Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part.t.Sect.2. Cauftt of Meltlncbtly. 78 b ~ti Cllln VOf*ptiUt 'ffumuntur cilii,vtnJri· ~fi./Ja flviJi~ ,omp!t8it~a; txptdjtiuftb CIJnt~ quit)&q~~.edifp6ctntfltJtrja~ tJ(r . c 'Nothing:~- i~~~ct)~~~~e fayinsis . dLib.7.Hijt. Sfl/. e ~"'·llftii. f~•tzctr- ' 'IJHII!IItbtfub· fifttml . Coiiifcndl'e. Inflit. (h1. z. bThe jlomack Joth readily digeft, ~nd wiUingly entertaine Ji•ch meats we love mofl,•nd Art pleafing ts tu,•bhm on the~thtr fide foch tU we diflajl. WhichHippocrates confirmes Aphori(.z . 38 . Some cannot cnd.ure cheefe our ofafccret Antipathy, or to fee a rofted Duck, which to others is a<de: lightfome meat . The !aft exception is neceflity,poverty,want, hunger, whicb drives men many times to doe that which otherwife they are loath, cannot endure, and thankfully to accept ofit : As Beverage in fhips,and-in lieges ofgreat Cities, to feed og Dogges,Cats,Rats,andMen themfelves.Three out!awes in d He. llor liotthitu being driven to their fhifts, did eat raw fldh, and flefh of fuch· fowleasthey could catch, in one of the Hebrides for fome fe;v moneths. Thefe things doe mitigate er difanull that which bath been faid of Melancholy meats, and make it more tolerable: but to fuch as are wealthy, live plenteoully,at eafe,maytaketheir choice, and refraine if they will; thefe viands arero be forborne, if they be inclined to, or fufpe6l: melancholy, as they tender their healths:Otherwife ifthey be intemperate,or difordered in their diet, at their peril! be it. f!!!jmlntt ~~:.mat, Ave& cave. SUBSI!CT. 4· Retention and fvactiatillf a eau((, and how. , .. [IF Retention &Evacuation,there be divers kinds, ~hich ~ are either conco. init~n.t'; a.lllfting, or fokpufes n\any times of melant fi6Iy. • Galen reducetn .deteat and ·· abundance to.rchis head; others, r All tbat u feparatcd orremAines. In the firft rank of thefe I may wdl rec- .. kon up Coftfvendfe, and keeping in of our ordinary excrements, which as it often caufeth orher difeafes, g Enmtr•f•f>' . fo this of melancholy inparticular. s Cdf tu lib. z.cap. prtfJ•,infl~m»;t 3· faith, It prsduceth inflammation ofthe head, dulm!Je, cloudmef[e, headache, r;:,:·::J,~:~,:· &c. Proffer Caltntu lib.de atrabile,will have it dillempernotthe organ one. ""fi""'· ly, h but the mind it Jelft by troubling of it; And fometimes it is a foie caufe ~~~·;;;,-;:: , ' ofMadnefJe, as you may reade in the: firft book of'S ken~it~ his medicinall otitAtic""" P'· ohfervauons. A young Merchant gomg toN ordtltng Fatre m Germany, for m<fo!W. tl ten daye.s fpace never went to ftoole; athisreturi:le he wask grievoufly me.,. j.';!;."'d:J,,;,, . lancholy, thinking that he was robbed, and would not be perfwaded but ozvix fl bomi· that all his money was gone: his friends thought he had fame Philtrt~mgi't"''fll'f:P,"· ven him,but Cnelinm a Phyfitian being fent for,found his 1 Coftivenes alone 11 ..t,:::.P,. •- to bethe caufe, and thereupon gave him a Clifter, by which he was fpeedily recovered.TrinccaveUiu. confolt. 35 . lib. r. faith as much of a melancholy * PtrDfhdits llv~~mJi«~m Wtt, OonihiJ "ddil. . Lawyer, to whom he adminiftred Phyfick,and Roderictu ;,. Fonfeca cmfolt. 85 . Tom. z. • ofaPatient of his, that for 8.dayes '-'(as bound, and therefore melancholy affeCted . Oth~r Retcntions and Evacuations there are, not firn· ply necefJary, but at fame times s as Fernelitu accounts them. Path. lib. r. cap. r 5. as fupprd!ion ofHemrods, monthly ifJues in women, bleeding at ;:,,{:,':;,'::;,_ nofe, immoderate, or no ufe at all of Vtnm : or any other ordinary iffucs.. rt..i<i<1 • '" Detention ofhemrods, or monthly ilfues, · Vill•novantu Bre'lliar. li!J. r. " P· ; .