Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DB M o c R I Tu • t1 the Re4der. 29 ing, kneeling at .Ave-M4ries, bells, with many fuch; -juet~ndamdi Jfec1a!ul4 p_leht, pr~ying in Gibberilh, and mum~ling of beads. Had he heard an oldwo. manfay her prayers in latine, rhmfpnnklmg of holy-water,and gGmg a l'rocetlion, -~ inccdunt monachorumagmma mtUe; * 'rb.Ne<Zf,eor; · ~id memirem vextlla, cmcu,tdolaque cttlta,&c. 17lum fimul•ne Their Breviaries, bulls, hallowed beans, cxorcifmes, piClures, curious ?,:;';;~~fo~ui. croffes, £1bles and babies. Had he read the Golden LegetJd, the Turks AI- onnorum ~~~ car~, or Jewes Talmud, the Rabbins Comments, what would he have :"'~~'""mile thought~ How dodl:thou thinke hemight have been affeCled ~Had he ::•• ~.'::::,=4• more particularly examined a Jefuits life amongll the refl,he lhould have k Et quum infeen anhypo rite profeffe povenie,1and yet poffelfcmoregoods & lands ;e;,:·,"oq~.~;,_ then many princes, to have infinite treafures and revenues; teach others (U•t,fero i~l~ to faH, and play thegluttons themfelvcs; like watermen, that rowe one tibulu """' ' · way,and lookanother. kVowvirginitie,talk of holineffe, and yet indeed~.;;.~,~~~: a notorious Bawd, and famous fornicator, la[Civum pecm, a very goat. fYH•· · . Monkes by profeffion, fuch as give overthe world,and the vanities ofit, B' ~"''liJ· and yet a M achiavtlian rout m imereil:ed in all mane~ ?fflate: holy men, &~~31f!oo peacemakers, and yet compofcd of cnv:e.,lull:, ambmon,hatred and ma- onge., •heir Jice,fire-brands,adt~lta patri.. pejii<, traitors, affafinats, hacttur adaflra, i:'t~~~ 1/ull and this is to fupererogate,and merit heaven forthemfe!ves and others. all men. n to Had hefeeo on the adverfe fide, fome of our nice & curious fchifmaticks m Benif!.•itatil in another extreme,abhorrcall ceremonies,and rather lofe their lives and f;:J;;~":;. · livings, then doe or admit any thing Papiil:s have formerly ufed, though ""' •if""""'' in thingsindifferent (they alone are the true Chu eh, folterr.. ~ cum jint ~~4~;:::114• • Qmntflmtnfulji(stmt.) Formahfls,out offear and bafe llattcnc,like fo ma- · ny weather-cocks turn round, a rout of tcmporifcrs, readieto embrace andmaintain all that is, or fhal bepropofed,in hope of prefermcm:Another Epicurean companie, lyi11g at lurch as fo many vultures, watching for a prey of Church goods, and ready to rife by the down-fall of any: . • as"Lucian[aid in likecafe, what doft thouthinkDcmocrif,... would have :;;~;tg:;;;:;' done,had he been fpeClator of thefe thmgs ~ 7lem,"'; 1.,.,fo Or had he but obferved the common people follow like fo many fheep ""'•m [fellaoneoftheir fellows drawn by the horns over a gap,fomefor zeale,fome '"' '""'f!ll" ~ for fear, .quo fecrmque rapit temP,<.ftas_,to credit all,e amine nothing,and yet.readte to dye before they will abjure any of thofe ceremonies, to· whtch they havebeen accuflomed; others out oi hypocrifie frequent ferc ' mons,knock thetr breafls,turn upthetr eyes,prerand ,eal,defire reforma- ~ion,~ndyet profeffed ufurers, gripers, mon!l:ers ofmen, harpies, divels; mthmhves to expreffe nothing lelfe• .. What would he have faid tofee,hear, and read do m~ny bloudy bat- ;;,~!::":::11:: tel.s,fo many thoufands Oam at once, fuch {lreams of bloud able to turn m. pweptom Mlls:unitH ob noxam foriafque ,or to make fport for princes without any toium, .~ ;o~,: ju!l: caufe, t for va;n titles (faith Auftm) precedenm, fome 'wench, orfueh :UC.7;,7;:;;, l:ke toy, or out ofdeftre ofdomrneermg,'llain-glorie,malrce,reven'!e,foUy, i ,qulriri4 Mmadnef!e (good!ycaufes all, ob qu,u univer(ut ~rbu be/tu & C4dtbt« m1f ;~"'·"'.,; "'"j ceatur )whilfl Starefmen them!dves in the mean time arefecure at home,:j;!7,.:X ~ pwpered With all delights & pleafures,taketheireafc.wdfollowtheir libiJ..,,,,.g, : lulb, ($'<.