Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Patt,J.Se&2. harlhand diftaftdull fubj<Cls. Feare; forrow, fufpi rion, jttbrnjfictu pud~t>, difcontent, cares, and wearibeffeoflife, furpize them in~ moment;and they can thinke ofnothing dfe, GCntinuallj! fufpetting, ·no fooner au:1 ~hoif ey.es open, but this inferna~l plagu~ 'of Mela,ncJlOly feaz.eth ?n them ;~pcLterrifitts _ their fouks,reprdentmg fome difmall (llb)etttothei~_mipdes,wliichnow bf. no.meanes,no labour, no perfwafiens they aan ayo1d, h-eret i11tm lethalil . . . Arundo, the_y may not be ridof it,~· th~y; oa~not re_lilt:,I, may,ho:t deoy. h~t ~~=·~'/:(,;,; , that there IS fome profitableMedltanon,;Contemplauon\ ant! ,klnd~ef foh~ srdrevi>c<re • tarinelfe to be embraced, which the Fathers fo , h~blyt6mended jl' Hier.~m~; gradu;n,{up<- chryfoflome, cypri•n, At~jlin, in wh?.Je-'T!aCls,,,whi_ch Pet_r•rch, ,;Er•fmtu, ';,[,":,:v~~~~-·d StdlA, and others, fo muchmagmfie m thtir books;~,P~radJ(e,~JJHeayen on bol, '""P,. efl. earth, ifit be ufed aright, good f<;>r the'bbdy, and better for t~e Soule ::.As ;'~!j;,,ninu•J many of thofe ol,dMonkes ufcd It, toi<!Jvme wnt~nlpl~t!On:;, , ~.$; Stmu.ltu. a •piJI. ,,, mxie' Courtier in v1 drians time,Dyoa!ejiaTJthe Emperolir,r.etii.ed tb~infelves,c!¥co~ oppida " ;"'b" io that fenfe,VAti• folm fcitvivere,V:ati~<lives aloner>vhich thp RPrJJAne~ were ~::~!~~;f, "- wontto fay, when they commende&a·Countrey hfe :.Or to the \J~ttenng of f" il•di!J,m .. ,. their knowledge,as Democritm,CltiB't}m,and tl\ofcl.exc~llent'Iihilqfopb~s. Par"'jif""! :/.. I d r ft h r [ . f .. '- [ Id . lum , corp1Dmbfl> Jave_ever one,to1eque ert e!I)•e ves romt_,,e,tumHtuousw..or _ ,or~s·m iofitl•m,f• « • , PlmtesvtUa Laurent•na,Tonllw 'I'II{cul•n~,l6Vtm ftudy, tliat they m1ghtJ\e.t-. amitl"',b""( ·, ter vac ~re Jludi i{ & Deo,f~rve God and 'follow 'tpeir ll:udies. Mee tl\inkes r:;,m,•q;·"··" thereforeour too zealous innovators were not fo wdladvifed in thatgepe, R;,:w:';',;:::~ rail fubverfion of ·Abbies and religious houfes, promifcu!l.utly to fling lildtlitiis, . · downe all, they.might hilve takenaway·thofe grolfe abufes crep~ in 'among.ft • ,,, ·..,, .. ,,., them; reClified fuch inconvenieocies,-.u;~d not fo farr.e.to haye;•rav.e4 an.d raa ged agaioft thofe faire buildings, and everlafiing'monuments of our lorefa- . thers devotion, confecrated to pious_.uf~; fome Monafteries amd Collegiate Cels might have bee we!Lfpared, and their reyeoewcs otherwife em" ployed, here and there one~ i'n"gooCI t!'l\klnes (!jr Cit ies at leaft, for men and womenofall forts and a6ditions to liv:em,to_fequefter themfelv.es fro~he cares and tumults of the world ;tha~ wene not ddirous or fit td marry,oy';o~ wile willing to be troubled with commonaffui~cs,and know not wen wlj§rb to beftow themfdves, to liv«·apart in;dor more cbnveniency, ,good educi!~ tion, better company fake, to follb'f; theirfiudies-(1 fay) to.the perfed'i- .< on ofarts and fCicnces common good,and as fome .tr.uly devoted Monkes of .. ' old had done, freely and truely to ferve God;Foltthefe men are neither foli! ,~ tary nor idle,as the Poet. made anfwer .to the JIUsb;mdman in o4lfop, that __ , ..... objetted idlenclfeto him; heewas n_ey.er fo idkas >incbis company; or that ,,,,., Sctpto Afrzcanm m r 'iulhe,Nunquam..mmtu foltu ,'qu4m cumJoltu; nunquam y o!Jit.;• _ , mime otiofm, qu•m qrmm tjftfotioftu; never lflfe folitary than when he was ·>-'.-' alone, n~ver. mo:e-bufiothan,when he_;feemea~o. b~~Qftidle: It is reported ..•. :::~,:~; by Pl•to 10 his dtalogue de Jmore , -.ta •that prodigious commendation. of .,._,,, ·" Socrates,how a deep meditation comming into So&r4tes minde by chance,lie fiood fiill muling,eodem V,ejligi,_cogitaf.llndtu~ f~~m morning to noone, and · whe~ as tl\~n hee had ~ot yet fimthe~ li1s meduauon,perft•hat eogit•ns,he fo conunuedt~ll th~ evemn_g;t~e Souldters (fo!'he .<~,he~followed'the <Lampe) -· ''' ..: '~';1 obfervedhimwuhadmJrauon; and~Jl.fet purpofe .watched all night, but -· ..... ; he perfevcred unmdveable ad exmumfolu, till th:e Sunne rofe in the moring,and then f:Uming th.e"SJil)~e, went 1\is'wayes: li;l :what hliroour ~onftant" · -.'.~-~--·I ~ ... ~."'".": M SocrAtes .,'.' ... ~~~-~~ ~~ ... ~\'\t~ i:.