Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

Sli)!SECT. ~. ShJme •lid Dijgrace fAuft<. E~~~~~~~Hame and Difgrace dufe tnofi violent paffions, and bitter pangs. ob pudortm& dedecm publicum, ob errortin commijfum j:epe moventur gmerofi animi ( F tlix Plalcr lib. 3· de alief!at. mentiJ) Generous minds are often moved \Virli tpame, to defpaire for fome publike difgrace. Aiid he, f.1ith Philo lib. z. de provid. . Dei, '~h~t fobjefis himftlft tojtare, griife, ambition, }fJb~~:,":::% j/Jame, r< not happy, but altogethtr mtferable, tortured ,w;."";.,.;, '"' with coNtinual/ /,zbour, care, atid mifery. l~ is as forctble a batterer as any of pidit"'.is,.dohris, the rdt : i r..)l1any mtn mglefithetumults ofthe w1rld, and care »ot for glory, ~'t;[:~;~~:t· atld 1tt they are afraidofznfamy, repulft, dtfgrace, (Tul.ofjic.l. r.) they can fe· (td•mniwm~f"• ver;ly comemne ple-fure, heart griefinditfertnt ly, but they are quite k batiered •ffui.,lab"ib~ And brol:m with rtprMch and obloqr'} : ( jiq<~idtm vita& fama pari paf!u am. ';,'!;":'"'" ""' htllant) and ar<' fo dejected many rime's for fouie publique injury, difgrace, 'M.tritcnttm· as a boxeon the eart,by their lnferiour; to be overcome oftheir adverfary, ;:~~m":,:fl•:;, foiled in the fidd, to be out in a fpeech, fome foul fad committed or difclo. p;,",;h;l,!t:::,, ~ed, .&c. that they dare not come abroad all their lives aft~~' but melancho- ~1::,:';:;£!~ ltze mcorners, and keep m hol~s. The moll: generous fpmts are moft fub- "P•If"•· ' jeft ro it: SpiritUJ altosfratrJgit & generofos: Hieronym111. <.Arij/Qile be- Vo!Hpr~~t~:mfo· caufe he co~ld not underll:and rh~. motion of Eurip~ , for griefc and Jhame ::l'::/:;:,;m· drowned htmfelfe : C,dtW Rodtgtnm Allllqt~lr.lcc , il. l9.CAp.8 .Homerm ftJdo- [1111t m.lliorts, re cMfomptUJ, was [wallowed up with this paflion of Jhame, I IJecaufo he could :tcriamnrgli~""'' not unfoldthe fifhermans ri./.dle. SDphocles killed himle!fe, "'for that" Ttagii-. ~'J:~""'"' '-fo· dieDjhi& w.U hi({edojf the flage: Valet.max . lib.9.cap.u. Lucrttia llabbed kGr"';:i•uoo. lier fdfe,and fo dia "Cleopatr~, when Jbe fow, that foe w.u rejer'T.Ied fir a tfi. '"""'7tf"'""" umph,toavoid the infamy. An'loniUJ the Roman, oafierhew,uovercomeofhiJ i:';.f::l;;~ enimy, for three daycs [padfate (olitaty itl the fore.pafl ofthe Ship, 11bjlaiiling. ,;,.;,.,;,. fiftoma/1 company, even ofCleopatraher folft , and aftmvards for very /hame, ;:::,;,/"''·m 6;.u:hmd himft!fe, Plutarch vid ojus. <.Ap11flDnim Rh1dim p wilf,.Uyr6ani- l ..ff!..NDd pifiaJojhtd himf:lfe, forfaki11g hi& co~mtrey, •nd aU his dt•r.e friends, becauf! he iu& ~':.":£:;/;. Otil tn rumng hts Poems,J'lrnws ltb, 7· cdp. 23. U}AX ran mad, becaufe hts m ob Tr•·~diii arrneswere adjudged ro vtyff~s. In chi?!ll 'tis anordin·ary thing for, fuch as <>fko{am,.:orrem are excluded In thofe farriofls., rryalls of t?eirs~_ or Jhould rak~ degrees for }:/.1'::1" ""· Jhame and gnefto lofcthmwns, ; UWat.Rtcctm expedu.adStn,u lib.3.cap. nCMm ~iiJr;,i 9· Hojlratm the Hyer,tooke rhar .book which Reucli~ had writ againft hlm, ~~~Z'i!':rf'!::; under the name of Epijl. obfcurorum vtrorum, foro hea-rt, that for Jhame and ig!l.n.in;,-31., 1 : gride hemade away hirnfelle, 'Iov'im in eldt,iis. ,A grave and learned Mi- d. m'!tcmfibi 1\illet', and an ordinary P:eacher at -Jlcmtt ~n· noOand, was one da:y (as be ~"[,';:!fd':!; walked in rhe fields for"h1s recreation( fuddenly taken with a laske or loofe~ P" "" dits/!Jir neffe, and thereupon compelled to retire to the nex[ ditch; but being r fur- ~;::;:;;;_ ni CD1t{lrlil, e_lii1:"J C~opa!r~?l'~flta ft. intofec~t. p Cum mtzlt u~itaffa1'!.'nmnUa,Db pudumn tzN14vU. q .!J!.uidaiiJprte'vtretll7ldiit pmlll tl d4krt mfR[{QJJammmlunt, tO qli6da ltlti'4l811tm gratin. m t:ttZmlllt t:td~Jdmnu. r Hljlr«tw cuc'lli/4tJU «tliotptvittr ub Rt~cl11i! UbrJI11i,q~ilft:r.ibiu~r,Epi{lof~ 6bftu-r6rum' vir~~'!'· do/g~ef!~l t t plkiOTt[dllci«tiU':il/[ripj11m illtrftwit. fProptp· tHhwtm mif11 [td:l'< flatimcepu ddmJt,&c. ob fofeiciorttm,IJ.uod ':ll!lllillwmm~~~etUcll{(lfmt. N 3 prifed