Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parr.t,SeCt.2. Catljes of Melancholy. Memb.2.SuBfo. 86 dayes folitarindfe, one houres fometimes, doih them more harmc, than a weekes phyfick, labour lnd company can doe good. Melancholy fea~eth on' them forthwith being alone, and is fuch a torture, that as wife Selitl'a well faith,ma/o mihi male quam moliter effe,I had rather be ficke than id!~ . This Idlenelfe is either ofbody orminde. That of body is nothing but a kinde of i Path.tib.r. benumming lazinelfe,intermittingexercife, whith ifwe may beletvci Fer- ;;£:;;::;,~ nelitu, ca~efetbcrudities,ohjlru{lions,excrememall ht,mM1'S,qttenchcth the nAtu. mi{/i•,inemm raft heate, duls the (Jirils,andmakes them t.napt todiC any thing whatfoever. ~;;{p7;/:,g;;- k Negleau urenda filix imsafoitur agru, ;fl'O".,, ctad As Fearne growes in untill'd grounds,and all manner of;veeds,fo doe gtotle '""""~' humours in an idle body, Ignavum corr11ripunt otia corpru. A horfe ih a LU- ~~~f,~,;:;;~r, ble that never travels, a hawke in a Mew that ft!dome flies, are both fubjea Jlrua;,.,, difeafes,which left unto themfelves,are moft free from any fuch incumbrilnexcremt7JJ•·•m ces. An idle doggewill bee mangy:,and how !hall an idle perfon thinketo {~:;";'/~'· efcape ~ Idlene!fe ofthe miade is much worfe than this of the body; wit s.r.;. without employment is a difeafe, 1 Al.rugo animi, rribig• ingenii: the ruft of ~:;::,;,,,am- the foule, .ma plague, a hell it felfe, maximumanimi nocumentum, Galm cals mi, ,,.,,;,m, it. • As in aflandingp60lt, w1rmes andjilth:j creepers increafo, ( & vilifim ea. Plutoreheals pittnl ni movermtt~r aqu£, the water it felle purn!ies, and aire likewife if it bee ~·simcinfl•g" not continually ftirred by the winde) (odoe eviU and cormpt thoughts in oh l"'""'"'vtr· idle perfon, the fouleis co·maminated. In a Common.wealth, where is 1\d '::;!.:;,:;;:!' publike enemy, there is likely civil! warres, and they rage upon themfc!lves; "''· Sm. this body ofours when it is idle,~'nd knowcs not how to beftow it felfe,maaratesand v·exeth it felfe witfi c'ares,griefes, falf.fdres,dil,'cb!lte'nts,andfu~ fpidons,lt tortures and pre}'eS UJ?O'nhist\'wneb'o\Vels, anp \S never at'ret\. . Thus·mueh I dare b'oldly fay; h'e or 'lh\:th:lt'is'i<lie.,lk tl\ey Of V).!\'at 'c'ol\'ditl1 , on they will,never fo ri'ch,fowell allyed,forrunate,happy,let them havea!l. thin'gs inabundance,and felicity that h~arc can wifh and defire, all cohrentment, fo long as he or fhe,or they are idle, they !hall never be pleafed;n~vtr well in body and minde, but weary frill, fickly frill; vexed ftill,loathing ftill, weeping, fighing, grieving,fufpeaing, offended with the world, with every object, wi{hing themfelves gone or dead, or dfe carryed away with fonie fooli{h phandfie orother.i\nd this is the true caufe that fo many great men, Ladies and Gentlewomen, labour of this difeafein Countreyand City, for idlendfeisanappendix to nobility, they count it a difgrace roworke, and fpend all their dayes in fports, recreations,and paftimes, and will therefore •Nowrhis rake no paines;beofno·vocation: they feed liberally, fare we'll, wa~r. Irgge,nowrh" cife,aaion, employment,(for to workc,I fay,theymay not;tbidejand corn- ;~~~~,:~~ ~~~~~~~~~~t~~~~~~i::ib~~na~r~~i~:e~~J~ft: ~~~~;,~~~a~~~~~~~~~j;:;; ~ (Forrhey of fome difeafes, fullen lit's,weeping lits feazetoo o familiarly 'on them; For ~7:~.7'11 what will not feare and·phantafie worke in an.idle body? what diftempe'ls 3)'lerh rhcm, ' wi11 they-not caufe'~ when the children of.* !frae/munnured aga1nft Ph•ralh or what in AJ.gypt 1 he Ctilmmanded his officers tO double their taske,and Jet them.get -~~~ ~:: ·firaw themfelvcs, ahd ymnake their f~ll number of Brick,for the foie ca~fe felvesJ fny why they mutinie,and are evil! at eafe,is ,they are idle. vVhc'n you fhall•hea(e ~~'.;:'6,~~~a, and fee fo many difcontented perfons,inall places where you•oome;w m~­ myfonne, &e. ny feverall grievances, u.·mecelfary complaints,feare, fufpitio'ns *,the bell · · " · , mcanes