Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

D • >< o c R I T us to the Reader. 21 in his traCt De cur.gr.ec. ajfeff. manifell:ly evinces as much of Socrates, w horn though that 0 racle of Apollo confirmed tO be the wife!l: man,then Jivin<> and [aved him from the plague,whom zooo years haveadmtred, of ;'horn [omc will as foonefpeak evil! as of Chrtjf, yet re verA, bee was an illiterate idiot, as Y Art./fopha~:~es cals him, irrifor & ambitioftu,as his Malter Ariftotle termes him,fcurrAAttictu, as Zeno, an "enemi7 to.all yNeb.& Ra/14 arts &fciences, as. Ath.<netu, to Phtlof?phers & Travellers,anopmanve :i~17,;:;~':,f;: affe acaviller akmdeof Pedant; for hts manners, as Theod.Cyrenjis de-""""· g [cribes him a~ Sotiomite,an v!theift, (fo conviCt by vfnytus)iracundus * Pulchmum ' & · b * p/ • fi ffi n. adoleflentu.. & ebriNs,dtcax, c.a potcompamon, y ato s.own con e ton,anu:- eaus.ifre!fitndie drinker;and that ofall others he was moll: fomfh, a verymad-man m ""i!J'm""Jium bis aCtions & opinions.Pythagor~t~ was part philofopher,part magician, oVik••· (i>c. · or part witch. Ifyou defireto hear more of A.pollon_tus agreat Wife man, · fometime parallel'd by Jt~ltantheapoftate to Chnfi, I referyoutothat learned traaofEufebiNs againll:Himcles,& forthem all to LuciAns Pifcator,learomenippus,Necyomanti a:their actions,opinions ingeneral were fo prodigious,abfurd, ridiculous,which they broached and maintained, their books and elaborate treatife-s were full of dotage, which Tully ad .Atticum, long fince obferved, delirant pterumq;(Crlfrom inlibris foi;, their Jives being oppofite to their words, they commended povertie to others,and were moll: covetous themfelves, extolled loveand peace,and yet pcrfec11ted oneanother with virulent hat.eand malice. They could give precepts for verfe and profe, but not amanof them (as Semca tels se"'/.a. se~:~ wem home)couldmoderate his affections.Their mufick did thew usfle" ftd .:;~;~ bites modos ,&c.how to rife and fall, buuhey could not fo corttain them. a•im~ felves as in adverfitie not to make a lamentable tone. They willmeafure ground by Geometric, fet down limits, divide a!'ld [ubdivide,but cannot yet prefcnbe quantttmhomtm fotH, or keep Withtn compaffe of rea. fon &difcretion.Theycan fquarecircles, but underftand not the!l:ate of their own fouls,defcribe right lines,and crooked,&c.but know not what is right in this iife,quid in vita relhlmftt,ignorant; [o that as he faid, Nefcioan vfnticyram rMioiltio dejfinet omnem, I think all the Anticyr.< wil not ;efl:ore them to their wits, • if thefemen a Alruma.i now,that held b Xenodotus heart,Crates !iver,Epiiletus lanchorn,were fo {api<nt141411•; fottifb,and had no more brains then fo manybeetles,wb.at fhall we think ;.;.;~~w. 110 " of the commonaltie ~ What ofthe reil:~ 1> cor xenuorl ! ea, bun~ ill you infer, that is true of heathens, if t~ey be conferred :t:'" ,,..._ With Chnfiiam,t Cor. 3· I 9· Thewifedome ofthu worldHfoolifbnejferrnth God,earthly and devilijb, as J~mes calsit. 3· I5. They were vainintheir. imaginations,and theirfoolijb htart was full ofdArkne!fe, Rom.z .n,zz: When they profo!fedthemfelveswife, becAmefoolCS! Theirwittieworks are admired here on earth, whilll:their foules are tormented in hell fire. la fome fen~e, Chriftiani Crafsiani, Chriftian5 are Craffians,& ifcompared tothatwifed?me,no betterthenfools.~ittft ftpiens? Solus Detu, * PJ· * Ljb.,U11Af, thagor~t~ rephes,God 11 only wtfe,Rom. I 6. Paul determines, onl1 gm/, as 6 '"' ' ofiujlmwdi conrends,andnomanliving tanbtjujfifiedin his fight. God lookeddown fron~ heaven upm the children of men, to fee if any didu11. derftand,J'fo.5 3.l,3.but allarecorrupt,erre.Ro~· 3 · 1l .•None dothgood,n9 c 3 n~t