Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D" M o c a 1 T us to the Reader. onsare oftenin[ertedin the Text,which makethefiilemore harlh, or in themargentas lt hapned.!"ree/: authors, Plato,Plut&rch, Athen.-M, &c, Ihavecited outofthelr mterpreters, becauferhe originall wasnorfo readie. I have mingled facra prophanis, but I hope not prophaned,and in repetitionof authors names, ranked them per accidens ,not according .to Chronologie; fomerimes Neotericks beforeAncients,as my memorie fuggefied.Some things are here alrered,expunged in this fifth Edirion,o- " ~r..,befori- rhers amended, much added, becaufe many good *authors m all kinds ';';'"J;'~ are come to tny hands fince, and •ris no prejudice, no fuch indecor11m, or •• ' c. overfight. . . • . . x rer.Jf.ktph. · x Ntmquam tta qutcquambenefobdullarattone advitamfoit, ~·. !i.!!)n res, 4ftU, ttfos, [emper altquid apportent n8vi, A liquidmoneant, ut i!la qu« (cirete credas,,ufcitU, Etqu« ttbiput!trisprim~,tnexercendo ttt repudia;. Ne'rewas ought yet atfirficonrriv'dfo fir, Bur ufc,agc, or fomerhing would alter it; Advifethecberrer, and, upon perufe, Make thee nor fay,and what tbon rak'll:,refufe. But I amnow refolved never to pur this rreatife out again,N eq"idnimit, I will not hereafteradde, alter, or retract, I have done. Thelall:and ' greateft exc.eprion is,rhat I being a divine havemedledwith phyfick, yll..,t.Ait.x • -Ytantumneeft ab retu!t ot!i tibi, . foe•·'' . ~ 'Aliena 11t cttrtf, eaque nihil qu,tadtc attinent? Which M enedemus obje6tcd io Chremes; have I fo much leafure,or little · bufinelfe of mine own, as to looke after other mens matters which con- ·cememe not~ What have! to doe with phyfick ~ quod medicorum eft zGelli.._ m. p~omitta11t mtdici. The ·• Laccdemonians were once in counfell aboue iB.<at·l· .ftate-matters, adebolhed fellow fpake excellent wel,and to the purpofe, hi~ fpeech was generally approved : A grave Senator fteps up, and by all means would have it repealed, though good, becaufe dehoneftabatur pefsimo authore, it had no better an author; letfomegood man relate . the fame,arid then it lhould palfe.This counfel was embraced,foflume/1, and it was regiftred forth-with,Et Jicbona ftntentiamanfit,mal:u author, mutiltus eft. Thou faift as much ofme,ftomachofus as thou arr,and gran.· ieft peradventure this which I have written inphyfick, not to be amilfe,' had another done ir,a profelfed phyfician,or fo; bur why lhould I med. dle with this tra~ ~Hear me [peak: There be manyother fubjects, I doe eafily grant, both in bumanirie and divinirie, fit to be treated of, of W'hichliad I written ad oftentationem only, to !hewmy felf, Ilhould haverather chofen, and inwhich I have been more convetf.1nr, I could hav~ more 'willingly luxuriated, and better fatisfied my [elf and orhers; liutthar.ar this time! wasfatally driven upon this rock ofmelancholy, a!!d carried away by this by-fheame, which as a rillet, is dedu~ed fr_Qmthe main chanellof my ftudies,in )'lhich I have pleafed and bufied my fdf afidle houres, as a fubjeCl: moll necelfarie and commodious~ Not that! preferreitbeforeDivinitie, which I doe acknowledge robe th~'Q!!.een of profe!lions, and towhich all the reft are as ha.ndmaids, bue that in Pivinitic Ifaw no fuch great ~cd. For ha~ 1 written pofitively; " - · · · there