Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

.D • M o ~: , ; 1 Tu s to the Reader. there be fo many books in that k~nde,fo many commentators, treatifes, amphlers expofitions, fermons, that whole teemesof oxen cannot ~raw them: and had I been as forward and ambitious as fome others, I mighrhav:haply printed a fermcnat Pauls.Cro!fe, afermon i~S•. Ma. ries oxon. afcrmon m Chrijf.Church, or afermon befor.e the nght honourable,right reverend;aferm?n before the nght wor!lupfull,a fermon in latine; in englilh, a fermon w1th aname, a fermon wuhout, afermon, · a fermon;&c. But I have been ever as defirous to fupprdfe my labours , Et inde ,4 ,._ in this kinde as others have been to prdfe and publilh theirs. To have ""1""dam fit, ' fi h db If d , h d /' f ~ , qud<redese- writtenin controver tc, a een to Clll: o an Hy ra s ea ,' U' tte tt- tiamligar.carnerat,one bcgets another,fomany duplications,tri~lications; & _f warms Jan. He.f,.. · of qudl:ions,Jn facro heUo hoc quodjftlt mucrone agttur, that havmg once ~~':;;-:;:1~~;. begun,I lhould never make an end.One had much better, as b .Alexander pri>~<ipeg"'"' rhdixth pope, long fince obferved, provoke agreat prince than abeg- qu~m cum""" ging friar ,a Jefuite,or a feminarie pridl,I wil ~dde,for inexpugnahilege- ~~':d:c';7;11, nm hoc homtnttm, they are an Irrefragable foc1ene,rhey mull: &w1l have ordine. the !all: word ;and t~at with fuch eagerne!fe,impudence,abominabldy- ~;f.':J.~~·­ ing,falfifymg, and bltterne!femrhe1r quell:wns they proceed, tha~ as' he d Epift ,86.d faid forornec.ecus, anraptt vu acrJor,a»ctelpa,r'i}vr~(wmJ..,_t,? .Blmd fu- Caf!Jl411ipreslf. rie,~r error?or ralhne!fe,or what it is that egges them, I know nor, I am ;:;;~;.~_flf,';; fure many nmes,wh1ch J Auflm perceived long fince,temptjlate contentt. omni fcientia · 1nil, Jcremtll4 charitatts sfmubilatur, with this tempefi ofcontention, the <gere f•r!utfuferenitie ofcha_ritieis over-~louded,and there be too many fpirits conju. Y!;::;,7;!< red up already mth1s kinde,mall fc1ences,and more than we can tell how pernicie~ninfo~ to lay,which do fo furioufly rage and keep fuch a racket, that as c Fabius ;~J~Iixmorr,.. faid, It hadbeen much betterfor fome ofthemto have been bornedumhe,and lit"" inurilih• altogether iUiterate,than [o jar to dote to their own dejlruEfion. 9••ftionibur.a< t-At meltus foetat nonfcrihere, namque tacere t~!f::~:::; Tu,tum Jcmper erit,- diicimUi , natur~ 'Tis agenerall fault, fo S everinus the Dane complains fin phyfick,. NTJ· ~.::,~~t,::;!t bappy men,.u we are,we!fend our datum '"'fr<plaole qt~tj/tons anddt{Ju· h~«g••vifti""" tattons, intricate fubfilties,de /ana caprinJ, about moon-lhine in the wa- morborum>aeter,leaving in themeantime thoft chiefif! treafores ofnature tmtouched, 7,"""'"/k""" wherein the btjl medteines for all manner ofdtfeafes are to befound, anddo ;:::;;::·~~ •• not only neg/e[f themot<r {elves, but hinder, condemn ,forhtd and flojfi at quimut.Ne• others, th~t are wilting to enquire after th~m. T~efe motiv~s at this pre. ;;f!t;';;:, fij fent,havemducedme tO makecho1ce ofth1s mediCinal! fubjeCl:. & aliot prohfIfany phyfician ~n the meanetime~all infer? Nefo!orultra crepida"!, ::.:':;:;!:,',! and find h1mfdf gneved that I have mtruded mto h1s profeffion, I will mw, tudibriifii; tell him in brief, I doe not otherwife by them, than theydoe by us. If it ajficimw._ be fo~tbeir advantage, I k~ow many oftheir fe~ which have taken Or. ;,~~;~7,., ders, mhope of~ benefice, t!S acommon tranfinon, and why may not ai"'"""'"' ejfii, melancholy d1vme, that can get nothing but by fimonie, profe!fe phy- ~;~;:n;;::;;~ fickWrujianus an ltaltan(Crttjianm,but con'uptly,Trithcmiuscals him) · · · .. Sbecaufc hr WM not fortrmatetnhiS pratltce,forjook hisproftflion, & rvrtt ll{ierwards inDivinitie, Marcilim Ficinttswasfcmel&Jimul,a priell:& fc•ipfit.Ge[ne. aphyfic1an at once,and h T.Linacer in his old aoe took orders. The Je- Bibli.,heca. · fuits profdfc botb at this tillle, divers ofthem permijfofoperiorum, Chi- h l'.]O'Jih«. rurgwns,