdti~dill#lol.lf fome coall:s againe, 'one tree yeelds them Coquernut s, nieat and drink, >oo. :" ' ' fire, fuell,appa~ell; withhisleaves,oyle, vinegar, cover for houfe~,&c.and ~:;~;;::;~~t: yetthefc men going naked, feeding courfe,hve commonly roo. yeares, ~re u.cap.• o. feldome or ntver ~c~; all which diet our Phyfiti 0ns forbid. In Wejfphaling Aq.. mmarim~m they feed mqll: part qtl fat meats and wourts, knl)ckleo deep, and call it r cere. ~~:~~f«<ti.bft, hrunilovu: In the Low countries with roo1s, in Italy Frogs and Snailes are * Da.ics ,, ufed. TheTurkes,(aith Bmbequit~S,de!ightmofi in fryed meats•. In r..Muf ;o;~~~goner. covy, Garlick and Onyons are ordii¥ry meat and fauce, which would be q ""'"-'·& Ftr. pernicious to fuch as are unaccunomed unto them,delightfome to others;and ;;~r;f;:. ~;,:!,: all is •becaufe they have b,een brought .up unto it. Husbandmen and fuch as , Li•f<Ofi•u•p. labour,can eat fat bacon, fait groll'e meat, hard cheefe,&c. (o dura meffomm 56. palm•inflar ilia) courfc bread at all times, goe to,bed and labour upon a full fl:omac" totim orbi< •r- ·~ .li o1 1" ~ /' l ~ blfrib1U/01Cff wnichco,foriloJ$ille penon~ would be: prnent 4eath, ,and isagainll: the ru1'-$ pr.ft•l1ilu1, c<, ofPliyfick; fo that cuftomds all in all . Our travellers find ch]s by commo6 c Lip{.~JiJI- r 1 ' h ~., . r . d r. h . d' h t ltntris 4JJ'!4 . ~ ·' elqi!;rtence w en t.1ey come.1n rar councncs, .an Ute t etr . tee, t ey are l{me mu/t11111, luddeolyoffended,asour HohanJmandEnglifh-~n when they touch up• uKef<IJiiut>iMon the coa.ll:s of A"ric.k, thnfe Indian C:aptl apdJilands, are cllmmonly mo. tationmwxam l J 1 r parlunt.Hippo· lefied with Ca enrures, Fluxes, and mpch dill:.emp_ered by reafon of their "' '· Aplorif"'· fruits.' Peregri11a, ttji (uavia, (ilent ve(centibiH perlurbalioms injignes adfer- > •.Ep.6.feti.J• re,firunge meats 1 though pleafant, caufc notable alt~rations and dinempcrs. xBrlltri11114 li;. On the other licte, ufe or cufiom~mitigat~s otmakcs all ggod againe. r..Mi• '·"f·'l· thridates by often ufe, which Plinie wondetS at, Was able to drink poyfon; and a maid as Crmiru records, fenc to. Alex•mler from King Porm, was brought up with poyfo~ from her infancy, The Ttfrks, faith BeUoni111 lib. 1• cap.r5. eare Ofltlm familtarly, a drammc at onGe, whtch we dare not cake in graines. 'Garcim ab Hcrto writes ofone whom j)e fawat Goain the EAjlindies,that rook ten drammes of opit~min three dayes; a~d yet con(ult'o loquehatur,fpake undcrfiandingly,lo much canc)lll:ome doe. z Theothraftm fptaks ofaShepheard·that c~uld ea% a,llebor in fubll:ance. And therefore Cardan concludes out of Oaten, Confuetodihem 'lltctlnq,ue ferenekm, niji vald? mala!", Cull:om~is ho.wfoe'(«r w be ke,pt; except it be. extreame bad: he ady Simptiml.e., 4./ib.1 , , ~ HtrnniUJ/. ~;: c•p. It;JriU. mtJ. '·: vtferh all men ~o keep their old C\lfiomcs '· and chat by the ~urhoricy . of '* Hippocrates h1mfelfe~ dandu~paliquidtempo~i, ~tati, regiani; conjimudlni, •Af/,,if.,;;;: and therefore to • connnu~ as they began, b~ tt dtet, bath, exercife, &c. or a rn J.biiA- whatfoever elfe. · fH<Judi,mfo. A h. ,, ' · d !' b A ' ~ h ~ h qtaturad,/§• not er C:xcc]JtiOn ts e 1g t,or ppettte,to lUC & !uc meats:Though ,..,,&incepri< , they behard of digefl:tonl melancholy :yet as Fuchjiru excepts '"P· 6./Jb.z. pt;fr-"Ttl. ·' K 3 Inftit .