Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part. t.SeCl:.z. Caufes of Melancboly. Memb 3.Subf 1. 9o greardl paflions. But !et them d1fpme how they will,ktdowne in Tht(t,give De occttlt. nat. prec< pts to the contrary; we finde that ofr Lemnist-J h:ue} by common cxpe~ mir.l.r.cap .1.s. tieoce.; NQmorta/lman is free from thefe perturbations: or if fie be fo, fure he ~;t:lf;;~~;'"" is either a God, or a blocke. They are borne and bred with us, wee have 71fmdfiCtllHr,quJ. them fr0111 OUt parentS by inheritance, a parCntibtU h:zbemt!S maf# httnC affim, ilOI!rJi(fiJUW, ditl faith l1 Pe!e'{jus, Na(cit,r una nobi(cum, alitiJrfi:: ,'tis propagated from Adtrm, ~fl,"m,autDcw CAinnvas melancholy,* as biflin harh ir,andwho is nor~ Good difcipline, u rnf/it.lib.,. de Education,Philofophy,Diviniry(I cannot deny) may mitigate and rellraine 7,~~·;:~:.:!;, tbefc p~flions in fome few men at fame times, but moll pm they domineere """· and are fo violent, x that as a torr.ent, ( torrtns vt!11t Jgcrt mpto) beares • Ep(a. w~. downe J!l before,and over-flowes his bankes,jlernit Jgros,jlerml fat a, they ; ~;;~unjis. ov<:rwhelme reafon, judgement,and pervert the temperature of the body: z Dt ci.vit. Dti. Fertttr y eqrn~ auriga1ncc attdtt curnei !JabenM. Now fuch a mar.(faith z Arr{lin ) ~. ~;;~;b;~'(;;;; that i; fo led, in a wi(e mans eye, il no better thJ>J hec that jiands rtpon hil he.sd, qwin"'ftspe- It is doubted by {ome,Graviorefoe morht a pertt~rbationi6M, an ab hnmoribs,, 1;t:;:;:,~J:'' .whether humours or pertcrbations caufe the more grievous maladies. But f•P''"'""'' "" wee finde that om Saviour, UJ1at.2 6.4r. mofi true, The f}irit i; sviUing, the P'ifi"'" dowi- Jlefh is wtake, we cannot refift: And this of' Philo !rtd.ew, l'crturbarions of- ~")i~~dedtcdl. ten ojfmd the body, and arc mofl freqsunt C6rt(es ofMelancholy, wrning it out of P•!Jiones=xi- the hinges of hi< htalth. Vi'Vfs compares rhem to b Wtndcs upon the(ea, (omt "'""P'" o!fon- oncly move as thofe grtat gales, b11t others turbtdtnt qnite overt11rm the /hip. ~;[.',q~~~~ffi~"' Thofe which arc light,eafie,and more feldome,to our thinking, doe us little ,..,.,,[<me- barme, and are therefore contemned of us: Yet if they be reiterated,' ,u the tmholie, dimo- raine (faith Atiflin) doth a jlone,fo doe thefe pertt~rbations penetrate the minde: ::!~{a~~~:f:~ dand (as one fc:rves) produce an habJt ofMelancholy At the !aft, which having priftinatib. 3. de gotren the maftery in our foulcs, may well be called difeafc:s. ~ :•;.;:;,ttftiHow thefe paflions produce this eifrtt, • Agrippa bath handled at large, mruiamm•, ~•- ocwlt, l'hilof. lib. I r. cap.6 3· Cardan lib. 14 {tebtil. LemJJius lib, I.C. I 2. deoc. ~~;·:.~i1;;:,; cult. n•t.mir. & lrb.r.cap.r6. Srmc'{ Met. diff•t.r8.ftCI.r. art. 25. T. Bright q:uetp!acid•, cap.r 2 of hi; melancholy Treattfe, Wrzght the Jefuite, in his booke of the pafqu.damtrtrbu- fions ofthe minde,&c. Thusinbride. To our imagination commeth by ~;: ~f:J:::;-- the outward fenfe or memory ,fomeobject to be known(refiding in the forenjfifl~"'' "'ci- mofi part of the braine) which hee mifconceiving or amplifywg,prefently "'" cam•m, communicates ro the heart, the feat ofall affdlions. The pure fpirits forth- ~;~,':;~:;;~;; with flockfrom rhe Braine to ihe Heart,by certaint fecret channels,andfigjud<eiidepc/lm. nifie what good or bad objeCt was prefented; r which immediately bends it c V< g" 11 ' tapi·. felte ro profccurc, or avoid it;and wirhall, draweth with it other humours to ~J!:; t~~~~; helpe it : fo in pleafure,concnrre great ftore of purer fpirits;in fadndfe,mucb anilmm,. melancholy blood; in ire, chollcr. If the Imagination be very appr~henfive, ~,';[;;,t;:~- intent, and violent, it fends great fiorc of fJ'irits ro, or from rhe hearr,and mivowrw. makes a deeper impreflion, and greater tumult, as the humours in the body :,!r;::r;~:.,, be likewife prepared,andtbe temperature it ft!fe ill or well difpofed,thepafadu>j.<> motum lions are longer and ftrongt f. So that the firfi ftep and fountaine of all our wieaniurh'-, grievance5 in rhis kinde,is ~ l.e(a I"uginatio,which mif.ioforming the Heart, ~~::i~::U~;:;. caufech all thefe difiern~erature~,alteratio n and c?nf.ufi~n of fpirits and ~ub, '/'"' '""· mars. By meanesofwh1ch,fo dtfturb~d,concothoms lundred,and the prm- ~;;~~~.~~l~~rs the countenance ro aood or cvill, 1nd 4ifir;t8icn ofthe minde caufcrh difl.cmpcr:\Ull'e ofrhe body, g sp- .l_ilm et fout/fis dMfo lm<ir)nzJiOiJC ClnJ~.N.~n4frtNr:)ummes rliim 11:HI4t~altWml ,::nimiimmutant, Pifo. cipall