Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

' ' Part.t.Sect.2. Caf![.es ofMela,Jeboly. Memb, 3.Subf. 7.· 1 00 tHDTat. u Pf. Impudiu. B. ll4tflPf. fcelt.Jkl: .dtcis uraPf. Vu - · bno B.quippeni. Pffmif<r.H. [actufnoptime. Pffocifr~ude. Bfont mtll ifl~c P[.patTicida B. perge tu Pffacrilcge B. fotm Pf.perjm-~ B.'Vmtdicis. P[ pmitie1adole[cmmm. B. 1.- cm·i.mt.Pf.fur. B.b.W, Pf.fogitivt H. hombax. Pffrlllls p6)f.l!i. B.Pianijfi;nt Pf. impure tens, Cif!· numB. eantort.J f1olm.Pfiud' - lt1J ae1. r.St~:. ; . X CCR! ,J.J Plinjq, y A!N!ton:;id(- 'JJmpropttrinviduun ttDdium 111 mtl3ncboli4iJ1. incidlf(t : tt//Jospoti{/iHnmqllorum co;pora tJd banc aptafoit!. Zlnviiiaafl1igit ho nilfesadto tt corrldit,llt hi mt!at~tholici pettitll6 /i1Jllt, aBor. prized at unawares, by fome Gentlewomen of his Parilh wandering that way ; was fo abalhed, that he did neverafter lhew his head in publike or come into the Pulpet, bur pined away with Melancholy : (Pet . Forejl11s :.ud, ebflrvat . lib.IO. ob(tr'TJat.n.) So lhame among!l other paflions can play IllS pnze. I know there be many bafe, impudent, brazen-faced rogues, that will t Nu ita paUe(<m culpa, be moved with nothing, rake no infamy or difgrace to heart, laugh at all; let them bee proved perjured, fiigmatized, convict rogues,rheeves,traitors,l0fetheir ears,be wbipped,branded,carted,poinred at, hilfed, reviled, and derided with u BaUio the Baud in Plautus ,they rejoyce !lt it, Canmes probos; babe andB6mbax, what care they~ We have too many fuchinourtimes, . --Exclamat Mtliccrtaperi.J!e. --Frmtem de rebus . Yet a modeft man, one that bath grace, a generous fpirit, tender of his reputation, will be deeply wocnded, and fo grievouflyaffeeted with it,that he had ra ther give myriads ofcrownes, lofe his life, then fuffer the leafi defamation of honour , or biotin his good name. And iffo be that bee cannot avoid it, as a Night i ngale,~.ecantandoviaa morilflr, (faith• Miz Aldus,)dies for fl1 ame if another bird ling better, he languilheth and pineth away in the anguiJh of his fpiri t. __ SuBS1>CT. 7. ' Nvy and Malic'eare two linkes of this chaine,and both, as Gr•ianeri11s Tr.c1 .I 5 .cap.•. proves out of Galen 3· viphori(me, com. l2. Y eau(< this malady by themfllvts, e!Jecia!ly iftheir hadies bee otherwifldi/}o(edto <..Melancholy. 'Tis Valefcus de T•- rantA, and Fdi:< Platems obfervation, ' Envy fo gn•wes many mens hearts, that they become altogether melancholy. And therefore belike S1lam0#, Piov. 14. '3· cals it,therotting ofthe bones, cy- ~':@'i!~~§llo:~!!S''Ii!if/prian, vulnru occultum; -· Siculi non inventr~ tyranni · c..Majus tormentum--- The Sicilian tyrants never invented the Jike torment. It crucifies iheir fouls, withers their bodi<s, makes them hollow.ey'd, •pale, !cane, and gaftly to behold, Cyprian flr.z.de '{jlo& livort. • As aMoth gnawu agarmtnt,fo,faith Chry(ojlome, doth envy con(ume amall: to b.e a living Anatomy: a SkelttDn,te b8-a leane and• palec•rc.j[e,quicknedwith a•jiend,Hallin Ch•ra£1. For fo.often as an envious wretch fees another man profper, to be ennched,to thnve, b Hi& vtdtN.J Minnx,trrtv:tJ tzfJ;cf.t~M, pa!ior infacie, inlabiiJ tmnor,ftridor in tiwiblf5,& c. cVt tint.:tcorrodit ufHmtlltum, fie it:.vidia . . . , . . . . tum, '{hi ~latur, confNmit: . d Pa!ior in ~~ft~ct, ma;unn ~or port tot4. Nllfy.114m rtRaacsts,IJvmt~ub;gtn! dmm. . e D111bllit.t~ prt{/it I"!4go,toxitllm cbll.fl~atJs, vt_ntn#m ~rmc~Ntt_ ,abyff11J tr.llltn, wn tfl to tiJin} ro}P.A tnmaftrNm ,tb.f1!lOjlllj da. mnMm,ull t.torrtt,dt[&ru lilll II'..Uit ttfiJ't 4!maon/klt . AuOm.Dtm:n.pmm.Atlvent. and