Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • ., o c a r Tu s to the Reader. 7 but greater praters.They com~?nly pretend publikegood) but as' a if- , omnu /ibi 11er obferves, 'tis pnde and vanmethar egges them on,nonews or ought f•'!"'mqueworthie of nore,but the fame in other termes. N eferwenturforta!fe ty- ;::;:, ~.~~';':,; pographi, vet tdeo ftrtbendum eft alJqutdut(C vtxt![e te.ftcntur, As Apo-_jpargi ' '"'' ''" thecaries we make newmtxtures evene day,poureout of one veffell mto dwn,m •o:v~ . another; and as thofe old Romanes rob'd all the cities ofthe world,tofer z:~:;~~ :~~~: out their bad fired Rome, we skun off the creame of other mens wtts, rer.Pr.J.bibti-· pick the choice flowers of their till'dgardens. to fer out our o;vn ll:erill ~hPr<fat hi : plots. Cajfrant alios lit !tbros fuos per re gractlesalt_eno adtpe(tiffamant bPiaut.;_ 'If. (fo * Joviu.< inveighs)They lard thm leane boo~s wtt~ the fat of others c Jtvemocriri works.lneruditt fores, &c. A fault thateveneWnt,erfindes,as Idoe~'~;;,ram "· now,and yet fau!tiethemfelves,· b 'Trtum IJteramm homtnes, all thec;ves; fmdiblwtbethey pilfer out of old Writers to fiuffe up their new Comments, fcrape c2quam cto· Ennim dung-hils, and out of ' Democritus pir,as I have done. By w~ich ~~~quicquiJ . means it comes to paffe, d that not only ltbrarzes and jhops arefull of our ~arri• ~1mcirur putid papers, but every c!ofe-jloole a~d jakes, S trib11~t carmina qzt.elegunt £":!:/i. aJ Pe· cacantcs; they ferve to p~t under p1es,to' lap fp1ce m,and keep roll-meat ,./. rig"' fromburnmg. Wtth us mFrance, fauh f Scaltger, every man hath ltber- Franci.om~itieto write, b11t ftw abititie. g lieret•forc learning !VAS gractd by jttdi- '::;flr;b~nJc ci1111 (Cholars, btlt now noble ftiences are vilified by ba(C and ilLiterate pa':c~/acu!;":,: fcriblers, that either write for vai~e-glorie, need, to get money, or as ~b~!':,~~·:: Parafites to flatter and collogue.With fome great men,they put out h bur- precio nUJic r.u, qtti{quiliafque ineptiajque.i ..<Amongjf {omanJ th~u(imd authorsyo11 for&;, obh~~ . fba!l(carce findeune;by reading ofwhom y~uf/>all &e any whitbetter,butrd. fj~ ther much worfe, qu1bus inficiturpotit)s, quam perjicitttr, by which he is;' J,;,f,":,·mil. father infeCted than any way perfeCted. le volumina -k ~i talia legit, ~~x/f;;:;n~ cu.. .!2.!!jd didicit tandem, qt~id {cit nifi (omnitt, nug.u? ~"" meliore. So tha: oftentime~ it fals out (which Challimachu.< taxed of old) agreat ;-:::~· .~:m• :Book IS a oreat ~&htef. I Cardan findes fault wit b. French men and pejor. Germans, for the1r fcnblmg to no purpofe,non inquit ab edendo deterreo, k Palingeni<~<· modo novum aliquidinveniant, he dothnot barrethen:i tOLwrite, fo that lr.cb.r. d<fap· it,be fome new invention oftheir own; but we weave the fame web frill, twill the fame robe again and again, or if it be a new invention, 'tis but fome bauble or toy,which idle fellows write, for as idle fellows to read; · and who fo cannot invent~ m If emujf have a barrrnwit,that in thi;fcrib. m Steriteopor. ltng •ge can forge nothtng. " Frzn<es Jhew their armies, rich men.va11nt ter e.ffi 'ng•nih · b1 td· {; fd ' h · h d d r;h umquodm hoc ~ etr ut tngs, 1ou t.erst etrman- oo > an J( olars vent their toyes,firipturienru~n theymull read,they mull: hear whetherrheywill orno1 pruritus, &c. 0 Et quo,dcunquefeme! chartis illeverit,omnes · ~~~~1,;. pr•f. Gefttet a forno redeuntes{ctre lacttque, "" oHor.ftr. , , Et pueros &anu.<- . .. .. .. .sar.4 . W h · fo'd d · 11 ' pEpift.l.ib.r • · . at ?ncets at an wnt,a men rnl)ll:know, uagnum p": Old Wtves and children as they comeand goe. . ' tarum JrvtJen. What 4 tompany of poets hath this year brouu-ht ollt as Flin• comrzlaines iumanm« Mo t S .r. . . •li h. . ~ > .I . attUllf;menft o o,stu.<S~n~Ju.<;P~ uAprtlevery.dayfom<'· Orotherhav~re~ite .WhatApriline~u,. 1 acatalo_gue ·of new books all th1sy.ear, all this age (I fay) have our f•redietquo Franc-jt~rt Marts, our domeftick Marts ~~ough~ ~ut ~. :rwice ~Jear, ~~:~:;;uure~ : !'ro; erflf{t ·