Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

4 D • M o c lli Tu s to the Reader. times affoord, battds fought, fomanymen tlain, monomachies lhip~ wracks,piracies,and (ea-fights, peace,leagues,firatagems,and fr;lh alarums. Avaft confufion of vows, wilhes,acrions, edids, petitions, lawfuits, pleas, laws, proclamations, complaints, grievances, are daily brought to our ears. Newbooks everie day, pamphlets, currantoes, dories,wholecatalogues of volumes of all forts, new paradoxes, opinions, fchifmes, herefies, controverfies in philofophie, religion, &c. Nowcome tidings ofweddings,maskings,mummeries,entercainments, jubilies, embaflies, tilts and tournaments, trophies, triumphs, revels, {ports, playes: Then ag'.lin,as in anew lhifted fcene, treafons, cheating tricks, robberies, enormous villanies in all kinds, funerals, burials, death of princes,new difcoveries, expeditions; nowcomicall, then tragicall matters. Today we heareofnew Lords and officers created, to morrowoffome great mendepofed,and then again offrdh honors conferred; one is letloofe, another impriforu:d ; one purchaleth, another breaketh : he thrives,his neighbour turns bankrupt; now plenrie, then a· gain dearth and famine; one runs,:mother rides, wrangles,laughs,weeps; ~c. Tlms I daily hear, and fuch like, both private, and publikenews,amidll: the gallanrrie andmiferie ofthe world; jollitie,pdde,perplexities :md cares, fimplicitie and villanie; fubtlecie, knaverie, candor and inte-. gritie, mutually mixt and olferingthemfelves,I rub on priv&privat&. aslhave!Hlllived, foi nowcontinue,jlattequoprim, left to afolitarie life,and mine owndomefiick difcontents:faving that fometimes,ne quid mentiar, as Diogenes wellt into the citie, and Democrit& to the haven to ,. llor. fee falhions,I did for my recreation now :md thenwalk abroad,Iook inn Per. to theworld,and could notchoo[ebut makefome littleobfervation,nqn ollor. tamJagax obfervator, ac Jimplex reciwor, not as they did to fcolfe or. ~:,:~::: laugbatall,butwitha mixtpaffion. oratj~onJ.jii mBilem f4e,jocumveftrimov2re titmu!tm, ~'Z:;,jf:;':~- I did fometime laugh and fcolfe with Lucian, and fatyrically taxewith tenatU, ;enuU Menipp~ J' lam~nt with H l"~A.c/itm ,fomtimcs again I was n petulantij}leprope af114<k- nechachmnQ, and thenagam, 0 ureu bili; juur, I was much moved to e;::,~~~~ fee thatabufe whic~ I could not amend. Inwhich paflion howfoever I ftdile & d"""' may fympathife With h1m or them, 'us for no fuch refped I lhroudmy 2lem:"""',... fclf under his name, but either in an unknown habit, to alfumealittle ~~;(.~;:;,;;,ft,. more libertieand freedorne offpeech,or ifyouwill needs know,forthat •o;fl~,:::[,%. reafonand onlyrefpe~, whicQHippocrates relates at_largei~his~pi!Ue ~.fbabens, & toDamegetul, wherem hedoth exprelfe,howcommmgtovdithlrn one utrili<J.ue alia day,hefoundDemocrit& inhisgardenatAbdera,in the Suburbs, Pun- !::'Jt~r: ~er alhadi~:bower, .q with a ~ook on·his ~nees, b~fie at his fiudie,fome- .. ;,!u~ :,•. times wmmg,fomumewalkmg.ThefubJed ofhtsbookwas melancho. la rim flr,Pa, lyand madnes, about him lay the carcalfes ofmany feveral beafis,new- ~::;::;;.('"" ly by him cut up and anatomized, not that he did contemn Gods crea- ' cwm muna.. tures, as he told Hippocrates, but to findeout the feat ofthts ~tra bzl11,or · •x"•fif<~, e' melancholy whence it proceeds :md how itwasengendred m mens bo- ;::;;:z;.::.r dies, to thei~tent hemight bect;r cure itin himfel~,b_y his \~ritings and frlangune, •• obfervations 'teach others how to prevent and avo1d 1t.Whtch good za- >;t~dtlam •<~- tent ofbis,Hi•'f~tr•tes highly commcnded:Demqrrit& Juniqr is therfore """"· ~ I. · · · - bold