Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Parta.Seet.2, Caufes'#Meianchity. 98 f•r that y~4:refo!fowifli} Many liubeniablC: <ifcemhis Fear cauf<:th in iil\;h,as fTi;w~rind"'it to be rea, p11e, t.rerrtb~e,fweat, (j{\nakes fudden cold and heat to Comeovet fri!"'• ~ordu all the body, palpirarldn of the h~art, Syncope,&c. It amazeth many men f.:'o~Z~:;~;;, that aret? fpeakt, br '!hew th'CmfeJv~s in publike affemblics, or before fame ".:t'hP'~~:;~; gre~tperfon!lges, as T~UJ confe1fedofhimll:lfe, that he trembled llill at the ,.'J'[i Tlm•- begmmng of hts fpeecll; and :Dtmofthenes that great Orator of Greece bedifempo'fpi •i~ ., fore Philipjlta; It tohfuunds voice and memory, as Lttcian wittily brings in ~:.~:":fi'•g ... Jupiter T~~giEdH1, fq muchafraid ?fhis auditory, when bee was ro make a fpeech to tHe reil: oftbe God~,tbat he could not. utter a ready word,but was compdl~.tl i:b ufe Ju<rcurtts llelp in prompting. Many men art fo amazed , andafi~nilhed With feare, they know not whhe they are, what they fay, 'Eq;,p"'"'if"' '\vhat tHty 'do~, and that which·is worfi,it tortures them many daycs before· t;::':,~':,~q"';. with concinuall aJfrlgp~s and fufpirion.It hin:Jers moll bonoprable artempts, """ """" iltflat and makes tb~ir hearts ake, fad and heavy. They that live 10 fcare are n<Ver "m"' F''"'\ free, u refdlure, fecure,flever metry, but in continuall paine : that, as Vives ~~~~e1:: r,1}/ truely [aid,NullA eft mi{eriaJtJI!jfr_ quitm metm, no greater mifery, flO racke, m<nmiiic"fi'~: D?r torr~.re }ike_ unro,ir1.everfufpi.~ious, anxious/ollicirous,the.Y are childilh- ::/:::.f:'t~ lydroop~ng \Vlthou~ rt~foh~ · w.~t.llout)udge~ent, •ejfewUy if flme tcmbi( "'""/abi!tm.co, ob]tCI be off'trtd,~s f>{utlirch hath 1t1 It caufe~h oftentimes fudden madnetfe, ~><::!J,V:J,f.d". , a~d alm~l!' all irl~ni!nofd_J(eafes?s I have fuffio[ently illullrated in.my • Di- ~ Lib.ik[artitu~ gr.effion df rh~ fb'rt~ dfii~~gmattt>p, and. !ha~ I t!oe .more ~t lar~e. m ~Y. fedillt&~uu.t~ chon of& 'tl<lrrors'. Fhr'e m:lk~sdut Imagtftlltion toncetve Whattthft,tdvttts A~Jf)/!· thedevilJ to come to us, as < Agrippa and Cardaii avouch; and tytanoizetfj ~ib:Z. "''" .ov,e.(our P~ntafJe m?r.~ th.an aUgther affefri,\?95, efpecially in the da~kc. asitb.Mem,l. ,Wee fee thts venlled IB·tnOfi menJ as .~ L!lvaiel\faitb, ~"' me,t11tmtrp11gaflt; ~"Y.d:,. Mem. what they feare they conceive, and faigne Utlt"il thelfif~lVt~l they tl!lt!k'tlley 4.sob[3 • . fee Goblins,Hagges, Devils, and many times becom« melancholy thereby. ~i~~~~!,;l~d Cardan fubtil. lib .1 8 .bath an exam~!& ~f fuch an one,fo eaufed to be melanf•D•m""''' ,._ cboly (by fight ofa bugbeare)allhts !t~eaftor.vJuguftm c.. (ardurfinot!it moretmDT~- in thedarke,nijialiquo afidsnte, faith eosuetoilim, Nunquam tembrit evigi- ~"::,':}'::mz- lavit, ~n~ 'ris firange w~at women ~n~ child~en will conceive un~o rbemdLihspetlru fdves;tftlley goe ever a Church-yeard m themght,lye,or be alonema dark j/;it~£~:;::,7' ro.ome, how'they fweat and t~mble 6fl'.a f~dde'n. Many m.e~ are troubled q""""'""'~ wtth future events, fore-knowledge ofthetrftmunes, dellmtes, as SevtrUf tn>nt. • the En'l'perout, Adrian aAd Iidtnitian, fl!!.od fcirei u!timsm vit.e diem, faith ; ~:i.?.":femb. Suetoni114_, valde folicitm, ~~c~ tllrtured im minde becaufe .he foreknew his 4 .s•lf. 1 . end ; wttb many fuch,ofwhtch I lhall fpeak mote opportunely m another s_ll.• virt. " place. Anxiery,mercy,pirty,indignation,&c.and fuch fearfull branches dei::;. i• 4,;ft. rived from tbefetwo fiemmtsof feare and forow, I voluntatily omit; read t#Millt<. ' more of themit!tiGArDlH1 Pifcalim, liDandinH1,&&. \ '. ·.1. ::l Suss act.