Burton - PR2223 A1 1638

DB M o c " I Tu s to the Reader. Ju!l:s,noteonfideringwhat intolerablemifery poor fouldiers endure,theii oftenwounds, hunger, thuft,&c.the lamemab,lecares,tormems,calami. ties &oppreffions that accompame fuch proceedings,they fede not,take no noticeof it. So wars are.~egun ,by the pcrfw4fionofaftw debojlwl, hair. brain,poor,dtJfolute ,h11ngr~e oapwns?Jarajittcalfowners.,u,.q ut et hotjpurs.j reftle[fe innovators, green heads, tojatufte one mans prwate ./}lune, luft; dmbition,avartce,&c.t.tle~ raptuntJuleratatn prtEltacau[.t . Flos h~mint1> Proper men,well proportioned, carefully brought up,able both inbodie p Bell•"''"" and minde,found, led like fo many P beafts to thdlaughter i1:1 the flower planebeUuill4m of their years,pride,and ful fuength,without all remorfe and pity,facri- ~;~,1;;."::· ficed to Pluto,as [o many lheep, 4o_ooo.at once.At once,faidl,that were tolerable, but thefc wars !aft alw:ues, and for many ages; nothing fo familiar as this hackiag and hewing, malfacres, murders,defobtions. · - ignoto ctEium •langore rem~<gtt,they care not what mtfchiefthey pro..' cure,fo that theymay enrich themfdves forthe prefem; they wil fo long blow the coals ofcontention,til all the world be confumed with fire.The • Munper .C•f- •liegeofTroy la!l:ed ten years eight months,theredied 87ooooGrma»s1 mo~.l·f·'+ 6 7 oooo Troj•ns, at the taking of the City,and afrer were fiain 2 76ooo F.'Dtfl.cret<nf. men,women, and children ofall fort>. c.-for killed amillion, b Mahomet bJ .., thefecondTurkc3ooooo perfons:Stci»iiiiDent•tmfoughc inanhun. rj..":" 114111 • dred battds,cighctimesin fingle combat he overc~me,had fortywounds before, was rewarded with 140 crowns, triumphed ninetimesforhi5 good fcrvice. M. S ergim had p wounds; S&tE'<Ia the Centurion !know not how many; everie nationbath their H eflors ,s cipio's, C.tfors and v/.: ! Clmine... le:unders .Our ' Edwardthefoutth wasinl6 battelsafooc: and as they doe all,he glories in it, 'tis related to his honour.At the liege of H ierufo~ lem I xooooo died withfwordand famine.'Atthefiege ofo.ftend(thedi· vcls academic) a poore towne "in refpecr, a fmall fore, but agreat grav~,· uoooo men loft their lives,befides wholetowns,dorpes,and hofpitals, full of maimed fouldiers;there were engines,fire-works,and whatfoever thedivell could invent to doe mifchiefewith l5 ooooo iron bullets lhot ol Hill.oflhe of40 pound weighc,three or four millions ofgoldconfumed.dWho(faitb ~eg• o£OjlenJ. mine Author) c.nfu,(ufficiently amazed at theirflinty heArts, objlina&i~, fol.•3, _, forie, blindnejfo, who w#hgut ~ny likelihoodofgood(Hcee!ft, hazArdpoore fouldiers, and leaie themwithout pitie to the Paughter, whiehmay j~<{lly be taUed the rage of furiow beafts, that'"" w1tho11t reafon 11pontheirownc • Erafm"' d• deaths:* q~<il mafmgenim,qu.tforia,qu.t pejfil,&•. what plague,what fu.' :~~·:;t,:~~:~ rie brought fo divellifh, fo brutilh athing as warfirft intomens.mindH, mal bcnewle,.. Whomade fo [oft and peaceable acreature, born to love,mewe,meek- •i•••t•m '""' nelfe,fo to rave, ragdike beafts,:md runon to their own deftruetion~how {~:=;,:;~·;~,~ may nature expoftulate wit~ manki~~e,Ego te divinumAnimal finxi,&e-. "'f'rnitiem. I made thee an harmlelfe,qutet, ad1vme creature: howmay God expo. • Ricb.'Dinolb.ftulate,and all good men~ yet,horumfoEla(as * onecondoles)t4ntum at/: • iNeJat.BeHi mirll»tur, & her011m numero habent: thefe are the bravefpirits, thegal· •wilo Gol. !antsof the world, thefe admired alone, triumph alone, hne fiatues~ •1••i... . ~ · · .ctownes,piramids,obelisks to their eternal! fame,that immortal! Geni11s. atcendsonthem,hac iturad 4ftra. When Rhoatswas befieged,'fo/fo"r- ~ rdda"!,tri!,lls repl't" {HTII, ~h~ ditche$ we~efl!~ ofdcadcar<;a!fcs;andhas W CP