Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • "o c R 1 Tu s to the Reader. not one. Joh aggravates this, 4· x8. Behold he formdnojledfajlneffe in his (ervants,and laydfollyr•ponhis .Angels: I9· How muchmoreonthemthat d-lic P"f••·. dwell in houfe.s of clay? In this fenfe we are all as fools,and the<Scripture j'f'""'scpb•• alone is arx Miner""'• we and our writings arelballowandunperfect. ' '"'· But I doe nqt [o meane;evep in our ordinarie dealings, we are no better d Pan.or."rra. then fools. All our aetion$,asd .PlinittoldTrajan, up.braidus offolly,our jano omnrs ac- whole courfe of life is but matter of laughter: we are not foberly wife· ~:::{t~f:.~. and the world it felf, ~hich ought at lea!l: to be wife by reafon of his an: ~m •l""ftur. . , tiquitie;as' Hugo de .Pra;q E/orido will have it, (<mperftulti::.at, istverie ~~:;;;:}:.m.• tjay more foolijh thanoth'Y; themore ituwhipped,thewor(eit~,a!'diU" ~ui ob antiqui- Jhtldwt!ljt./1be crow~ed wtth rofes and flowers. We are ap1lh m It, aftni tatcm dtbmt bipedes ,& everie place is fullinver(orulfl .Apultiorum ,ofmetamorphofed 't,{:!';:;;,_ and tW?·leg&ed affes,inverforr•m ~ile.nomm,childilh,pueri inftar bimuli, t•'· &' rmllu trtmula patrr.s Jorm:entts tn ulna. Jowanm .Pontanra, .Antomo Dtat, {';;;'ft~.~';,;; brings in fame laughing at.an oldman,that b)' reafon ?fhis agewas a lit- ••Lt "Ji' .._.. de fond, but as headmomlbeththere, Ne mtreru "'' ho!Jesde hoc{<n(, .P"ib•r ""- marvell not at him only,for totah.tc civita delirirw,a!l our Town dotes £~~nam re _in like fort/we are acm;npanic of fools. Aske not with him in the poet, """'" pueri, S.Larv~ hunc int'"'f'r;,.;nfoni.eqttt agitantfenemlWhat madnesgholh '~"''"'!•<P<~-'this old man,but what madnesghoils us all~ For we are adtmumomnes : ~,!:,:~ ilu-. a!lmad,femelinfonivimus omnes, not once,but a!way fo, & fetml, & fttular. mul,&ftmper,ever,and altogether as bad as he; and not (enex bupuer,delira anra, but fay it of usall,jemper pueri,youngand old,all dote, as Lac1antiru proves our of Sencca; and no difference betwixt us and childret~, faving that,majora ludimus ,& grandioribmpupis, they play with babies .ofclouts & fuch toyes, wefporr with greater babies. We cannot accufe .or.condemnoneanotherbeingf~ulrie our [elves, deliramenta loqueris, hAJtlpb.all.~. you talkidly,or ashMitio upbraidedDemea,infanis,auftrtt,for we areas fctn.s. mad our own felves,and 'tis hard to fay which is the wor!l:. Nay 'cis uni•. ; "rullyTufi.~· verfally fo, 1 ritam rtgit fortun4, non fapienti4. kPiatoAp•'.. When ksccrateshadrakcn~rearpainstofindeout a wifeman, and.to f~ ~-:;;~'t that purpofe had confulted with philofophers, poets, artificers, hecon. D)~b./:,(ap. cludesallmenwerefools; and though it prsx:ured him both anger and p<••iur~i.lto rnuchenvie, yet in all companies hewould openly profeffeit. when ~,:,:"''"'" · Isupputim iu.Pontanu.r had travelled all over Europe, to conferrewith ll ,., stulti & in- wifeman, he returned atla!l: without his errand, andcould finde none. ' '""':;:• 1• • mcardancoacurres with him, Few there art(forought I canperceive)we!l ~'!,[ ..,;·;,.; intheir wits.S? doth n'J:uUy,I fteeveriething tobedonefoolijhly, and 1111-. omnib"' eadtm Advifodly. .· !~f~o':;);j· 1 !Uejinijfror(uw,bic dextrorf#m, unu.r utriqtiC mortalium~:, Error, (ed variu iltuditpartibus omnes. ,... a_l<qu• in re 0 ne reeles to this another to that wall. :~~P~[;~'!:,~i. 'Tis the fame errdnhat deludes themall. laboret,hi• li- 0 They dote a11,butnot alike,. · M~,;~ .yJ ,;,.., z,..or~, not in the fame kinde; ~::~~.::f:b't One is co_vetom,a focon~Jaftiviom,a:kirdambi~ious, A. fourth,nvious,&_r•: tionio,inwdi•. asDamiftFpus theStozck hathwell !llu!l:ratedm the poet, PHor.t.>.for.~ : PDefipiuntomnts .. que At tu. ;Tis anin-bredmaladiein evcrie one of Li$,there is fominRriHmJlultiti..,a . ·· -· --- · - · · · · · · · -· · feminarie