Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Part. t.Sc:Cl:. 2. 'Di)Ji{ton of'PertHT:IIIItions. 97 SullsF.CT. 3· DivijiM ilfpertu~batilfu . IIErmrbations and paflions, which trouble the phantafie, though they dwell betweene the confines ofSenfe :md Reafon, yet they rather follow Senfe than Reafon , becaufe they are drowned in corporeall o•g•ns ofSenfe. They are commonly • reduced into' "T.W. Jefllit. two mdinations, Ir.Jctble,and Conc"pifctbZe. The Thomijls fubd divide them into eleven,fix in tho Covettng, and live in the Jnv•dmg. Arijlot/ereducethall to Pleafure and Paine; Plato to Loveand Hatred; • Yives to o l• dUIUm. Good and Bad. Ifgood,it is prefent, aod then we abfolutely joy and love: or to come, and then we defire and hope for it: If evill, we abfelutely hate it: if prefem,it is Sorrow; if to come,Feare. Thefefourcpaflions• Bernard :!%31 ~ compares to the whee/cs of A Chariot,by which we are carryedinthi!world. All [""' ,::;,:;,:';;;; otherpaflions are fubordinate unto thefe foure, or fJXe,as fomc will: Love, :;t;";,'/lf:;b., Joy,Defire, Hatred, Sorrow, Feare: The reft, as Anger,Envy,Emulation, .,.rv~,.' Pride, }ealoulie, Anxiety,Mercy,Shame, Difcontem, Defpaire, Ambition, Avarice, &c. are reducible unto the firft: and if they be immoderate, they ~ confume the fpirits, and melancholy is elpecially caufed by them. Some ~ H":J""'?IIippe few difcrect men there arc, that can govern themfelves,and curb in thefe in- ;~;,:::::;. ordinate AlfeG!ions,by Religion, Philofophy,andfuch ·divine Precepts, of '""'· Ftrl/d.!W. , meeknclfe,patience,and the like: but moll part f<il'>wan~of govcrnment,,out •·P"'"·'·' 2· of indifcretion, ignorance,they lilffer thcmfelves wholy to be led -by fcnfe ; andare fo far from rcprefling rebellious idclinations,that they give all incouragement unto them, leaving the raynes ,. and ufing all provocations to further them: bad by Nature,worfc by Art,Difcipline, ' Cuftome,Education, r M<IA <•nfoeand aperverfe will of their ownc,they follow on, whercfoever their unbri- '"""'' <kp,..,•• died Affedions will tranfport thcm,and doe more out of cufiome,fdf-will, -'::;.~':::'i,';. than out of Reafon . CoilltemAx volunttt~, as MeLzn<ihon calls it, malumfacit : fitr c'"'"'''• 6b . this ftubborne will ofours pervertS judgement, which fees and knows what ~::;·;•''· 1hould and ought to be done, and yet will not doe it. Mancipia f."''"• llavcs "',J,.;;';:f.ru.. to their feveralllufts, and appetite, they precipitate and plunge themfelves '!~•f"""' into aLabyrinth ofcares, blinded with l.uft, blinded with ambition;' They ~"f:;.;ft:; {eeke that AI Gods hands, which they may give unto thfflJ{elves, ifthey csuld but """'"""fi· rt{rainefom thofe cares, •ndperturbatiDns,wherewith they contimuUy macerate Vkitomora. their mindts. But giving way to thcfe violent paflions of teare, grief,lhame, ~1:t:;,'!'o":::t: rcvenge,hatrcd,m:~hc:e,&c . they aretorne in peeces,as Afl•on was with his fNt'!"/Adi'"' dogs, and •crucifie their owne.foules. ·~~"J::f,•;.; •• eipiunttU!Jhitilnttt eupiJitatibtl6 tXl~U:iiJOIJ i~t.rt/U1Ji111[t ia..d~ Jii6 petm,qMOJ flbiipjis ivtliN pr•Pttrt~Jfilll l:'f:':r:~~ kl~nibt~~,qui~JU A.fKIII! ft ~trm~t~imptratevtlimt. u 'I'Illlloftudis_mi[tritzrNm&U[fll, tt llimaudliunnn q~rma, vil-rn#;/«FH pli<ij'-.,rri)linami[mwilem tjfoomua. Pm.,.b.pr<[41.dt F.tmtdii6,6-<. SunsECT.